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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 56 1

In the biggest hospital in Hongkong, VVIP room, number 008.

"Hi, Yi Er Are you doing well today?" Dongfang Ruyi's mother, Dongfang Yu Yan called Dongfang Ruyi that lying down on the bed while smiling cheerfully.

"Mother! Do you bring what I ask you yesterday?" Dongfang Ruyi's expression brightened when he saw his Mother. Dongfang Ruyi had a short black hair and a pair of bright obsidian eyes. Even though he already reached eleven years old this year, he still really fond with his parent like a little child maybe it was because he already pampered since he was little because of his illness.

"Hahaha Of course! Look I bought a full set of your favorite novels according to your wish." Dongfang Ruyi's father, Dongfang Zhi Ming was laughing and entered Dongfang Ruyi's room while smugly shown his gift.

"Father! I really like you Muach"Dongfang Ruyi kissed Dongfang Zhi Ming's right cheek when he gave the gift to Dongfang Ruyi.

Dongfang Ruyi diagnosed as having genetic disorders called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy since birth. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. Moreover, he also had a weak heart forced him to stay in the hospital since his birth.

Dongfang Ruyi never set a foot outside this hospital ever since his birth but luckily his parent was never given up on him and loves him sincerely. They always brought Dongfang Ruyi many books, magazines, newspapers, novels, etc so he never got bored.

Dongfang Ruyi's parents also very rich so the hospital cost has never been a problem for them. Dongfang Group owned by his parent was included in top ten the biggest corporation in Hongkong.

Dongfang Zhi Ming was always bragging and told Dongfang Ruyi that Dongfang Group was like his own child and he also told him repeatedly on how he step by step builds it from the scratch to the current state.

Dongfang Yu Yan was always so caring and pampering Dongfang Ruyi whatever he asked Dongfang Yu Yan will give it to him. She also spent all of her time accompanying Dongfang Ruyi in the hospital when Dongfang Zhi Ming was busy at his work.

Even though Dongfang Ruyi's condition was not so bright but the three of them live full of happiness. Every day when Dongfang Zhi Ming finished his work in his company, he always came back to Dongfang Ruyi's hospital to gather with Dongfang Yu Yan and Dongfang Ruyi. Every day was full of laughter in Dongfang Ruyi's room and the hospital was almost like the home for their family right now.

Unfortunately, their happiness did not last for long

One year later, in Dongfang Ruyi twelve years old birthday, he waited for his parents to come and bringing a lot of gifts including his birthday cake for him like in previous years before. However, even after waiting until midnight, his parents still did not come to visit him as usual.

Dongfang Ruyi frowned and he felt a really bad premonition but he kept convincing himself that his parents were busy today and cannot visit him today. Even though, his parents always visited him daily every day and somewhere inside his heart already knew that something was not right.

After a few days his parents did not visit him, Dongfang Ruyi began to panic and with a lot of effort, he managed to crawl to his wheelchair and went out of his room to ask about his parents from the hospital's receptionist or asking her to call his parents.

However, Dongfang Ruyi heard the truth that made his world crumbling like a shattering mirror world.

"Did you hear the news today? Dongfang Group owner and his wife that came here every day died in the car accident." The female receptionist talked to her colleague.

"EH?!! Really? Then how about their child? Did he know about his parents?" Her colleague was shouting in surprise and asked the female receptionist back.

"Shhh! Do you know? Their child had a weak heart so all the doctors decided not to tell him about it. They afraid when their child knows about it, he will die on the spot. So you better do not tell him about it! Let's go back to work." The female receptionist warned her colleague.

Dongfang Ruyi's breathe quickened then he felt suffocating and an incredible pain attacking his chest. He began to cold sweating and his consciousness also fading away little by little. However, Dongfang Ruyi gritted his teeth and bit his lower lip until it bled to keep his consciousness. He decided to go to his parent's funeral right now and began to drag his wheelchair out from the hospital.

He managed to find a kind-hearted car driver that willing to bring him to his parent's funeral at the Dongfang Family Residence. When Dongfang Ruyi arrived there, his family residence was really crowded with people now but he managed to squeeze in and enter the residence.

Dongfang Ruyi ignited his incenses and prays to his parents but his face was expressionless and he did not cry since he already knew that his life will not long and sooner or later he will join with his parents too.

After that Dongfang Ruyi came out from the residence with blank expression since everything happened too fast and he still cannot process everything. Just a few days ago, he still talking and laughing with his parents. His father kept bragging about Dongfang Group achievement while his mother rebuked his father for disturbing Dongfang Ruyi's rest.

Dongfang Ruyi was looking for a quiet place to calm himself down at the corner of the courtyard but he accidentally heard an old man and a young man talking about his parents. Dongfang Ruyi quickly hid behind a giant tree and kept listening what they are talking about.

"Hehehe Old man, you really are ruthless one, to think that you lost your patience and killed both of them so soon. So what about their son now? Do you plan to get rid of him too?" The young man was laughing and asked the old man.

"Quiet! Your voices are too loud! Cih That pair of idiot was planning to sell the Dongfang Group to the foreign company and they plan to use all of the money for their son illness treatment research. Crazy bastard! That is why I was forced to hasten my plan and killed both of them in this way." The old man sounds agitated and kept whispering to the young man but Dongfang Ruyi could still hear it clearly.

"Do you think I want to kill both of them like this?! If only they give me five more years, Dongfang Group will become mine without any need to use this cruel method but that cunning Zhi Ming must be already guess about my plan and intend to outsmart me. Serve his right! Now I only need to wait for his crippled son to die by his own illness and Dongfang Group will become mine. Hehehe Hahaha" The old man expression turned sinister as he thinking about the future.

"That's right That crippled son only has 3-5 years to live. No, the probability of he got the heart attack from his parent's death is quite high so probably he already almost died too by now when he heard the news. Hahahaha" The young man was following the old man and laughing out loud.

"You must remember! Never tell this to anyone! And never mention about this from now on! You are my son after all. If my Dongfang Group falls to my hands then you will be my successor!" The old man warned the young man with a stern tone.

"Do not worry about it, old man! No third person that will know about this! But What if that truck driver that killed Dongfang couple told everything to the police? We will be doomed!" The young man frowned and asked the old man.

"Do not worry I already take care of that! Only both of us that know about this now." The old man made the slicing throat gesture, meaning that he already sent some people to kill that truck driver. He also already prepared their motive if they caught up by police, saying that they slay him to revenge the Dongfang Group CEO, Dongfang Zhi Ming's death.

No one will suspect the motive that he designed since Dongfang Zhi Ming had so many people that idolize him as a perfect leader.