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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 28 2

This was the first time Nangong Liuchen feels like this so he did not know what he must do right now to ease the pain in his heart. This was the most painful pain that he ever felt in his entire life even when his life was almost in danger before, the pain he felt was not this great.

Without Nangong Liuchen realized, he already wrung the folding fan in his hand into powder while thinking about Mu Xuan Yin and Dongfang Ruyi.

However, a few moments later, Nangong Liuchen's communication talisman lit up awakened him from his daze.

Nangong Liuchen picked up his communication talisman and connected it. The one that contacted him was one of the elders that notified him that they found many of outer disciples got slaughtered.

Nangong Liuchen actually did not have any mood to attend for this right now but he did not have any choice and entered the teleportation portal heading toward the Meeting Room to meet and discuss the case with all the elders that waited for him.

Nangong Liuchen entered the Meeting Room and sat on the front seat for the Sect Leader while all the elders sat on the left and the right side of the long wood table in the center of the Meeting Room.

"This must be Demon Sect deed! They must be wanted to intimidate us!" One of the elders was shouting angrily while slapped the table.

"Heeh They do not even have the ability to pass our Holy Barrier so how could they kill our disciple! You are really funny"Another elder sneered while mocked.

"Well, actually it's not impossible for some of the strongest cultivators from Demon Sect to bypass our Holy Barrier but their strength will be greatly reduced. Also, doing all of this just to kill a bunch of powerless outer disciples seems unrealistic!" The other elder tried to analyze the situation.

Nangong Liuchen was too lazy to join their debate, he only sat silently while closing his eyes, tried to calm his messed up mind and his painful throbbing heart.

All the elders began to arguing each other fiercely and the meeting went more and more chaotic made Nangong Liuchen's mood that already very bad become even worse.


Nangong Liuchen slapped the long table and instantly turned it into ashes made all the elders in the room fall silent and dumbfounded while staring at Nangong Liuchen in astonishment.

"Why are you all arguing like this? Are you all elementary kids? Do you all so fool and incompetent that even this kind of outer disciples case like this needs my presence to solve it? What did you all learn in the sect all this time!? Only shouting and mocking others? What do you all use your brain for all this time? Only for decoration?" Nangong Liuchen was angrily shouting while staring sharply at all of the elders in the room.

Nangong Liuchen gaze was so cold that sends a chill to the spine of all the elders in the Meeting Room, no one dared to talk again, they even only dare to breathe slowly now, and only lowered their head in shame.

Nangong Liuchen was really a gentle and kind Sect Leader, he never complained when the elders ask for his help and he also never angry to anyone so all the Sect Elder get used to this gentle side of him. Today was the first time Nangong Liuchen blew his fuse and shouting angrily toward them like this.

"I do not care about this case anymore! You can take care of this case according to the procedure and if you cannot! Then please retire from your position as Sect Elder tomorrow!" Nangong Liuchen threw his threat coldly then left Meeting Room with a very sour face.

"What's wrong with him?" One of the elders asked the other with trembled voice.

"I don't know but it is good if he had this side too I always thought that our Sect Leader was too soft and unsuitable for his position. But today he is very Very cool! Now I really worship him!" the elder gave his approval to Nangong Liuchen while raising his thumb.

All the elders also nodded in unison and raised their thumb too like the first elder, Nangong Liuchen did not know that today's event actually solidified his position as the sect leader even more than before. Of course not all elders like Nangong Liuchen as a sect elder so some elders at the corner of the Meeting Room had a very sullen expression on their face when they saw it.