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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 67

"Uh... Miss Bai, I already eat so much food yesterday so I really not hungry right now. How about giving all of these snacks to the guards in your place?" Mu Xuan Yin was forcing out an awkward smile and politely refuse Shao Qing's offer.

"Hic... Hic... Does Big Sister Mu hate me so much? Big Sister Mu does not even want to taste the snack that Qing Er's brought." Shao Qing sobbed like a weak little cat that has been bullied.

'Girl... If those snacks do not have the poison in it, I already devour it cleanly! Well then let's see how far your act can go then!' Mu Xuan Yin mouth twitched a little in annoyance while thinking about how she should act.

"Umm... Ok then, Miss Bai can leave it on the table in that pavilion. I will eat it later after this training session." Mu Xuan Yin was smiling as brightly as she could and pointing her finger toward the nearby pavilion.

"Okay, then Qing Er will wait for Big Sister Mu to finish her training at that pavilion." Shao Qing was grinning with a bright expression like a little girl if Mu Xuan Yin did not have Void God Eyes, she would already fell for Shao Qing's act right now and eat all of those snacks.

Mu Xuan Yin nodded to Shao Qing and deliberately continued her martial arts training for another three hours hoping for Shao Qing will run out of patience and leave but she actually underestimated Shao Qing's willpower.

'This lass Why is she really that determined to poison me?! Why? Because I ate most of the foods yesterday? Sigh If I knew something like this will happen, I will hold myself back a little and share my portion a bit with her yesterday!' Mu Xuan Yin rubbed her smooth forehead in resignation while dragged her limp body to the pavilion where Shao Qing has waited for her since three hours ago.

"Big Sister Mu must be really tired now. Please drink this tea first to quench your thirst!" Shao Qing stood up and shoved a cup of red tea to Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin was silently activating her Void God Eyes and just like her guess this cup of red tea has the thick yellow aura.

"Thank you, Miss Bai, but drink after training will bring bad side effect so I will be cooling down my body first." Mu Xuan Yin took the cup from Shao Qing while answered Shao Qing with the gentle tone and sat down on the nearby chair then put the cup down again to the table.

"Bis Sister Mu must be already a bit hungry right now! Please try the snacks then." Shao Qing pushed one of the snacks plates to Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin gulped her saliva when she saw all of the delicious looking snacks in front of her. Unfortunately, all of it had the thick yellow aura covered it. Mu Xuan Yin gritted her teeth and shook her head to shake the food temptation.

"Haha It's not good to eat after training, I will eat it later. How about Miss Bai eats it first? You already waited for quite long so you must be hungry." Mu Xuan Yin was smiling to Shao Qing while pushed the snack plate back toward her.

"Qing Er already eat all of these snacks until Qing Er tired of it. That's why Qing Er brought it to Big Sister Mu today." Shao Qing politely told her excuse while lowered her blushing face looks like embarrassed about her reason.

'Ck ck ck. What a drama queen! She could really easily win some Oscar Trophies with her acting skill if she born in the modern world!' Mu Xuan Yin was watching Shao Qing with amazement.

'What to do now? She will keep pestering me at this rate and she won't go away unless I eat these poisonous snacks or tea Sigh' Mu Xuan Yin was thinking another excuse.

"Big Sister Mu is not only really beautiful but also have high martial art skills! Qing Er admired Big Sister Mu greatly! Let's toast for Big Sister Mu success in the future!" Shao Qing raised her cup to toast with Mu Xuan Yin.

Mu Xuan Yin squinted her eyes a bit when she saw that Shao Qing's cup of tea did not have any yellow aura like her own.

Mu Xuan Yin was smiling sweetly then raised her teacup too to toast with Shao Qing.

"Ah! Qing Tian!" Mu Xuan Yin looked toward Shao Qing's behind while shouting with enthusiasm.

Shao Qing was surprised and quickly turned around to check her behind but she did not find anyone.

Mu Xuan Yin was circulating her QI and activating her Feathered Light Step made her body detached from the shackles of gravity and her agility shot up in an instant.

With the speed that cannot be seen with naked eyes, she swiftly switched her teacup with Shao Qing's cup. Her movement was smooth and precise that none of the tea inside the cup spilled out.

Thanks to her training, Mu Xuan Yin's movement right now was not only faster and more flexible but also a lot smoother and her precision also increased a lot combined with her Void God Eyes that able to see the opponent's attack and their weak point, she will not lose even fighting against a veteran mid-level Qi Condensation stage cultivator right now.

"Ah Sorry, Miss Bai. It looks like my eyes deceive me. Maybe I already trained a bit too hard and got too tired that I saw an illusion" Mu Xuan Yin tried to lie but she looks really restless right now. If Nangong Liuchen was here, he can immediately tell that Mu Xuan Yin was actually lying but fortunately Shao Qing still don't know about Mu Xuan Yin's habit and body language so she did not detect anything wrong.

"Let's toast then!" Mu Xuan Yin raised her cup and drank the tea in one gulp.

Shao Qing's eyes glinted with satisfaction while sneered coldly for a moment. She also raised her cup then drank it gracefully.

"Big Sister Mu, Qing Er remember that she have some matters that she needs to handle so please excuse Qing Er now." Shao Qing cupped her small hands toward Mu Xuan Yin and walked back to her residence.

Mu Xuan Yin sighed in relief when she saw Shao Qing's back that getting further and she wiped the sweat on her forehead with her sleeve.

Lying and scheming like this wasn't actually suited with Mu Xuan Yin's pure and innocent personality the most and she also really hate it. She was the type that is fonder of fighting against her enemies honestly from the front rather than use dirty trick, lie, or scheme to defeat them.

"Fortunately, I still manage to survive today Sigh I should be more careful from now on!" Mu Xuan Yin sighed once again and waved her hand to call the nearby maid.

"Please help me throw all of these snacks and tea away!" Mu Xuan Yin ordered the maid while pointing all the snacks and tea in front of her.

The maid clean up the table then brought all the snacks and tea to the kitchen to dispose it and wash the dish but after she arrived at the kitchen some guards saw her want to throw away the snacks to the dump.

"Ei Stop! Stop! What a waste Look at all of these high-quality snacks! It's better to give it to us, I will bring it to our post and eat it together with the others." One of the guards licked his lips and said.

"But Mistress Mu ordered me to throw it away" The maid frowned and hesitated.

"She ordered to throw it away, right? And you throw it away to us haha No problem! No one will talk about it so she will not know about it!" The guards were laughing out loud and took all the snacks from the maid's hands.

"Sigh Ok then But remember do not tell it to anyone about this Also after eating all the snacks return all the plates to the kitchen." The maid sighed in resignation and warned the guards.

The guards brought all the snacks back to his post and all the guards in the post devour the delicious snacks less than a minute.


"By the way, the yellow aura means that the poison in the snacks is not deadly since if it's deadly poison, the color would be red or if it's too lethal, the color should be purple What exactly the poison did she put into those snacks? Well, forget it! Besides, no one will eat it except that Shao Qing and she definitely have the antidote for the poison." Mu Xuan Yin lazily stretching her body like a lazy cat and went back to her room to continue her cultivation.