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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 31 1

Mu Xuan Yin trained hard in this past one week, he managed to advance to 9-star Body Tempering Stage just now.

"With this, I will have enough strength to at least to protect myself in the Demonic forest tomorrow!" Mu Xuan Yin was smiling while gripped her hand and felt that her power already increased even further.

"You do not need to join tomorrow mission" Nangong Liuchen talked nonchalantly behind her but Mu Xuan Yin feels like that Nangong Liuchen dropped a bomb on the top of her head.


"Master You are kidding, right?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Nangong Liuchen once again after stunned for a few seconds.

"No, I am serious." Nangong Liuchen answered Mu Xuan Yin while keep cultivating in the lotus position and closed his eyes on his bed.

"Why?! Master, this disciple must take part in that mission! So please Really Really, please This disciple promise that she will cultivate harder after this, okay?" Mu Xuan Yin approached Nangong Liuchen then kneeled and begged to him.

"You do not need to participate in that survival mission That mission is only for outer disciples to prove their worthiness and strengthening their relationship with each other but you are my direct disciple so you do not need to join any of outer disciple's mission." Nangong Liuchen still insisted on not letting Mu Xuan Yin go to that survival mission.

"But But This disciple already promised with one of her friends to go together to" Mu Xuan Yin tried to make some excuse so Nangong Liuchen will let her go but she did not know that her plan will only backfire her.


Nangong Liuchen instantly opened his eyes and his oppressive aura exploded out made his bed instantly turned to dust and the ground began to cracked when he heard what Mu Xuan Yin said.

"M Mas Master?" Mu Xuan Yin confused by her master's reaction while he began to sweating profusely and breathes heavily in Nangong Liuchen's pressure.

Nangong Liuchen woke up from his daze when he heard Mu Xuan Yin called for him and he quickly retrieved his aura back.

"Uhum Are you really that close to your friend until you begged this far just to go with him?!" Nangong Liuchen asked Mu Xuan Yin with a hint of desperation in his tone.

Nangong Liuchen could feel that his heart began to burning once again like before, no this time it's more painful than before.

"Ahhh No Um Actually, this disciple never had any promises It's just this disciple wanted to go so badly so she lied to Master"Mu Xuan Yin thought that her master's desperation tone was because he knew that she was lying and disappointed with her so she quickly confessed her lies.

"Sigh So you really want to go Okay then, you can go!" Nangong Liuchen sighed and thought for a moment but then he got some nice idea in his head and decided to let Mu Xuan Yin go.


"Really? Thank you very much, Master!" Mu Xuan Yin stunned for a moment because her master changed his attitude so fast but she quickly thanked her Master happily in the end.

However, she did not realize that Nangong Liuchen was standing in front of her with a mischevious smile on his face. It looks like he also had already make some plan on his own for Mu Xuan Yin.

Actually, the reason why Mu Xuan Yin wanted to go so badly was because this will be her first big mission.

In the novel, Jian Chen forced to join in this survival mission in the demonic forest for one month. Like typical clich wuxia novel, Jian Chen made some enemies with other arrogant outer disciples like Duan Longwei and the others then they began to scheming to kill Jian Chen in that forest.

However, when the mission almost ends in one month, all the demonic beasts in the demonic forest began to rampaging around and created a huge beast stampede phenomenon that almost killed all the outer disciples in the forest. Even Jian Chen with his main character's halo only barely escaped this calamity.

Since Mu Xuan Yin and Dongfang Ruyi already wiped out all the arrogant outer disciples that always oppressed other outer disciples then her mission right now is only to focus on investigating why the huge beast stampede could happen then stop the huge beast stampede from happening like in the novel.

However, it was always easier to say than done. Furthermore, that this mission actually a joined mission between six great sects so the outer disciples from another five great sects will be inside this demonic forest too and compete with Holy Light Sect outer disciples to get the points from killing the demonic beasts.