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Absolute Choice Chapter 567

While holding Cherryblossoms's hand, the young girl that looked like a young Kali also looked worriedly at the youth who was following them. Despite being afraid of strangers, she mustered her courage and said weakly, "Big Brother, go back. Mommy and Granny hate humans very much."

Shi Xiaobai lowered his head at the girl. With a gentle gaze, he shook his head in silence.

When he first met Kali, she had claimed to be a pixie who guarded the World Holy Tree ten thousand years ago. As for the young girl, she had also said that she was a pixie that guarded the World Holy Tree. Coupled with how her facial features were nearly identical to Kali's as well as having the same name and race as a pixie, it was definitely not a coincidence when they were all lumped together.

"This King has probably transmigrated to an era ten thousand years ago."

Shi Xiaobai made such a ridiculous conclusion.

However, his conclusion was without evidence. Shi Xiaobai needed to find evidence that proved that he had transmigrated ten thousand years into the past.

Most importantly, he needed to find a way to return to that world.

The first time he transmigrated from Earth to an alternate universe, Shi Xiaobai did not have much of longing for Earth. Perhaps, his only regret was that he would never meet Yang Wei again.

But this sudden transmigration was unacceptable to Shi Xiaobai. In a world teeming with heroes, he had met Kali, Dawn Li, Sunless Ye, Riko, Speechless Li, Mu Yuesheng, Mozzie, Mu Lengxi, Pulp Farmer, Liu Yu, Feng Yuanlin They were too many people important to him, with too many unforgettable memories.

Shi Xiaobai wished to return, and the desire was intense.

He had transmigrated to a period before the apocalypsea world where the World Holy Tree still wasn't destroyed, the pixie race was still around, and Kali was still an innocent and carefree girl. All of this made Shi Xiaobai believe that he was shouldering an unknown mission.

"Perhaps this world is awaiting This King's rescue."

With this in mind, Shi Xiaobai was even more determined to pay the World Holy Tree a visit. From the conversation between Kali and the Infernal Queen, he could guess that the World Holy Tree was one of the strongest existences in the world. After all, Kali was only so powerful after obtaining the World Holy Tree's heritage.


A frantic shout suddenly sounded ahead of him!

"Beep! Beep! Beep!"

The pixie sentries guarding the city gates discovered Shi Xiaobai as they frantically sounded the alarm. When they saw the pixie girl and young loli near the youth, their expressions changed drastically. They shouted sharply down the city walls as though the sky was falling. "Human! A human has abducted Her Highness!"


There was an uproar among the guards inside the city walls. They immediately mobilized all their forces as the archery squad rushed up the high platforms and raised countless bows. All of them wore cold gazes and precisely aimed at the distant youth.

With the city gates suddenly opening, sword-wielding imperial guards gushed out like a tidal wave. A crimson-armored blond pixie holding a silver spear led the charge, but when the guards stopped and took up a formation, the blond pixie continued charging forward!

"Captain Hongyue!"

Cherryblossoms's expression changed as she shouted at Shi Xiaobai, "Run!"

Hongyue was captain of the imperial guards. She was extremely powerful and was the strongest among the younger pixies. From Cherryblossoms's point of view, Shi Xiaobai was no match for Captain Hongyue even if he was strong.

Furthermore, Captain Hongyue's hatred for humans far exceeded that of other pixies. Years ago, her younger sister had been captured by humans while she was out. She was sold to human aristocrats by slave merchants where she suffered unspeakable things. Hongyue went to great lengths to rescue her sister from the clutches of the humans, only to see a blank, deadly stare in her sister's eyes. Her sister chose to commit suicide days after she was rescued.

Hongyue viewed humans as a lifelong enemy. Therefore, upon seeing a human appear on pixie territory, her rage made her lose reason!


Hongyue's eyes were bloodshot as she charged towards Shi Xiaobai with an angry roar. Her sharp spear was filled with killing intent!

"Captain! Stop!"

The vice-captain who was commandeering the situation on a distant high platform frantically shouted, "Her Highness is still in the human's hands! You will doom Her Highness if you charge out like that!"

Perhaps it was because she heard the vice-captain's scream or had the princess's adorable face reflect in her bloodshot eyes, calmness finally returned to the young captain's mind. Hongyue immediately halted and stopped twenty meters away.

"Despicable human!"

Hongyue stared angrily at Shi Xiaobai, gnashing her teeth as her eyes filled with killing intent and hatred.

When Cherryblossoms saw this, she hurriedly explained, "He didn't abduct us. He doesn't seem like a bad person"

Cherryblossoms's voice softened as Hongyue's eyes were just too terrifying. When she recalled the ordeal Hongyue's sister underwent, Cherryblossoms knew it was impossible for her to convince Hongyue that the human before them wasn't bad.

Shi Xiaobai knitted his brows slightly. From young Kali's and Cherryblossoms's actions, he already knew that the pixies ostracized humans greatly. However, when he saw Hongyue's eyes, he discovered that it was not as simple as ostracizing. The deep abhorrence in her eyes had gone beyond ostracizing.

The eyes were flooded by hatred, one that could not be easily resolved with mere words.

Shi Xiaobai knew that it was impossible for him to use his words to prove his lack of intent and the hatred the pixies had for humans far exceeded his imagination. Furthermore, he did not intend to barge into the pixies' territory. He wished to pay the World Holy Tree a visit, but not as an enemy.

"Go back first."

Shi Xiaobai turned his head and whispered to Cherryblossoms and young Kali.

Cherryblossoms's mind was in chaos as she subconsciously shook her head. She whispered, "The moment we leave, the guards will attack! It's best you start running!"

Shi Xiaobai replied with a whisper, "If the both of you don't leave, wouldn't This King's charge of abducting you be valid?"

Cherryblossoms was rendered speechless. She found the sentence reasonable, but it sounded weird for a reason.

Shi Xiaobai said confidently, "Don't worry. If This King wishes to leave, this formation won't be able to retain This King."

Hmph, where are you getting your confidence from as a Postnatal cultivator!?

Cherryblossoms wished to lampoon him, but thinking back to how she was not his match despite being at the Connate realm, she could only hold her tongue.

"Then, we will be leaving?" Cherryblossoms whispered.

Shi Xiaobai nodded.

"Quickly leave. The pixies do not welcome humans, even if you are really a good person."

Cherryblossoms gave Shi Xiaobai a deep look before pulling young Kali and walking towards the guards.

Upon seeing this, the guards exclaimed, only to heighten their senses immediately. Although they could not understand why the human had suddenly released his hostages, it was at such times that they could not rest easy. Humans were the most despicable and crafty creatures in the world. The pixies knew this very well.

Hongyue's eyes flashed with a hint of surprise, but they turned ice-cold again. She refused to believe that humans would have kind intentions.

"This human isn't a bad person!"

Cherryblossoms raised her hands and shouted at the guards, "He did not harm us, nor did he abduct us. He was only sending us home!"

Young Kali, who was afraid of strangers, did not dare shout in front of that many people. All she did was nod like a woodpecker drilling into a tree. It looked extremely adorable.

The guards instantly broke out into murmurs. For the princess and Cherryblossoms to defend the human, was it possible that there were good people among humans?

When Cherryblossoms and Kali passed Captain Hongyue and entered the guards' formation, the pixies felt a weight lift from their chests. They heaved a sigh of relief as the animosity in their eyes lessened.

Noticing that the opportunity was ripe, Shi Xiaobai opened his mouth, preparing to explain how he meant no harm.

However, before he spoke, a cold voice suddenly sounded.

The vice-captain standing on the high platform suddenly ordered the archery squad, "Fire!"