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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 29 1

Nangong Liuchen hastened his step to the teleportation portal and teleported back to his residence.

When Nangong Liuchen entered his residence, he met with Mu Xuan Yin that sat on the nearby chair waited for him to come back.

"Master!" Mu Xuan Yin quickly stood up nervously and slowly approached Nangong Liuchen while lowered her head in guilty.

"This disciple apologizes to Master! Master, please punish this unfilial disciple that make Master worry!" Mu Xuan Yin bowed deeply to Nangong Liuchen.

Nangong Liuchen ignored Mu Xuan Yin and sat on the seat where Mu Xuan Yin sat before. He did not heed Mu Xuan Yin and slowly poured the tea from teapot to his cup and drank it in one gulp.

'Oof So this is how Master behaves when he is sulking?! Now, what to do How could a former lone librarian like me know what to do when someone is sulking?! Sigh'Mu Xuan Yin was thinking while bit his lower lips in frustration and slowly approached Nangong Liuchen once again then stood behind him silently.

Nangong Liuchen raised his palm to Mu Xuan Yin without saying anything. Mu Xuan Yin puzzled by what Nangong Liuchen wants from her so she put her palm on the top of Nangong Liuchen's palm.

"What are you doing?" Nangong Liuchen asked Mu Xuan Yin with a stern tone.

"EhThis disciple thought Master asked for her palm To punish this disciple by beaten her palm?" Mu Xuan Yin answered Nangong Liuchen in hesitation.

Nangong Liuchen almost burst to laugh out loud when he saw his disciple silliness but he could still manage to barely maintain his cold expression. 'Beaten her palm? Does she think that she still a child below ten years old?'

"Uhum I did not ask for your palm! Give me back your white badge!" Nangong Liuchen adjusted back his mood and talked again to Mu Xuan Yin with a cold tone.

"Eh... Why?" Mu Xuan Yin frowned and asked back with alarmed tone.

"Why?! You dare to ask me why after you disappeared for a whole night and come back now as nothing happens!" Nangong Liuchen scolded Mu Xuan Yin with a stern tone.

'Isn't it natural if a disciple disappears like one or two days? Why does Master look like a father that losing his daughter?' However, Mu Xuan Yin decided to swallow her words and not to say it out, afraid that her Master will get angrier if she says it.

Mu Xuan Yin put her white jade badge to Nangong Liuchen's palm with a face full of unwillingness. Nangong Liuchen confiscated Mu Xuan Yin's white jade badge and shoved it into his sleeve.

Nangong Liuchen wanted to laugh aloud so badly when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's funny aggravated expression. Nangong Liuchen did not know since when, but when he saw Mu Xuan Yin in front of him right now, that the painful burning sensation in his heart had already vanished completely.

Nangong Liuchen actually planned to punish Mu Xuan Yin very harsh when he was in the way back to his residence. However, when he saw Mu Xuan Yin how Mu Xuan Yin's behaves right now, he did not even have the heart to punish her even further than this.

'Sigh... Forget it then... Let bygones be bygones, the most important right now is the present and the future.' Nangong Liuchen sighed and let Mu Xuan Yin go back to cultivate by herself.


After eating their lunch, Nangong Liuchen and Mu Xuan Yin was heading together to the nearby waterfall and began their first sparring.

This was the first time Mu Xuan Yin felt very powerless against someone. She cannot even touch the tip of her Master's clothes but her Master already pounded her senselessly.

Just in a few seconds of sparring was already enough for Nangong Liuchen to turned Mu Xuan Yin beautiful face into a colorful pig face.

Mu Xuan Yin felt like a baby that swing her fist around randomly against a pro boxer, this is how far the difference between her and her Master.

Mu Xuan Yin was still wondering if her Master still holding a grudge from before so that is why he beat her up so badly now.