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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 57 2

The young man and the old man was walking back toward the funeral unaware that Dongfang Ruyi was actually overheard their conversation from behind the nearby large tree.

He was fuming with anger, his eyes bloodshot and his hands were clenched together tightly to the point where his nails started to pierce through his skin. Gritting his teeth, Dongfang Ruyi wanted to jump out and kill the two of them so badly but he had no choice but to contain himself.

He was crippled, forget about killing the two of them, he was not even able to stand up right now.

This was his reality now.

His parent's murderers were right in front of him but he could not do anything to them.

He was not even capable to avenge his parent's death.

Dongfang Ruyi held his left chest while sweating profusely and he began to feel unbearable pain attacking his weak heart as his breath stuck on his throat.

His heart attack relapse right here? Because of his anger? Because of his hatred?

Was he going to die in heart attack here like what that two people said?

"RRRHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!" Dongfang Ruyi shut his eyes then shouting toward the sky releasing all of his hatred and anger.

After shouted for a few second, Dongfang Ruyi slowly opened his eyes. There was no longer hatred, anger, nor despair reflected in it, only bottomless darkness with endless coldness.

His rapidly beating heart began to slow down and stabilized as the extreme pain quickly reduced little by little until he felt no more pain.

"Even if I die I will be sure to bring the two of them with me! Even if I drop to the eighteenth layer of hell I will drag them with me! I swear in my own name, Dongfang Ruyi!" Dongfang Ruyi said with an icy tone that could make anyone that heard it shivering in fear.


Dongfang Ruyi searched the article about the old man and the young man on the internet and manages to found out their identity easily. The two of them surprisingly quite famous since the old man was actually his father most trusted right-hand man.

The old man name is Xiao Nan, the Chief Operating Officer in Dongfang Group and the young man name is Xiao Yu, Xiao Nan's son, Financial Manager in Dongfang Group.

Xiao Nan planned to hold a press conference about Dongfang Group's future in a few days after the funeral.

Dongfang Ruyi was smiling coldly as he already guessed that this press conference was Xiao Nan's first step to take over his father company. Not only it will stabilize Xiao Nan's position in Dongfang Group but he also planned to become the temporary CEO in front of public eyes.

A few days later in the press conference, Xiao Nan expressed his grief for Dongfang Zhi Ming and Dongfang Yu Yan's death then promise to take care Dongfang Group in their stead.

However, before Xiao Nan has stated that he will become the temporary CEO in Dongfang Group, Dongfang Ruyi show up in the conference press in the critical moment and completely took over Xiao Nan's limelight.

Dongfang Ruyi also said to the press that his father instructed to him before that if something happened to him then Dongfang Ruyi as his son will be the one that takes over his position as CEO in Dongfang Group so from now on he will inherit his father position as a CEO.

Xiao Nan can only grit his teeth in hatred when Dongfang Ruyi stole his limelight today along with CEO position from him.

Dongfang Ruyi sneered coldly at Xiao Nan but he already knew that this will be a very difficult path since all the directors must be already at Xiao Nan's side right now. However, Dongfang Ruyi was already prepared himself. He will take the director's favor one by one to solidify his position while slowly builds up his connection and authority. He may do not have any power and strength right now but it did not mean that he cannot begin to build it.

Four years later, Dongfang Ruyi managed to develop Dongfang Group even more and become one of the top 3 biggest companies in Hongkong. He also managed to gain all the director's favor and all personnel in Dongfang Group to support him.

Xiao Nan already knew that Dongfang Ruyi will not live for long so he decided to let him use his wisdom and knowledge to brought Dongfang Group to the greater height since the one that will savor it, in the end, would be him.

However, Xiao Nan did not know that Dongfang Ruyi also made his move step by step behind the scene. He already began to use his money to build new triad in Hongkong after his parent funeral. After four years, it became a gigantic organization named "Black Demon", everyone that heard it will shake in fear and terror and no one dares to oppose it including the police force.

No one knew that Dongfang Ruyi was actually the leader of Black Demon since he always manipulating everything behind the scene but everyone called the Black Demon's leader with "Demon King".

It took him four years to gritting his teeth, bearing with his hatred and anger for Dongfang Ruyi to bring him this far. Actually, he can avenge his parent one or two years faster but he prefers to hold it until now so he can completely overwhelming Xian Nan and his son, Xiao Yu with his Black Demon's organization strength. He also planned to kill all the people that related to them until its root.

"At last The time has come. My time also running out but that's not important anymore. If I can drag all of them with me then I am more than glad to do so!" Dongfang Ruyi was speaking to himself with a very hoarse and icy tone. He already almost reaches the end of his life but he kept preserve until today.

Dongfang Ruyi picked up his phone then calling someone.

"Hm You just need to do your part tomorrow. There is no need to worry about your wish. I will definitely fulfill it." Dongfang Ruyi hanged up his phone while grinning coldly. Tomorrow will be the beginning mark of his revenge. 'Please savor it slowly Xiao Nan, Xiao Yu, I will give you the best present that I prepared for four years!'