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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 43 1

Nangong Liuchen sighed in relief when he saw that Mu Xuan Yin's pale face began to flush back with healthy color and her black lips also turned back to seductive light red. He checked Mu Xuan Yin condition once again to confirm that she was really passed her critical condition then he nodded his head with a satisfied gentle smile on his face.

Nangong Liuchen lit a campfire near Mu Xuan Yin so she will not suffer from cold then pulled a sleeping mat from his space pouch and gently put Mu Xuan Yin on the top it then cover up her with several blankets.

Nangong Liuchen intent to keep an eye for her until she wakes up but the sleepiness instantly flooded his mind when Nangong Liuchen sat beside Mu Xuan Yin and begin to relaxed his body.

Today was really the most exhausted day in Nangong Liuchen's life, not his physical since he was high-level Core Formation Stage cultivator but it was his mind and heart since every time he got close to Mu Xuan Yin, his mind and heart always got nervous and overexcited.

Nangong Liuchen's consciousness slowly sank down to his slumber.


The smell of blood invading Nangong Liuchen's nose and he slowly opened his eyes. He was immediately aware that he is not inside the cave anymore but inside an extravagant room full of red decoration.

This room was full of luxurious items adorned with gold ornament everywhere, there was also a glamorous dressing table with a golden mirror at the corner of the room and the grandiose bed near it also full of the plushie. Just a quick glance anyone will know that this is a girl's room that pampered a lot by her parents but did not know why Nangong Liuchen felt this room was so lonely.

After a few moments, Nangong Liuchen just realized there was something in his embrace and he quickly pushed it away in reflex.

A young girl with very long brown hair wore a traditional red dress with long sleeve adorned with beautiful golden phoenix pattern like a little princess from the Han Dynasty.

Her fragile body fell down limp on the floor with a golden sword stabbed deep into her chest. Her blood kept flowing out from her chest and her mouth then dripping down to the floor.

Nangong Liuchen turned pale in an instant when he saw the young girl's face and he began to tremble in disbelief then he also fell down and sat weakly on the floor.

'Little girl? Jian Chen?'


'What the hell is happened?'

"NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!" Nangong Liuchen was shouting full of anger and hatred while staring at his own hands.

"----------, thank you For Always Be With Me" The young girl was smiling very sweetly to Nangong Liuchen while her tears began to dripping down from her peerless beautiful face. Her smile was really gentle and full of caring that can melt anyone's heart that saw it in an instant. However, the blood that kept flowing out from her lips ruined her beautiful smile a bit.

Nangong Liuchen did not know where it came but suddenly this room began to burning by the glittering golden flames.

Nangong Liuchen quickly hugged the young girl's body like a princess and dashing toward the door but he crashed on to an invisible wall. Nangong Liuchen desperately kicking the invisible wall with his full power again and again but the invisible wall still did not budge while the golden flames kept coming closer to him.

"AAAAAHHHH!!!" Nangong Liuchen was shouting with reddened eyes like an insane person while keep kicking the invisible wall with every ounce of his strength even though all of his toes began to bleeding profusely he did not care about it and keep kicking.

The young girl in Nangong Liuchen's embrace was staring at Nangong Liuchen's desperate face and her amazingly beautiful face began to smile full of radiance.

The young girl suddenly pulled Nangong Liuchen's collar to make Nangong Liuchen's face moving toward her. The young girl soft alluring lips gently kissed Nangong Liuchen's dry lips made Nangong Liuchen stunned for a moment and then he also began to kiss her lips back full of passion.

The time like slowing down when they kissing each other full of passion, each second feels like an eternity. Nangong Liuchen began to think that died like this with her was not a bad thing at all. On contrary, this will be the happiest thing in his life since they will keep together until their last breath.

However, it looks like the young girl did not think so. After kissing him, she pulled Nangong Liuchen's collar harder made his body fall forward toward the invisible wall and successfully pushed him out the room.

Nangong Liuchen realized now that the invisible wall actually only blocked the young girl from coming out from the room but not him. Nangong Liuchen sprinted back to the room's door but right now the invisible wall prevented him to enter the room.

"GEEETTT LLOOOST!!!" Nangong Liuchen was shouting angrily and started to strike the invisible wall with his pair of fists repeatedly with all of his remaining strength but it was futile like before.

"----------, don't worry don't be afraid We will definitely meet once again in the future definitely for sure" The young girl smiling sweetly to Nangong Liuchen was whispered to him with a very faint voice while her tears kept dripping to her pretty face.

The young girl was so sad, she must be separated with him but she wanted to show him, her most beautiful expression at her last moment to him so she will still pretty in his mind even though she will be not on his side anymore.

"NNNNNOOOOOO AAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Nangong Liuchen was shouting with all of his strength toward the sky when the golden flames consumed the young girl body and the red room began to slowly collapsing down.