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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 39 1

Jin Huang Fu explained everything to his brother, Jin Huang Lei. From when he tried to caught Feng Ying Yue and Wang Jinhai then how Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing helped them.

Jin Huang Fu did not dare to tell even a single lie to his brother since he already knew how smart his brother is and his brother will immediately know if he tried to lie to him and punish him harsher later.


Jin Huang Lei slapped Jin Huang Fu's face so hard that a few of his teeth flew out from his mouth.

"Fool bastard! Do you never use your brain to think? Do you think we came here to play around? If our father here, he will surely kill right now!" Jin Huang Lei gritted his teeth so hard in anger.

"Br Brother Please, do do not tell father ab about this!" Jin Huang Fu kneeled down to Jin Huang Lei and latching to his feet while pleaded to him. His arrogance when faced with Wang Jinhai and Mu Xuan Yin before was nowhere to be seen.

"You idiot, what do you waiting for? Bring several of my people and chase them now! Remember! You must kill them all before they realize something and tell the elders from the six great sects about us!" Jin Huang Lei kicked Jin Huang Fu away in disgust and gave him a cold shoulder if not because they have the same blood and the same parents, Jin Huang Lei would already kill this useless person a long time ago.

Jin Huang Fu took several of his brother's people with him then quickly chasing Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing.

All of his brother's people already reached Qi Condensation Stage, all of them also the veteran fighters that mastered several martial arts and they could move many times faster than even 9-star level Body Tempering Stage Cultivator.

Within a few minutes, they already managed to catch up with Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing that run far ahead of them.


"So fast! So this is the gap between Body Tempering Stage and Qi Condensation Stage!" Mu Xuan Yin gritted her teeth in frustration.

"Not good It's a dead end! There is only a cliff in front of us!" Zhen Qing informed Mu Xuan Yin but his tone still very calm.

"What?! Only cliff in front of us!" Mu Xuan Yin shocked when she heard Zhen Qing's words but before she had a chance to complain about it.

Mid Tier Yellow Class Martial Arts Iron Ball Shoot

One of the people that were chasing them throw several iron balls toward Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing. All of the iron balls had a thick chain attached to it so even if Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing could dodge it, they will still be caught by its chains.

Zhen Qing quickly held Mu Xuan Yin's waist and jumped up to dodge all of the iron balls along with its chains.

However, maybe because he has done it in a hurry, Zhen Qing's hand that holds Mu Xuan Yin's waist slipped a bit upward when he jumped up and he touched the soft parts of Mu Xuan Yin's body.

When Zhen Qing heard Mu Xuan Yin moaned a bit because of it, he quickly loosened his grip and made Mu Xuan Yin dropped back down to the ground. Fortunately, all of the iron balls already passed them or it already rained down on Mu Xuan Yin's body by now.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly stood up and began to running away once again while staring at Zhen Qing in resentment.

Zhen Qing that was following behind Mu Xuan Yin already completely forgot about all the enemies that still chasing behind them. He could still feel the warm soft sensation in his right hand before, made his blood feels like boiling once again and his passion was burning hotter. He never felt like this before, even with another woman that got close to him, he only felt disgusted toward them. So he was completely oblivious and did not know what happened to him right now.