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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 47

After an hour when almost all of the energies in the mine dried up, Mu Xuan Yin finally managed to reach 3rd level of Void God Scripture. She also gained the first exclusive ability from Void God Scripture that imprinted directly into her mind.

The process was almost the same as when the humans get all of their senses and know what they are. Mu Xuan Yin also knew this ability purpose and how to use it in an instant when she got it when she reached 3rd level of Void God Scripture.

'Void God Eyes'

When Mu Xuan Yin read it in the novel, the protagonist always activating this 'Void God Eyes' when fighting and won all of his fights without any difficulties so she was very sure that this ability was specialized for fighting. However, Void God Eyes ability was actually far even more frightening than that.

"What an overpowered ability... Void God Eyes... The ability to perceive luck!" Mu Xuan Yin mumbled in a daze.

Luck was rather a vague thing since it will differ from one person to another. However, Void God Eyes was the ability to see the user's 'luck' with something or someone that marked with different multiple colors of lines.

Each color symbolized a different kind of omen.

Green color signified tremendous luck.

Blue color signified luck.

Cyan color signified chance.

Yellow color signified warning.

Red color signified danger.

Purple color signified deadly.

This Void God Eyes ability was not only applicable in battle, but it also can be used in any situation like treasure hunting, gambling, and many others.

Mu Xuan Yin quickly tried to activating her Void God Eyes and her pair of brown eyes turned purple in an instant like a pair of Amethyst, beautiful yet overbearing.

Mu Xuan Yin saw two different colors of line with her Void God Eyes right now. One of them was the cyan colored line that continues along further the cave, Mu Xuan Yin concluded that this cyan line will definitely lead them to outside.

The other one was the green colored line that signified tremendous luck. Mu Xuan Yin was smiling happily when she saw this green line. Since Void God Eyes was the ability to see the user's 'luck' so in the other words if she follows this green line, she will definitely get the tremendous luck.

"Congratulation! Looks like you manage to enter Qi Condensation Stage smoothly." Nangong Liuchen walked approaching Mu Xuan Yin while smiling gently toward her.

"Thank you, Master! Hehe Now I can use martial arts techniques too! Look" Mu Xuan Yin was channeling her Qi according to the Iron Fist Manual, the low-tier yellow class martial art manual that she got from Martial Repository before.


Mu Xuan Yin's hardened fist destroyed a nearby rock into dust easily made Nangong Liuchen's jaw nearly dropped to the ground when he saw that.

Iron Fist was one of the lowest rank martial art techniques so it was really easy to master and almost every Qi Condensation Stage cultivator can use it.

However, every cultivator that just broke into Qi Condensation Stage will need some time to adjust their Qi and adapt it with their bodies. Of course the speed of everyone that adjusts and adapt with it differs from one and another.

The most common speed was one or two months, after that they can begin to train the martial art techniques. Even the most gifted one usually needs several days to adjust their QI and adapted it with their body. However, forget about adjust, adapt, or training, Mu Xuan Yin was only broke through into QI Condensation Stage for several minutes but she already could use the martial art technique like it was nothing.

'This little monster Sigh It will be better to treat everything that she has done as a normal thing from now on or I will be shocked to death in the near future' Nangong Liuchen warned himself while staring at Mu Xuan Yin with a deadpan expression.

"Yeah Yeah, you really become stronger now. Master is really proud of you!" Nangong Liuchen patted Mu Xuan Yin's tiny head while praised her.

Mu Xuan Yin closed her eyes in comfortable when her Master patting her head full of gentleness with his big smooth and warm hand.

'Ah This is bad. I am started to get addicted to my Master's pat' Mu Xuan Yin felt a warm feeling slowly invading her heart.

Nangong Liuchen chuckled with amusement when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's blissful expression. This disciple of his was really cute, he really wants to cuddle her so badly for all day along.

'Cuddle her?'


Nangong Liuchen quickly pulled his hand from Mu Xuan Yin's head while thinking: 'Dangerous What evil possessed me that can make me think of cuddling my own disciple?'

Mu Xuan Yin felt a bit disappointed when Nangong Liuchen pulled his hand from her head but they need to move right now since her time was very limited if she really wants to stop the beast stampede.

"Master, can you accompany me first before going out from this cave?" Mu Xuan Yin asked Nangong Liuchen with sparkling eyes full of expectation.

"No problem We still have time before the mission is over. Where do you want to go?" It was rare to see Mu Xuan Yin excited over something so Nangong Liuchen was more than willing to accompany her to go to wherever she wants.

"I I don't know too but Master do not need to worry this disciple will guide the way!" Mu Xuan Yin was quickly walking away in front of her master to guide him. She was afraid that her Master will ask her more about the detail in curiosity.

Mu Xuan Yin did not tell her Master about Void God Eyes or Void God Scripture was not because that she did not believe in her Master. On contrary, it was because she did not want to drag her Master into her problem even further since she already owed so many to her Master.

Moreover, there will be no guarantee that her master will believe what she said about what will happen to this world or this world actually the world inside the novel and so on. So in the end, she decided to keep it a secret from her Master for now.

Mu Xuan Yin was activating her Void God Eyes once more and began to follow the green line. After walked for more or less ten minutes, Mu Xuan Yin only found a dead end at the end of the road that the green line shown to her.

"So strange There should be a way here Since the green line still continues to this wall. Maybe?! There is a hidden passage here!" Mu Xuan Yin began to search for some kind of switch on the stone wall but she still had not found anything. She started to agitated and gritted her teeth in frustration.

"Step back Let me." Nangong Liuchen that waited behind Mu Xuan Yin feels sorry for her when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's frustration expression and told her to retreated a bit.

Heaven Class Divine Lightning's Martial Art Technique - Divine Thunder Blast!

A terrifying white lightning burst out capable of destroying everything on its path, even the stone wall that looked so sturdy before had a big hole at the center of it now.

"There is really a secret passage behind it!" Mu Xuan Yin jumped excitedly when she saw there was a long corridor behind the stone wall.

"Wait a minute! We do not know what kind of danger awaits us inside this passage so I will be the one in front of you now. Remember! Do not stand too far away from me!" Nangong Liuchen warned Mu Xuan Yin sternly before entered the dark passage.