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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 1

In the old library at the corner of Shanghai city, Mu Xuan Yin worked as a librarian there since she was twelve years old and six years already passed now but she still likes this job very much.

Today is another peaceful day, Mu Xuan Yin reading a novel in the library like usual but this time she particularly took interest in this novel series and quickly absorbed in its story.

Mu Xuan Yin's tears began to drip down on her smooth face. She slowly closed the novel last volume while wiping the tears on her face with her sleeve.

"How could the author of this novel so cruel? He killed every character that he made and in the end, even the main character died when protecting the world from calamity." Mu Xuan Yin sobbed while mumbled to herself.

"Yin Er, It's already dark now. Do you still want to stay at the library today or going home now?" The old library owner gently asked Mu Xuan Yin.

"I will go home now owner Thank you for today! See you tomorrow." Mu Xuan Yin bid her farewell to the old library owner.

"See you tomorrow Yin Er, be careful on your way home!" The old library owner waved his hand toward Mu Xuan Yin that already walked out his library.

Mu Xuan Yin's home is near the old library, only a few blocks away. She is a simple girl from an average family, so her house is plain and simple made from wood.

After eating her dinner with her family, Mu Xuan Yin entered her own bedroom, changed into her pajamas, and lied down on her bed.

She closed her eyes but she still cannot fall deep asleep because the novel that she read was still on her mind.

Mu Xuan Yin opened her eyes once again and sat on her bed then she put her palms together and prays.

"God, please make all the character in the novel that I just read today end up with the happy ending and live happily ever!" After praying, Mu Xuan Yin lied down back and closed her eyes. Strangely this time she can fall asleep smoothly without any problem.


When Mu Xuan Yin consciousness began to fade away, she got some kind of sound or message from something, she did not really sure but it's the kind of sound or message that sent directly toward her very soul.

S L such s s?

'Eh Who are you?'

D s S s s?

H s S s s ?


H s ?! E s s s s , s s x s S s s s!

'Eh struggle?'

B Ts S "" s s!

'My own hands?'

N ! G s s! E s S s ! F , s!

'Wait What are you talking about? I did not understand any of it!'

Ts ss s!

Ts ss: 100%

Is S G's Ss !

Is ss: 100%

I ss: 100%

S G's Ss !