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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 58 3


Xiao Yu was driving his car from Hongkong International Airport. He just came back from Manila after signed some contract with some international company about supplying Dongfang Group product there.

Xiao Yu felt really tired and planned to go back his home then sleep right away after eating his wife's cooking. Everything in his life already seems so perfect, he was rich and his newlywed wife was really beautiful and caring to him. Moreover, he only needs to wait for a few years and Dongfang Group will be his.



A truck ran with full speed crashed onto Xiao Yu's BMW car so hard. Made his car flew off ten of meters while flipping on the air. Even after it landed on the street it still flipped on the ground several times, until it finally stopped in upside down position.

Xiao Yu feels that all of his bone broke off and tremendous pain attacking all part of his body. His vision turned blurry and dyed with crimson red with his own blood. Despite all of that he tried to crawl out from his car's window but his lower body stuck in his crushed car.

"HeLp.. Me Cough Cough" Xiao Yu tried to shout for help but his blood already began to enter his lung made him began to choking and coughing out several mouthfuls of blood.

Xiao Yu blurry red vision saw a black limousine stopped in front of his crushed car and hope started to bloom in his heart while thinking. 'This person definitely wants to help me.'

"Ck Ck Ck Ck How is it feels? Hit by a truck like this? Your father does this to my parent too back then"

Xiao Yu heard a very cold voice mocking him, he was really familiar with this irritating voice but because of his current situation, he still needs a few seconds to recognize it.

"Dong Fang Ru Yi? Cough Cough " Xiao Yu's voice turned even fainter as the blood began to flowing out from his mouth profusely but he tried to raise his head to see Dongfang Ruyi's face.

However, when he saw a girl that stood behind Dongfang Ruyi's wheelchair, Xiao Yin's blood-covered face turned even paler as his head feels like exploding. What is his beautiful wife doing here stood beside Dongfang Ruyi and stared at him with a face full of scorning?

The truck driver gets out from his truck and walking toward Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi's condition already worsened and he cannot talk anymore but he reached his hand toward the truck driver like asking for his help.

"Hehe Young master I already do as you want So" The truck driver was smiling to Dongfang Ruyi with a fawning expression on his face.

"There is no need for you to worry. I already prepared the best lawyer for you. Even if you will be sentenced, it would only for two or three years. After that, you will live in luxury for your entire life without any need to work." Dongfang Ruyi assured the truck driver while stared sharply at the dying Xiao Yu and sneering coldly at him.

"Hehehe Thank you Thank you, Young Master Dongfang is the best! This bastard really deserves to die" The truck driver keeps smiling and fawning at Dongfang Ruyi while staring mockingly at Xiao Yu.

"You are also doing a good job. It must be hard for you to pretend to be a caring wife for this bastard, right? Do not worry I will give your share too after this." Dongfang Ruyi told the Xiao Yu's wife.

"Thank you very much, young master. My parent was also divorce and Xiao Yu's father took my mother from my father then dumped her in the end. I also had a huge resentment toward them, that's why I helped young master willingly. Please, avenge my grudge to his father too!" Xiao Yu's wife gritted her teeth while pleading to Dongfang Ruyi with a teary face.

"Do not need to worry... Soon, Xiao family will be no more in this world!" Dongfang Ruyi's was squinted his eyes while staring at Xiao Yu and talking with a cold tone.

"Let's go! You take care of him"Dongfang Ruyi, the woman, and the truck driver entered the black limousine then the limousine driver drove them away.

The two of Dongfang Ruyi's bodyguards that wearing a black suit and sunglasses quickly scattered several jerry cans of gasoline to Xiao Yu's car and Xiao Yu's body, after taking some distance, they threw a lighter toward it after taking some distance.



A few days later, Xiao Nan that got news of Xiao Yu's death came back from his vacation from Hawaii. He quickly came back to his residence but the scene inside it made his face turned pale with fear and horror.

All of the people inside Xiao Nan's residence already died everyone, mercilessly slaughtered, and their blood splattered everywhere. His several wives, his security guards, and his servants were killed. There was also a message written with blood on the wall.

'XXXXXX International Hospital, tenth floor, VVIP room, number 008.'

Xiao Nan gritted his teeth when he saw this blood message. This message definitely asked him to come there and the culprit was none other than Dongfang Family sole son, Dongfang Ruyi.

Xiao Nan knew that Dongfang Ruyi must have already prepared for these so it was futile even if he reports it to police. He has no choice other than to avenge his family on his own. That was also why Dongfang Ruyi gave him his where he is to Xiao Nan.

Actually, Xiao Nan's guess was on the mark, Dongfang Ruyi already planned this carefully so report it to police will only backfire to Xiao Nan. On contrary, the police will arrest only Xiao Nan on charges of murdering his own family. Then Xiao Nan will charge him because of false accusation and defamation.

Xiao Nan drove his car to the hospital that Dongfang Ruyi told to him and quickly took the elevator to the tenth floor.

Who knows that when he was already inside the elevator someone attacked him, he took Xian Nan's gun then injected him with some kind of liquid drug then kicked him out from the elevator after reached the tenth floor.

Xiao Nan felt his body was so weak and began to shout for help but he cannot find anyone in this tenth floor. He crawled toward the stair to descend but the glass door in front of the stair was locked. He went to the emergency stair but it also locked.

Xiao Nan gritted his teeth then took a knife from the nearby room then slowly heading toward VVIP room, number 008. His step felt heavier and his vision turned more blurry but he gritted his teeth in hatred and keeps going toward the room.

Dongfang Ruyi already waited for him inside the room, sitting calmly on his wheelchair. When he saw Xiao Nan staggered while entered his room, he began to laugh out loud.

"Xiao Nan Xiao Nan Do you ever think that the day like this will come to you before? When you killed my parents before? Sigh If you did not do it, maybe I was still in this room happily chatting with my parents even until now." Dongfang Ruyi eyes stared his surrounding and he can still see his two parents chatting with his child self happily inside this room.

"It was their own fault! If only they did not plan to sell the company, I will not kill them! It should be mine! Everything should be mine!" Xiao Nan was shouting angrily at Dongfang Ruyi then jumped toward him with a sharp knife in his hands.

Dongfang Ruyi sneered with a very cold expression, he did not resist at all. On contrary, he opened his two hands then embraced Xiao Nan that stabbed his knife into his left chest.

However after that, Dongfang Ruyi revealed a sharp small scalpel on his right hand then stabbed Xiao Nan's neck and after it went deep enough, he slowly slices it toward the left.

"Do you know? I actually can kill you really easily I only need to give an order my people and you already become a corpse before even entered this hospital. But I did not do that Why? It was because I want to take your life with my own hands!" Dongfang Ruyi was whispering softly to Xiao Nan while sneering with a cold expression that it sent a chill to Xiao Nan's spine.

Xiao Nan began to shivering, not because of the drug or fear of death but Dongfang Ruyi's presence right now was like a domineering demon king that looked down upon a mortal.

"The doctor already said that my life will not even last for a year but I am more than glad to trade it with your life right now! You should be honored to trade your meager life with mine! Hahahaha"Dongfang Ruyi was laughing like an insane while kept staring at Xiao Nan.

Xiao Nan wanted to say something but his neck already sliced by Dongfang Ruyi so no sound can come out from his mouth. In his last moment, he did not even close his eyes while keep staring at Dongfang Ruyi full of resentment.

"Sigh Hahaha Father Mother This unfilial son of yours finally avenged your death Do not worry I will come to your side Now"Dongfang Ruyi was laughing until his last moment full of satisfaction then he closed his eyes with a peaceful expression.


'C , s ss s s's .'

Dongfang Ruyi tried to talk but he cannot since he did not have a body right now. His form was only a small ball of light like a firefly.


'Y . E .'

'R! Us s s s s .'

Her? Who?

Dongfang Ruyi's soul flew toward the novel book in nearby bookshelf and entered it.

'G , ! ss !'