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Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 292

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Master Above [6]

However, I really wish that the family of Bu Ji Er is the relationship of mutually cooperating and benefiting each other. Huang Bei Yues voice was faint but it led people to have the feeling of unable to reject her. Of course, the matter with Luo Luo is not collaborating.

Sai Si listened to this. The sentence before talked about cooperating and he thought that there was no problem with this. After all, a master joining the family of Bu Ji Er, wasnt that also the relationship of mutually cooperating with each other?

They need a masters prestige and power to stabilize their familys power. On the other hand, the masters would want to to use the family Bu Ji Ers strong influence in order for them to stand on the mainland steadily.

Its just that when they joined the family, in the future when they do something outside, they need to take the matters of the family as a priority. They would be restrained by a little bit.

If it was just the relationship of cooperation, XiTian is XiTian while family Bu Ji Er is family Bu Ji Er. They will not interfere with each other. When needed, they will help each other. This type of relationship was quite well.

In his heart, Sai Si was preparing to agree but he heard Huang Bei Yues sentence after. He was stunned before revealing a delightful look.

What XiTian Darens meaning is you are willing to accept Luo Luo as your apprentice?

Its not that simple to be my apprentice. The sufferings that one would face is more than others by ten times. Tell me about it after clan leader Sai Si went back to ask about young master Luo Luos opinion. Huang Bei Yue exclaimed this without expression.

Dont need to ask. I am willing to! Obviously, I am willing to! What does suffering count as? I love suffering! Luo Luo suddenly jumped out from the yard, excitedly declaring.

The corner of Huang Bei Yues lips curled up. Luo Luos att.i.tude was the exact same as hers when she formally became an apprentice to her master.

What does suffering count as? As long as she was able to become powerful, she loved suffering!

Clan leader Sai Si was chuckling. He glared at Luo Luo, a little indulging: The adults are speaking. How can you be outside trying to eavesdrop? This is impolite. Quickly apologize to XiTian Daren, oh no, your master.

Luo Luos huge eyes blinked a couple times. He looked towards Huang Bei Yue, full of shock: Master above, this apprentice knows that he is wrong!

Clan leader touched his beard, smiling: Today, its getting late. Its too rushing. Tomorrow, I will prepare for the grand ceremony for formal apprentices to meet their masters so Luo Lou can worship XiTian Daren as master.

Its fine without a ceremony. Since Luo Luo calls me master, I will instruct him. The ceremony for apprentices meeting their masters was just a process. There was no huge meaning behind it.

Plus, this matter might cause a huge racket and wont benefit Luo Luo in any way. They need to know that those who stood high up, the more people who wanted to harshly slam them down. Luo Luo is still young and innocent. This type of harm, he cant endure it.

Clan leader Sai Si had also thought of this. He nodded his head, saying to Luo Luo: Luo Luo, kowtow once to your master. Offer a cup of tea. The etiquettes are still required.

Yes. Luo Luo kneeled down and kowtowed three times. The servant immediately placed the hot tea in his hand. He raised it up with both his hands, delivering it to Huang Bei Yue: Master, please drink tea!

Huang Bei Yue faintly smiled, taking it over. She used the cuff to cover up while she sipped. Get up. You are worshipping me as master but I have nothing to gift you. The sword-play from before, I will demonstrate it a complete time. You look at it carefully.

Many thanks, master! Luo Luo was incomparably excited. The first time that he had worshipped a master, he was able to learn XiTian Darens sword-play. How could he not be happy?

Clan leader Sai Si looked at the two people, gratified. He waved his hand towards the servants on two sides and he also left secretly, leaving this place to the pair of apprentice and master.

Under the moonlight, the black silhouette moved naturally and flowingly. Although the actions were slow, the light of the sword had formed an invisible net. It was just like a real one in the sky, not scattering even after a long time!