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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 41 1

Zhen Qing kicked Jin Huang Fu's waist from the side, it made a horrific bone cracking sound then Jin Huang Fu's body flew like a bullet to the right side and hit the ground loudly. However, Zhen Qing's move actually a bit too late since the tube in Jin Huang Fu's hand already shooting several needles toward Mu Xuan Yin's face.

Zhen Qing stood in front of Mu Xuan Yin to protect her and waved his sleeves repelled most of the shooting needles but one of the needles manage to escaped his repel and lodged on his right shoulder near his neck.

One of the Qi Condensation Stage cultivators did not miss this chance and quickly followed it up with his attack.

High-Tier Yellow Class Martial Arts - Iron Smelting Palm


The powerful attack hit spot on Zhen Qing's chest made Zhen Qing and Mu Xuan Yin that stood behind him shot backward to the cliff.

Qi Condensation Stage cultivator wanted to follow up his attack with another one but he stopped at the edge of the cliff and he saw that Zhen Qing and Mu Xuan Yin plunged down the cliff together.


Zhen Qing feels that his body turned sluggish, he was very sure that the needle that lodged in his right shoulder below his neck contained a very lethal poison if not it was impossible for that Qi Condensation Stage cultivator just now to hit him and sent him flew backward like now.

Zhen Qing feels that his consciousness began to fading away. However, the first that entered his mind was not how he save his own life but how he should save Mu Xuan Yin's life.

Zhen Qing never felt any fear toward death before but for the first time in his life that he feels afraid of death, not for his own death but this little girl in front of him.

Zhen Qing quickly grasped Mu Xuan Yin's hand then pulled her toward him. Zhen Qing embraced her body tightly and he quickly turned his body as the cushion for their fall.

Fortunately, there was a river beneath them but because they fall from a very high place, they still rammed hard into the river.


Mu Xuan Yin slowly opened her eyes, she found herself inside a dim cave and there was a river behind her. She was certain that the water stream from the river that brought her here. She tried to remember what happened to her before and the event when she plunged down from the cliff and Zhen Qing embraced her tightly then they rammed hard into the river flashed through her mind.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly scanned her surrounding, looking for Zhen Qing that protected her before and she manages to found him lying down limp beside her. Mu Xuan Yin stood up and pulled Zhen Qing's body out from the water.

Mu Xuan Yin checked Zhen Qing's body if he injured from the impact before and found there was a black wound that still spreading on his right shoulder below his neck. She inspected Zhen Qing's black wound and find a black needle stuck on it.

She quickly took out her handkerchief and wrapped it on her right hand. She pulled out the black needle from Zhen Qing's wound then quickly threw it away along with her handkerchief. The black needle corroded the handkerchief in a few seconds and its color also changed to black. Just from this Mu Xuan Yin already could tell that the poison contained on the black needle was very lethal.

"This poison is very dangerous! What should I do to save him now? Zhen Qing..." Mu Xuan Yin was thinking for a moment then her eyes turned full of resolute.

Mu Xuan Yin took off Zhen Qing upper clothes but after that, she realized that there was a skin-like thing stick on Zhen Qing's left cheek.

She pulled it off from Zhen Qing's face and examined what it is. This thing seems like a mask made from skin.

"A Skin mask?" Mu Xuan Yin frowned deeper and she decided to take a look at Zhen Qing's face once again but his face already completely changed from before.

Zhen Qing ordinary appearance already changed into a very beautiful face that can easily enchant any men and women. Honestly, if Mu Xuan Yin did not look at Zhen Qing's perfect six-pack male body, she already thought that Zhen Qing was a woman in disguise all along like herself.