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A Guest In A Ghost House Chapter 201

In my mind, I constantly recalled the teachings from Old Mrs. Li and the ways of exorcism I'd seen in movies and novels. Although I thought a lot, there was no one useful.

The other ghosts around me were just around me but the baby and the old lady were staring at me, with their eyes full of resentment, which seemed that they would never let me go.

The song was getting closer and closer, and as if this song had a great appeal to the ghosts, all the ghosts no longer looked at me, but turned around to look in the direction of the song. The old lady turned her head in the look of my hope, but soon turned back, as if her grudges for me were far greater than the attraction of the song to her.

You'd been messing with me all the time and now you even resented me. I was feeling very powerless. Now only the baby and the old lady were looking at me, but I understand that these two ghosts were waiting for my child urine to completely dry up, and I also knew better that I was incapable of fighting with these two ghosts.

Perhaps the only way now was to leave. Then I took a look in the direction of the song and limped over. Maybe because if the child urine on my body, these ghosts were very conscious of avoiding me and even let me to the front.

Looking back, I was disappointed to find the baby and the old lady were still looking at me. Then I clenched my teeth and walked to the most dense place for fireflies.

It was a very flat ground, but the tombstone broken from its root on the ground told me that there was definitely a grave here. Perhaps because the time was too long, it had become a completely flat ground and the song exactly came from underground here.

It was clear that there must be something that made these ghosts feel the presence of fear. Even the baby and the old lady stood far away and dared not come over. In addition to the resentment, there was also a little fear in their eyes.

It was safe for now, but at the same time, I was also facing a more frightening and unknown danger.

After thinking about it for a while, I found a place that should be the front of the tombstone, and then I put my palms together devoutly, "I am very sorry to bother you so late at night. I'm the guy coming from Fan house. Please save me. Thank you very much."

The song still sounded there, as if my words didn't work. Then I didn't dare to talk any more and I began to look at the open s.p.a.ce with the help of the bright glow of the fireflies.

The broken tombstone seemed to have disappeared and there also was nothing around me that could help me know the ident.i.ty of the owner of the tomb. To tell you the truth, if it were not for the tomb base, and even I died, I would never like that there would be a tomb.

It was sure enough that the time was the biggest killer. It could completely erase the traces of one person's existence.

I didn't know how long the song lasted, and when I was s.h.i.+vering with cold, the song stopped suddenly without warning, and all the ghosts around me suddenly became ready to move.

The fireflies began to fly away towards all sides slowly and I knew that the time might be coming to determine my fate.

"Click." A strange noise came from the ground and I hurriedly followed the sound. Then I saw the ground slightly arched up, and quickly leveled off. Because of the poor light, I was also unsure whether what I'd seen was true.

But soon, I knew it was true because there was beginning to have continuous fluctuation on the ground, as if something was going to climb out of the ground.

I took a few steps back to make some room, staring at the changes on the ground. Suddenly, a hand was out of the ground and constantly groping the ground. This hand was very skinny, just like a bone, and there was a ring on the finger, s.h.i.+ning in the moonlight.

While I was looking at the palm of the hand that stretched out to the ground, a small sound of footsteps appeared beside me and I was startled immediately. Then I took a quick look and just saw a thin figure walking past my body, picking up the palm that was still groping on the ground, and then pulling an arm that had become white bone out of the ground.

Just in my astonished eyes, the thin figure placed the arm on her body and even moved in front of her. Then after she smiled with satisfactory, she turned around and looked at me.

This was a woman, who was not tall, never more than 170cm. Because many parts of her body had become white bones, she looked very skinny and what I paid more attention to was the clothes on this woman.

Although her clothes had become ragged because of corruption, I could still clearly see that this was a long skirt and even it was the ancient dress that could only be seen in the costume drama.

The woman opened her jaw, which had also become white bone and then a sweet voice came out, "Boy, you are so bold."

I thought this voice was the sound of singing just now. I didn't dare to answer her indiscriminately and I just showed an innocent laugh foolishly.

The woman said, "are you here to look for him?"

I was stunned for a moment and I didn't know how to answer it, because I didn't who the h.e.l.l "he" she was talking about was.

Having seen I didn't answer her, she looked at me for a while and said again, "So you're not him. Who are you?"

Had she already known that the people in Lu Sheng's body was not Lu Sheng? I looked at a woman doubtfully, hesitated for a moment and just said directly, "I want to know where , hum, my grandfather was buried. By the way, my name is Lu Sheng."

The woman looked at me very playfully and just began to laugh. Her sweet voice with almost rotten body, there was an indescribable strange feeling.

"All right, since you say you're Lu Sheng, I'll treat as Lu Sheng. However, your grandfather is not buried here. You guess, who is buried here?"

I felt a few black lines on top of my head, which was not interesting, but I did know that there seemed to some problems with Lu Haitao.

And the woman even asked me, "Are you from Fan house? Is the Phoenix still there?"

Phoenix? In my mind suddenly came the cold face of Phoenix and it seemed that she was and acquaintance, and then that would be easy.

The woman's tone became cold and there seemed to be something wrong with her words, so my heart clattered, and I dared not go on talking.

It seemed that the woman never cared about who I was and she even said it directly, "Whoever you are, just go. Go back to tell Phoenix that I'll go to her."

I nodded immediately and that was the best news I'd ever heard. As to whether she went to Phoenix, to tell the truth, there were a lot of masters in the ghost building and I thought this woman could never end well.

I hurried went down the mountain. Although the baby and the old lady still looked at me, with their eyes full of resentment, they obviously didn't dare to disobey this woman and could just watch me leave hopelessly.

When I just walked out of the flat ground, I hesitated for a moment, but still looked back and asked, "Can you tell me what happened to Lu Sheng?" Judging from her words, I thought this woman had known I was not Lu Sheng, so I am not deliberately pretending to be childlike again.

The woman held the white bone of her chin, thought for a while and answered me, "Let me tell you a story. I'm not busy now anyway."