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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 45

"Listen up, girl... Your acting skill was really bad even your behavior and your speech kept slipping again and again even anyone without any True Sight ability can see through your pretense. So I suggest if you want to live with anyone for more than one or two days just disguise as a girl but with another identity!" Nangong Liuchen brutally stomped Mu Xuan Yin's confidence in her acting skill.

"Sigh... I am so sorry, Master. I am really no good... I keep becoming your burden... Even right now... This disciple promises that she will work harder and become strong as fast as possible so she will not disappoint Master anymore in the future." Mu Xuan Yin timidly whispered her promise to Nangong Liuchen's ear, her hot breaths made him feel a bit ticklish.

The dream from before flashed through Nangong Liuchen's mind once again and the unbearable pain like being stabbed by countless swords flooded his heart. He began to ponder what if someday Mu Xuan Yin really vanished in his life just like that.

"It's okay... You do not need to do anything. Just stay by my side forever and I will protect you for the rest of your life..." Nangong Liuchen words were flowing out from his mouth full of sincerity came from the deepest feeling that he kept locked inside his heart before.

"Eh... What?" Mu Xuan Yin stunned silly by her Master's words.

'Eh... Why it sounds like a marriage proposal?'

'Eeeehhh... No... No... No... Impossible. It must be me that heard it wrong!'

"Cough... Cough... I mean you can take your time to get stronger and I will protect you by my side as my disciple." Nangong Liuchen felt so embarrassed right now with his own words that slipped out so he tried to correct his words before.

"Ahhh... So it was like that! Don't worry Master! This disciple will become stronger as fast as possible and make you proud!" Mu Xuan Yin gave Nangong Liuchen her commitment once again.

After that, Nangong Liuchen stopped talking with Mu Xuan Yin since the atmosphere turned quite awkward after his involuntary confession.

After walking forward in the cave for half an hour, Nangong Liuchen and Mu Xuan Yin entered another wide area inside the cave. This area was full of glowing crystals all over the place from the ground, the wall, even the stalagmite above.

"Energy Stone Mine! Is this what Jin Family searching inside the Demonic Forest? But this is only a small mine and all of the energy stones only low-tier. No, they surely have a bigger objective than this!" Nangong Liuchen concluded with certainty.

"You should cultivate in this mine for a while to restore your strength. You can even try to breaking through to Qi Condensation Stage here if you want." Nangong Liuchen put Mu Xuan Yin down and gave her some advice.

Mu Xuan Yin's turned excited when she heard about breaking through to Qi Condensation Stage. She already saw clearly what Qi Condensation Stage cultivator can do.

'Martial Arts Techniques!'

Only someone that reached Qi Condensation Stage can use it and depend on how they use it or how far they mastered it, the result of the fight will go different way even when battling against someone with higher cultivation.

After pondering for a while, Mu Xuan Yin decided that she will try to breaking through to Qi Condensation Stage here since this mine was really dense with energy that she definitely really needed for her breakthrough. Moreover, there was her Master that keep guarding by her side so she will not meet any mishap in her attempt.

Mu Xuan Yin took out her Body Tempering Pill to help her in her breakthrough but before she could put it in her mouth...

Cling... Cling... Cling...

'Eh... This ringtone... Supreme God's message?' Mu Xuan Yin took out her mobile phone from her space pouch and opened the message from Supreme God.

Supreme God: Hi my dear! Do you miss this Supreme one? So sorry but this Supreme was super duper busy so this Supreme cannot accompany you like another system in another novel. But it's definitely not because this Supreme played too many games and completely forgot about you, ok?! Tehepero.


Mu Xuan Yin wanted to bash this Supreme God's face so bad right now. Mu Xuan Yin started to reply the Supreme God lazily.

Xuanxuan Cute: Tell me fast, what do you want now? Also, stop playing with my name! Change my profile name back to my full name!

Supreme God: Ehhh... Why??? It's cute and suit with your image perfectly! But really my dear, you really do it far better than I imagined! GJ! Keep it up and strive for perfection!

Supreme God: Btw, if you want to break through to Qi Condensation Stage, it's better if you upgrade all of your aptitudes to S rank first. There will be a surprise waiting for you, my dear!

Grumpy Mumu: Surprise? What Surprise?

Grumpy Mumu: Stop playing with my profile name and change it back!

Supreme God: Well... Just do it, my dear! This supreme is really busy with this boss... With this assignment! Damn why this boss is really hard to defeat... Ooops... Cya!



'This slacker god has not even bothered to hide it in the end!'

"But even if I want to upgrade all of my affinity ranks, my Helping Point is still"

Current Helping Point (HP): 280

"LOTS!" Mu Xuan Yin was shouting in shock when she saw her current Helping Points.