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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 38 2

Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing jumped out from inside the thicket where they hid together. Zhen Qing had a very sour expression on his face while Mu Xuan Yin's face stiffened to hold back her laughter.

"Tsk... Another pest from Holy Light Sect! Just get rid of them!" Jin Huang Fu was signaling to his people to kill Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing.

"Hmmm... So, this is how the real young master in novel behave and I thought Wang Jinhai was already the worst one... Ok, he is really awful in the real life rather than in novel!" Mu Xuan Yin furrowed her brow in dissatisfaction.

"Jian Chen?" Wang Jinhai mumbled when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's figure and Feng Ying Yue also observed Mu Xuan Yin from beside Wang Jinhai.

"Retreat from here! We will cover your back, leave them to us!" Mu Xuan Yin was shouting to Wang Jinhai and Feng Ying Yue.

Wang Jinhai puzzled why Mu Xuan Yin helped them but Feng Ying Yue held his hand and signaled that he should listen to Mu Xuan Yin for now.

Wang Jinhai gave fist and palm salute to Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing then bowed his head a little to thank them for their aids.

Wang Jinhai and Feng Ying Yue quickly retreated to the bushes behind them but Jin Huang Fu's people will not let them off so easily.

However, when Jin Huang Fu's people wanted to chase them off, Mu Xuan Yin was dashing toward them in an instant.

BAM... BAM... BAM... BAM... BAM...

Swift and precise, one hit for each person right on their vital spot, no more no less and half of Jin Huang Fu's people dropped unconscious on the ground.

'This little girl is getting more and more monstrous each time she fights!?' Even Zhen Qing was very surprised by Mu Xuan Yin's growth this time.

Only just a few hours ago, she fought like a beginner that panicked when she saw several armed opponents but right now, she already fought like an expert that already won countless battles.

Which part of her is the real one? However, all of them seem very real to him without any false side. Zhen Qing was more and more curious in this little girl. She was like a treasure box full of mysterious devices and tools that will always make him wonder.


Jin Huang Fu took out his whistle and blew it out, it made a very loud shrill voice that resounded to the surrounding forest.

"He called for a backup?" Mu Xuan Yin frowned when she heard Jin Huang Fu's whistle voice.

"This is bad! Some of his back-ups already reach Qi Condensation Stage!" Zhen Qing frowned and he quickly pulled Mu Xuan Yin's hand then retreated back to the forest in an instant.

"Why are there Qi Condensation Stage cultivators here? Isn't this demonic forest already blocked by all the sect elders from six great clans? There should be no cultivator above Body Tempering Stage here!" Mu Xuan Yin sounds a bit panicked but she kept sprinting along with Zhen Qing.

"There is only one answer then They already sneaked in here even before all the sect elders from six great clans arrive here!" Zhen Qing frowned and answered Mu Xuan Yin with a serious tone.

It was impossible for all of those Qi Condensation Stage cultivators to come in this Demonic Forest only to playing around with the outer sect disciples of the six great sects. In other words, they definitely had another objective in this forest.


"What happened?" One of the young Qi Condensation Stage cultivators approached Jin Huang Fu and asked him with a very cold expression.

"Br Brother This"Jin Huang Fu was cold sweating and began to stuttering when he saw this person.

This young Qi Condensation Stage cultivator is Jin Family main successor, Jin Huang Lei. Even though Jin Huang Lei is two years younger than Jin Huang Fu but he already manages to reach the 3-star level of Qi Condensation Stage right now, showing that his talent far higher than Jin Huang Fu.