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Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 48

After putting down the level-fifteen magical crystal, Lin Li took out another two gemstonesa ruby and an emerald.

This was the core essence of the gold rod. The ruby and the emerald were collected from the nest of the Dragon of Destruction. After killing Azardas, the mountain of treasures there had left a deep impression on Lin Li; these two gemstones were embellished on top of the pile of treasure, like cherries on a birthday cake.

Lin Li had yet to find out the origins of these two gemstones. He only knew that they looked brighter and purer than ordinary gemstones, and this was the kind of quality the gold rod needed. The purer and brighter the gemstones, the better it would be for decomposition and fusion.

The ruby was used for decomposition, the emerald for fusion.

The gold rod had gradually cooled down and was lying quietly on the forging platform, exuding the unique aura of an abyss mithril. It was a dark and abysmal feeling, just like a bottomless pool.

Lin Li picked up the cooled gold rod. With a slight exertion of strength in his hands, he set the magical crystal onto the tip of the gold rod, followed by the ruby and emerald which were set at either side of the rod.

After Lin Li was done, he opened up the Ring of Endless Storm once again.

This time, he took out a small bag of star sand.

Lin Li looked around the alchemy lab, but couldn't find the amethyst vessel. He couldn't resist cursing the poor, wretched Guild of Magic.

Finally, he thought it over and pulled out a glass beaker from his pocket instead.

With one hand grasping the opening of the pouch, Lin Li shook it carefully, letting a little star sand into the beaker.

An azure blue halo appeared in the beaker with that little bit of star sand. Through the refraction of the beaker, it looked as gentle as if in a dream. But Lin Li did not dare to get immersed in it. The star sand had to be held in amethyst; otherwise, the mana contained in it would disappear. He was forced, having no other way but to use a glass beaker for the time being.

Once the star sand was poured into the beaker, Lin Li speedily took out a bottle from the Ring of Endless Storm.

As soon as the bottle stopper was pulled out, a thick scent of blood filled the alchemy lab. It was the blood of the Dragon of Destructionthe most important ingredient for the Dragon's Blood Ink.

Half a vial of the dragon's blood was poured into the beaker. It instantly merged with the star sand. If looked at from up close, one could even see thin blue threads swimming in between the crimson.

Another spell recitation for the Flaming Hands sounded. Lin Li carefully controlled the mana, letting the flickering flame stroke the bottom of the beaker gently. The dragon's blood began to boil, and a peculiar smell permeated the air. It was the smell of heated and evaporated blood mixed with the freshness of the star sanda smell that was strange and pungent.

Threads of blue were slowly dissolving in the boiling blood.

This was a remarkably slow process. The dissolution of each blue thread seemed to darken the dragon's blood by a fraction. By the time the last strand of blue thread disappeared, a deep blue hue was faintly glowing in the crimson liquid.

Lin Li stopped the output of his mana and placed the completed Dragon's Blood Ink at a side.

Then, he opened up the Ring of Endless Storm again. This time, he took out a crystal pen carved from crystal.

The center of the crystal pen was hollow and the tip was covered with fine lines. Lin Li dipped it into the star ink. The thick dragon's blood ink flowed along the lines from the tip of the pen and quickly filled the pen as its lead.

Lin Li picked up the gold rod at hand. The crystal pen dipped in the dragon's blood ink leaped swiftly, sketching lines on the gold rod. Since seeing the deep silver, these lines had been played back in Lin Li's mind hundreds and thousands of times. Every line and stroke had been conceived countless times. There was no need to hesitate where to set the magic nodes and where to construct the magic circuits. With merely a gentle brush of the nib, the lines were there, as if undesigned.

If the owner of the mageweaths in the level certification was present, he would have to praise Lin Li once he saw how impressive the latter had been. The construction of two high-level mageweaths at the same time had completely transcended the scope of inscriptions; moreover, the two mageweaths were mutually opposed and mutually exclusive.

However, Lin Li was swiftly penning away at that moment.

In the blink of an eye, the two mageweaths had taken shape.

The two magic circuits led to the end of the magic crystal, from which magic was continuously absorbed. 26 magic nodes encircled the ruby and the emerald like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. The power of the two mageweaths was thoroughly activated through the ruby and the emerald.

Lin Li drew the last line at the same time the dragon's blood ink dried up.

Lin Li let out a long sigh and looked at the abyss mithril gold rod on his hand. It had no trace of the previous coarseness. The luster was dark and abysmal, the patterns exquisite and delicate. Under the embellishment of the two sparkling, pure gemstones, a mysterious yet resplendent aura was revealed.

It would be an almost perfect gold rod if it was coated with deep silver.

After he was done with all these, he took out the deep silver necklace from his pockets.

Holding the necklace in hand, he unleashed the Flaming Hands again, the massive power recalled as soon as it was released. When he opened his hand again, the fine deep silver necklace had been melted into a thin piece. The whole process was tremendously fast, the release and recall of his mana was done in a flash. It was not until he had covered the gold rod with the thin piece of deep silver that he somewhat felt his palms burning.

Thereupon, the mana output was slowly increased, and the flame on Lin Li's hand burned more vigorously. The deep silver adhered on the gold rod began to melt under the blazing flame. Precise control was required. Any slight mistake could turn the valuable deep silver into nothing. Even Lin Li, who had always been calm, couldn't stop fine beads of sweat from breaking out on his forehead

The melted deep silver glided over the rod. The mageweaths were like ravines. As the last ravine was filled, the previously mysterious yet gorgeous gold rod seemed to recover its original simplicity. It looked an integral whole, silently emitting a misty silver light.

Lin Li placed the gold rod on the platform and finally heaved a long sigh of relief.

Except for the madness before he had transmigrated, he had never been as tired as he was this day.

Creating a small gold rod utilized almost all the professions he'd acquired.

Weary, Lin Li's eyes fell onto the platform again, and when he saw the gold rod lying quietly there, he seemed to feel that everything was worth it. This was something sufficient to make all the magical enchanters crazy. Forged with the abyss mithril, using the Dragon's Blood Ink to construct the mageweath two gemstones from the nest of Dragon of Destruction, and not to mention the last coating of deep silver