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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 32 2

The next day, Mu Xuan Yin woke up very early to assemble together with all outer disciples at the spot where all the flying ships landing and takeoff.

Nangong Liuchen gave the white jade badge back to Mu Xuan Yin so she could use the teleportation portal. Mu Xuan Yin happily took it and bid her farewell with her Master then left using the teleportation portal.


Nangong Liuchen entered back to his residence and quickly took a skin mask from his drawer. He sat in front of the mirror and took off his fox mask.

If Mu Xuan Yin saw Nangong Liuchen true appearance, she will be completely surprised. Nangong Liuchen's face was really beautiful almost rivaled Mu Xuan Yin's beauty.

However, different from Mu Xuan Yin's cheerful beauty, Nangong Liuchen's beauty was like a frost fairy that everyone could only admire but cannot be touched. It was also on contrary with Dongfang Ruyi's peerless handsome face with the touch of evilness that strike fear to the one that seen it, Nangong Liuchen's look was more like a young beautiful girl.

This was the reason why Nangong Liuchen always wore his fox mask all the time, he always hates his very beautiful looks since he was little. Even his family and his friends sometimes treated him like a girl before.

Nangong Liuchen slowly put the skin mask on his face and pressed it all over his face so it will be attached perfectly.

When Nangong Liuchen saw his face once again on the mirror, he found that his face was already turned to a very ordinary look that could easily pass as a merchant at the side of the street and easily forgotten if you did not pay careful attention to him.

Nangong Liuchen was smiling satisfied with his current disguise then he left his residence and entered the teleportation portal to follow Mu Xuan Yin.


Mu Xuan Yin came out the teleportation portal then walk slowly while admiring this flight spot that looks like an airport in the modern world.

After walked for a few minutes, Mu Xuan Yin arrived at the place where all the outer disciples gathered. She quickly approached and joined the crowd of outer disciples.

"Brother, sorry but we are full..." One of the outer disciples said to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Eh... Full?" Mu Xuan Yin puzzled by what the outer disciples said.

"Brother, did you not read the notice yesterday? On today's mission, we must form a team of 3-5 people, no more no less. So yesterday, all of us already formed our own team. Brother, if you want to form a team right now it will be difficult since almost all the people in here already had their own team." One of the outer disciples kindly explained to Mu Xuan Yin.

"Team of 3-5 people?!" Mu Xuan Yin frowned while thinking deeply.

In the novel, there was never been a requirement like this before. All the outer disciples could form a team whenever they like it or they could also hunting alone if they confidence with their own ability.

"I will join your team!"

Mu Xuan Yin turned her head and her gaze met with Dongfang Ruyi that was smiling gently toward her.

"That makes two people now. We just need one more people. Wasn't too hard, right?" Dongfang Ruyi walked to Mu Xuan Yin's side.

"What happens if we cannot find one more people then?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Dongfang Ruyi while began to walking around to search for someone that still did not have any team.

"Then we will not be able to participate in this mission... But this requirement's timing and content are a bit strange... It's like... " Dongfang Ruyi analyzed the situation and it looks like he found something odd.

"Like what?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Dongfang Ruyi full of curiosity.

"Nothing... Maybe it's just my imagination haha..." Dongfang Ruyi laughed it off and decided not to tell Mu Xuan Yin about it.

After searching for an hour, Mu Xuan Yin and Dongfang Ruyi still did not manage to find any person that did not join any team yet.

Mu Xuan Yin decided to ask the elder that handle this mission for some leniency or at least help them finds one more person for their team.

"I am sorry, kid. But this is Sect Leader's direct order so I cannot do anything about it... And it looks like all the other outer disciples already have their own team. You already know it about the outer disciple incident last week too, right? Sect Leader decided to make this rule so all of the outer disciples can take care of each other. It looks like the two of you cannot participate in this mission..." The elder explained to Mu Xuan Yin but when he talked about the Sect Leader, his eyes began to sparkling full of reverence.

Unfortunately, the Sect Leader actually had another intention behind it if he knew Nangong Liuchen true intention, maybe he will lose all of his reverence toward his Sect Leader.

Mu Xuan Yin began to frown when she heard elder's words but when she still thinking deeply...

"Can I join your team? I still do not have a team..."