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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 40 2

Unlike Jin Huang Fu's people before, all of Jin Huang Lei's people were really live up to their reputation as the veteran, they spread out in an instant then cornered Mu Xuan Yin and Zhen Qing to the cliff without any gap to escape at all.

"Cliff... And it's also very high... What to do now?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Zhen Qing with desperation tone while stood up at the edge of the cliff.

Zhen Qing sighed and looked at all of the Qi Condensation Stage cultivators that already surrounded him began to slowly approach him.

"No choice then... Let's fight!" Zhen Qing answered Mu Xuan Yin casually while lifted his power suppression a bit right now, so he could defeat several of Qi Condensation Stage without any difficulties at all.

9-star level Body Tempering Stage...

1-star level Qi Condensation Stage...

2-star level Qi Condensation Stage...

Zhen Qing stopped rising his cultivation after reaching 3-star level Qi Condensation Stage since it's already more than enough to defeat all of the people that surrounded him and Mu Xuan Yin.

However, Mu Xuan Yin did not realize it since she was still in deep thinking on how to get out in this desperate situation right now.

Mu Xuan Yin scanned all the people that surrounded her, she found Jin Huang Fu amongst all the people that surrounded them now. She thought if only she could seize Jin Huang Fu as their hostage then she can use him as their shield to escape but to do that she must find some opening first since all of these Qi Condensation Stage cultivators definitely can move faster than her and rescue Jin Huang Fu before she has the time to seize him.

Zhen Qing was dashing toward the nearest person and he quickly threw his punch toward that person. Zhen Qing's fist was very quick but that person already a veteran so he will not go down easily without any resistance.

The Qi Condensation Stage cultivator blocked Zhen Qing's punch easily and intend to counter him with a kick but Zhen Qing was smiling coldly at him and channeling his Divine Lightning Qi into his arm without his opponent knowing.

Divine Lightning Qi from Divine Lightning Cultivation technique was very overbearing. Zhen Qing only used a little bit of it but it was already enough to fry all of his opponent internal organs and killed him instantly. His opponent dropped down limp on the ground but several others still unfazed, they charged toward Zhen Qing with amazing speed.

When Zhen Qing was fighting with the other Qi Condensation Stage cultivators and the one near Mu Xuan Yin distracted by their fight, Mu Xuan Yin quickly dashed toward Jin Huang Fu with her fastest speed.

Qi Condensation Stage cultivators near Jin Huang Fu still distracted by Zhen Qing's fight so they notice Mu Xuan Yin a bit too late and Mu Xuan Yin already slipped behind Jin Huang Fu and locked his neck with a chokehold.

"Everyone freeze! Don't move or I will break your master's neck!?" Mu Xuan Yin was shouting toward everyone. She just needs to apply a bit of her strength and Jin Huang Fu will break like a little twig.

All of the Qi Condensation Stage cultivators that attacked Zhen Qing stopped their attack in an instant then looked toward Mu Xuan Yin and Jin Huang Fu instead including Zhen Qing.

Mu Xuan Yin was looking at all the people that surrounding her but she did not notice that Jin Huang Fu secretly took some kind of tube from his sleeve.

"Watch out!!! Kill him now!!! Quick!" Zhen Qing that stood a bit far away from Mu Xuan Yin noticed Jin Huang Fu's suspicious movement and warned Mu Xuan Yin right away.

However, Mu Xuan Yin only took demonic beast life until now and she never took any human's life before so when she heard Zhen Qing warning, she still very hesitated whether she should kill Jin Huang Fu or not since she never planned to do so since the very beginning.

Zhen Qing face turned pale, he quickly dashed toward Mu Xuan Yin and Jin Huang Fu with his highest speed but his cultivation still suppressed at 3-star level Qi Condensation Stage right now moreover his distance with them was a bit far away.

Jin Huang Fu sneered coldly and he swiftly aimed his tube to Mu Xuan Yin's face that stood behind him then pressed the button on the top of the tube.

"DIE!!!" Jin Huang Fu was shouting loudly.