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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 63

Mu Xuan Yin frowned then began to dashing toward the group of black-clothed men once again but before she could land any hit someone stood again in front of her.

"Miss, please step asideHere's very dangerous. No one here wants to hurt a beautiful lady like miss even if it's an only accident." The handsome young man wearing a blue robe that stood in front of Mu Xuan Yin said with leisure manner. The man was not only tall and handsome but there was also a faint noble aura shrouded him.

However, Mu Xuan Yin already threw a punch toward her front and it's already too late to pull it back when the blue-robed man suddenly stood in front of her.


Mu Xuan Yin's punch heavily hit the blue-robed man's back sent him flying toward the black-clothed men's group then crashed hard onto them then all of them fall into the lake.

Luckily, Mu Xuan Yin already pulled eighty percent of her strength before her fist landed on him or he definitely would be heavily wounded by now.

"Pffft Miss, which sides do you fight for?" The blue-robed man was floating in the water and squirting the lake water from his mouth then asked Mu Xuan Yin with puzzlement.

"Oppsss Sorry, Mister It's not intentional! And of course, I am at your side!" Mu Xuan Yin said to the blue-robed man with an apologetic expression.

'Aisss What a bad accident This person must be someone important in Qiyang City since I will live in Qiyang City for quite a while, it would be more convenient to gather some information if I could build some connection with some important people inside the city like him Hopefully, he did not hold any resentment later because of this.' Mu Xuan Yin thought while staring at the blue-robed man in the lake.

Mu Xuan Yin was circulating her Qi and activating her Void God Eyes first, her alluring brown eyes turned into intimidating purple eyes then she activating her Feathered Light Step too almost at the same time freeing her body from the shackles of gravity. With a single step, she managed to approach the black-clothed men's group then she raining them down with her Iron Fists using both of her hands.


Mu Xuan Yin succeeded on knocked out several black-clothed men with her Iron Fists while the others began to cautiously encircle her but she already predicted that with her Void God Eyes.

She jumped while threw a spinning wheel kick to her surrounding, hitting several black-clothed men's lower jaws with her kick and made them dropped backward then fainted in an instant.

In only a few seconds and a few moves, Mu Xuan Yin manages to defeat almost half of the black-clothed men made all the silver armored guards stunned with their mouth opened wide in shock.

However, they were not only stunned because her strength but also with her rough fighting style that completely contrary with her graceful looks, it was completely lacking of elegance like a brawling thug.

The blue-robed man that climbed back up to the boat also stunned with the sight of how Mu Xuan Yin's fight in front of him.

"What a wild and violent fairy Looks like it won't be an easy task to entice her" The blue-robed man was giggling with amusement while staring at Mu Xuan Yin full of passion.

"What are you all stunned for?! Help our fairy and defeat all that attackers!" The blue-robed man gave a stern order to the stunned silver armored guards made them regain their composure and charged toward the black-clothed men's group once again, the blue-robed man also joined the battle and his strength actually did not lose to Mu Xuan Yin at all.

Moreover, because they did not want to lose to a fragile look girl like Mu Xuan Yin, they fought even more frenzied than before and managed to defeat all the black-clothed men's group less than a minute.

"Thank you very much for Miss Fairy help. My name is Qing Tian and I do like to invite Miss Fairy for a lunch at my place, how about it?" Qing Tian saluted Mu Xuan Yin and clasped his fist toward her.

"Thank you for Mister Qing Tian's invitation then I will not hesitate and take the offer. My name is Mu Xuan Yin." Mu Xuan Yin was smiling and nodded to Qing Tian while saluted him back.

"Mu Xuan Yin What a beautiful name. The violent fairy, Mu Xuan Yin." Qing Tian pondering when he heard Mu Xuan Yin's name.

"Uh Mister Qing Tian, can you at least drop the 'violent'?" Mu Xuan Yin's face darkened when she heard that and pouting with puffed cheek.

Qing Tian laughing out loud when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's cute pouting expression while sighed with relief in his heart 'it looks like that this fairy-like lady did not only have an innocent look but her mind also pure Sigh It really makes me feels bad now for thinking that she actually has some ulterior motive and she may be one that designed this raid before.'

After a few minutes, Qing Tian's boat arrived at Duan Island and a luxurious carriage already waiting for them.

Qing Tian and Mu Xuan Yin entered the carriage while silver armored guards riding their steed and guarding the carriage closely.

The major road leading up to Qiyang City was filled with people and it was extremely crowded and noisy, causing Mu Xuan Yin's eyes shone full with curiosity and excitement. Even though they had not arrived at Qiyang City, it was already this crowded. One could only imagine the crowd when one arrives in the middle of Qiyang City.

Mu Xuan Yin began to looking forward to this Qiyang City as one of the famous capital city, this city must have many exciting shops and places. Since the first time she transmigrated to this world, Mu Xuan Yin rarely traveling around to the big city likes this. The last time she entered the city was only when she took the Holy Light Sect Exam at Dongzhou City but at that time she did not have any time to sightseeing at all and Dongzhou City was only a medium-sized city cannot be comparable with the capital city like this Qiyang City.

The horse carriages calmly traversed through the crowd as it finally reached the gates of Qiyang City. As he saw that nearly hundred-foot tall study wall surrounding the city, Mu Xuan Yin swallowed her saliva in amazement. Comparing Dongzhou City with this capital city, it definitely seemed far lackluster.

All of the guards in front of the gates were checking the documents and identities of all the people that want to enter the city carefully with strict. However, when they saw their golden carriage, they bowed their heads in respect toward their horse carriage and let them pass through it easily unlike another people made Mu Xuan Yin looked at Qing Tian with amazement but Qing Tian only smiling back at her without saying anything.

After they passed through a dark and serene tunnel, immediately, a deafening noise swarmed them like a tidal wave, causing Mu Xuan Yin, who was not prepared at all, to feel a little nauseous. Moments later, she recovered her senses, only to see huge crowds of people on the streets. As she turned to look at the grand architecture in the city, she involuntarily released a deep breath as a beautiful exciting smile blooming on her beautiful face mesmerizing Qing Tian even more.

"Welcome, to our city, Qiyang City!" Qing Tian said to Mu Xuan Yin while keep locking his gaze on her beautiful face.