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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 33 1

Mu Xuan Yin woke up from her daze then she looked toward the person that asked her.

A person with ordinary looks, he is not ugly but he is also not handsome, only 'common' word can describe his looks. He is also wearing outer disciple's blue robe but the one that attracted Mu Xuan Yin's attention was his pair of blue emerald eyes.

That pair of beautiful eyes was exactly the same as her Master and his silky black hair also identical to her Master.

Mu Xuan Yin shook her head and telling herself that it was impossible for his Master as a Sect Leader to act as an outer disciple.

"Of course you can We also lack one more person to form a team. Welcome to our team I am Jian Chen and this is Ruyi." Mu Xuan Yin was smiling to the blue-eyed guy then introduced herself and Dongfang Ruyi to him.

"My name is Zhen Qing. Thanks for accepting me in your team." Zhen Qing shakes hands with Mu Xuan Yin while smiling but he completely ignored Dongfang Ruyi that stood beside her.

Mu Xuan Yin maybe did not find out Nangong Liuchen's disguise but Dongfang Ruyi as a master of disguise already could see through Nangong Liuchen's disguise easily. On contrary, Dongfang Ruyi's disguise is almost flawless even though Nangong Liuchen could easily saw through Mu Xuan Yin's disguise before, he still cannot see through Dongfang Ruyi's disguise.

However, Dongfang Ruyi decided not to say anything to expose Nangong Liuchen. It was not because he sympathized with Nangong Liuchen but because he did not want Mu Xuan Yin to realize Nangong Liuchen's feeling toward her.

'Well, there is no need to hurry. After we enter the demonic forest, I will have a lot of time to get rid of this pest'Dongfang Ruyi was smiling full of sarcastic while staring at Zhen Qing sharply.

Mu Xuan Yin registered her name along with Dongfang Ruyi and Zhen Qing name as one team to the elder that handle the mission.

After the elder approved their team register, Mu Xuan Yin and the other waited for another half hour then the elder began to instruct all of the outer disciples to enter the several flying ships.

After all the outer disciples entered the flying ships, it took off in the same time and heading to the demonic forest on the south.

The scenery from at the flying ship is really beautiful and it's also very quiet right now but do not know why Mu Xuan Yin feels the atmosphere around her feels very nerve-racking.

Mu Xuan Yin tried to start some conversation but when she saw how Zhen Qing and Dongfang Ruyi were staring very coldly at each other, she decided to swallow her words back.

Fortunately, the flying ship flew at a very fast speed and they arrived at Demonic Forest less than one hour.

All the flying ships decelerated their speed until it completely stopped right above of Demonic Forest.

"Okay all of you must be knows about this already but I will explain it once more for the last time! Your mission in this Demonic Forest is to survive in it for a month. However, it's not only that! You can also slay as many demonic beasts as you can to gain more points, after one month we will evaluate all of your beast cores and the first place winner will get a huge reward!" one of the elders explained to all the outer disciples once again and when all the outer disciples heard about a huge reward, they began to cheer loudly.

While the elder on each flying ships explained it, all the flying ships already began to descending slowly to Demonic Forest.

"Okay now, the Survival Mission in the Demonic Forest officially BEGIN!" With all the elder's signals, all the outer disciples on the flying ships began to jump down to the Demonic Forest and sprinting to every direction.

Mu Xuan Yin, Dongfang Ruyi, and Zhen Qing also jumped down from the flying ship and began to sprinting deeper into the Demonic Forest. Mu Xuan Yin's position is at the front center act as the team leader while Dongfang Ruyi followed at her left side and Zhen Qing at her right side.