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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 44 2


Nangong Liuchen opened up his eyes in an instant and he quickly stood up then scanned his surrounding in panic. He sighed in relief when he saw Mu Xuan Yin still fast asleep in peace beside him.

"A dream? But why everything seems so real? The heat Even the pain from my foot and hands before"Nangong Liuchen frowned and wiped all of his sweat that flowed out profusely.

Nangong Liuchen did not continue his sleep and decided to sit in lotus position then began to cultivate, he was quite afraid that horrible dream will come back to haunt him once again if he sleeps again.

After seven days passed out, Mu Xuan Yin finally regained her consciousness on the eighth day.


Mu Xuan Yin's long eyelashes began to flutter and she slowly opened her eyes then she rubbed her eyes to drive away her sleepiness. She stood up and stretched her body lazily but she quickly realized there was a delicious scent that began to invading her nose.

After scanned her surrounding, Mu Xuan Yin found out that the delicious scent came from inside the pot that her Master cook right now.

"Wake up already? Come here Let's eat!" Nangong Liuchen was smiling full of gentleness to Mu Xuan Yin while patted the place beside him signaling Mu Xuan Yin to sit beside him.

After Mu Xuan Yin sits beside him, Nangong Liuchen gave a bowl of warm chicken soup to her.

"Thank you, Master! Errr Zhen Qing." Mu Xuan Yin called Nangong Liuchen as her Master in reflex but she quickly realized that her Master was still in disguise and it will be impolite to expose him.

Nangong Liuchen almost coughing out his chicken soup when he heard Mu Xuan Yin still tried to play along with his disguise, he did not even wear his skin mask anymore right now. Sometimes Nangong Liuchen did not know whether he should laughing or crying with his disciple silliness.

Nangong Liuchen's cook was superb like before, his chicken soup was really delicious like the five-star chef from some famous restaurant. Mu Xuan Yin devoured his chicken soup within a few seconds and even added several more bowls before she felt full.

"Master Errr Zhen Qing, how long have I fainted?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Nangong Liuchen casually while patted her own full stomach.

"Sigh Just call me Master like usual! You already passed out for seven days, this is the eighth day." Nangong Liuchen informed Mu Xuan Yin while sighed in resignation.

"Eighth day?!" Mu Xuan Yin shocked when she heard it and began to frowning deeper. She planned to search the cause of the beast stampede but right now, she just wasted eight days and she still found nothing about it.

"Let's go out from this cave, master! I already all right now!" Mu Xuan Yin quickly stood up but she still overestimated her condition right now. Even though the black poison was already completely neutralized but Mu Xuan Yin's body still very weak and feel numb all over the place.

She wobbled weakly the instant she stood up, Nangong Liuchen quickly caught her from behind before she fell down.

"Why must you in hurry? Let's rest in here for a few more days!" Nangong Liuchen suggested to Mu Xuan Yin.

"I can't! Sorry Master But I am in hurry now!" Mu Xuan Yin answered Nangong Liuchen impatiently.

Nangong Liuchen frowned when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's face full of impatient. This little girl always like this, she always looked like chasing for something even when she was sparring with him, she also acted like in hurry to get stronger and chase after something.

Nangong Liuchen sighed away in resignation once again then lowered his body and shown Mu Xuan Yin his broad shoulder.

"Get on my back I will carry you then. At least until your strength come back." Nangong Liuchen actually wanted to carry Mu Xuan Yin with princess style like usual but the scene in his dream flashed back for a second and he decided to piggyback her.

Mu Xuan Yin actually hesitated since she felt uncomfortable to keep relied on her master again and again when she saw her master intimidating gaze, she decided to get on to his back half-heartedly.

Nangong Liuchen began to walking with Mu Xuan Yin on his back and his warm broad shoulder gave Mu Xuan Yin a very comfortable peaceful feeling as if no matter what happens, this shoulder owner will keep protecting her from any harm.

However, this peaceful feeling also raised Mu Xuan Yin's guilt in her heart, guilt because she always depended on her Master, guilt because she always lied to him.

"Master, I am sorry I lied to you all this time. Actually, I am a girl and my name also not Jian Chen. Master, please punish this unfilial disciple!" Mu Xuan Yin admitted her lies to Nangong Liuchen with a resigned expression on his back.

"I know it already since the first time I saw you." Nangong Liuchen answered Mu Xuan Yin nonchalantly like it was something that did not matter to him at all.

"Eh Eehhhh Eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh!!! Wait What? Ah One of the Divine Lightning Cultivation Technique True Sight! That's not important right now. But But Why Master did not expose me before?" Mu Xuan Yin so shocked by what her Master said that her brain nearly short-circuited.

"That That Because at first, I thought you were one of the Demon Sect spies! Yes, a spy! That's why I must keep you by my side and watch your every move!" Nangong Liuchen would rather die than confessed that he always keep her by his side because he was attracted to her.


'Master, Demon Sect does not need to send any spy to your sect anymore because the Demon King himself already inside your sect right now!' Mu Xuan Yin decided to keep these words inside her mind since Dongfang Ruyi entered the sect only to mess with her and not to harm anyone.