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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 59 4


Dongfang Ruyi slowly opened his eyes but he found himself lying down on the ground and he feels pain all over his body. He looked in front of him, his vision was blurry but he still manages to see that there was a beautiful young girl stood in front of him with mocking smile on her face.

"Mo Fan, you are only trash with E-rank fire aptitude! You are not worthy to be my fianc from now on I, Nalan Xun break off my engagement with you!" Nalan Xun threw her engagement bracelet back to Dongfang Ruyi.

'What the hell, is this b*tch talking about? Engagement?' Dongfang Ruyi stared at Nalan Xun with a very cold gaze that sent a chill down to her spine. Nalan Xun took a few steps back when she saw Dongfang Ruyi's cold expression but she quickly straightened her body then left from there.

After Nalan Xun was gone, Dongfang Ruyi stunned in astonishment, he can feel his feet again after such a long time. He slowly stood up and his face blooming into a smile when he found out he did not crippled again. He was running and jumping around while laughing happily made all the people that passing by looking at him with pity expression.

"It looks like Young Miss Nalan Xun really broke Mo Fan's mind this time. Look he went insane because she broke off their engagement Sigh What a poor guy!" The passerby said to his friend.

"There is no hope for him anymore Even though he is Mo Family's Patriarch son, he only has an E-rank fire aptitude while Young Miss Nalan Xun has B-rank water aptitude. Their difference is too far!"His friend answered.

Dongfang Ruyi stunned then began to observe his surroundings, he remembers that he should be dead in his hospital room but why he was here right now.

When Dongfang Ruyi tried to recall his memories, other person memories began to flood his mind. He quickly sat up then started to sort his mind and analyzing the other person's memories.

It looks like he was already died before then his soul transmigrated into another world and this poor person's body.

'Ehhh This world settingIsn't this same as the last novel that my parents gifted it to me at my birthday?! So I transmigrated into the novel! Interesting' Dongfang Ruyi was laughing in excitement. He spent half of his life in the hospital while the other half to get his revenge so it's already been a long time since he was doing something fun like this.

Dongfang Ruyi began to access the memories in his body and found that this person was quite a pitiful one.

His name was Mo Fan, the son of Mo Family's current patriarch. His talent was really amazing since he was little and managed to reach 5-star body tempering stage when he was twelve years old. His talent was shocking the entire city and he mentioned as a top prodigy capable of rivaling top genius from Six Great Sects.

However, unfortunately, it did not last long, when his mother personally tested Mo Fan's aptitude, the result was E-rank fire aptitude and S-rank darkness aptitude. There was no doubt that S-rank darkness aptitude was a legendary level aptitude but unfortunately, all people that have the darkness aptitude will be regarded as a criminal and hunted by the Six Great Sects moreover it was the legendary S-ranked. There will be no doubt that they will hunt Mo Fan with all cost if they knew about it.

In the end, Mo Fan's mother sacrificed her life to use the forbidden technique then sealed Mo Fan dark aptitude so it will not be detected by anyone. However, it was also made Mo Fan lost his previous talent and Mo Fan cultivation stagnated in 5-star body tempering stage for more than seven years.

The most infuriating was Mo Fan's father regarded Mo Fan as trash that shamed him then completely ignored him at all. Even though Mo Fan's mother was actually a Sage Clan elder's daughter that choose to elope with him back then, Mo Fan's father forgot about her after a few months of her death and her last message to take care of Mo Fan.

Everyone in Mo Family was bullying Mo Fan and his fiance, Nalan Xun that his mother matched with also disgusted with him. However, Mo Fan did not give up and keep trying to please Nalan Xun.

In the end, Nalan Xun was fed up with Mo Fan's fawning attitude and challenge him to a duel today if Mo Fan managed to defeat her then she will marry him right away but if Mo Fan lost, she will break her engagement with him and Mo Fan must promise that he will never meet with her again in the future.

"Sigh God must be crazy if it wants me to find happiness with this kind of girl. I rather choose it throws me to the eighteenth layer of hell than marry her!" Dongfang Ruyi was laughing mockingly.

"Do not worry Since I already took over your body, I will make everyone that mocking you before died horribly. Whatever it is Nalan Family or Mo Family, I will obliterate all of them!" Dongfang Ruyi was sneering coldly with his eyes shone in excitement with his new life.

In his previous life, he managed to bring Dongfang Group to become one of the top three biggest companies in Hongkong while built Black Demon Organization as the strongest Triad Organization that could topple a country down with his fragile and crippled body.

Then right now, he had a completely healthy body with his knowledge that he got from the novel plus the sealed S-rank darkness aptitude.

"This life will surely be more interesting than before. Let's see how far I can reach in this world this time" Dongfang Ruyi was smiling in excitement but his expression was extremely cold like a demon king that thirst for more battle and blood.

"The strongest darkness cultivation technique in the novel should be the one that the antagonist used in the end. There was no clear information about its location but it gave enough clues to me. With a bit search, I will be able to find it." Dongfang Ruyi held his chin and began to think his next step.