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Beautiful Transmigrating Librarian: Supreme God’s System Chapter 69

The black-clothed man's movement was very agile like a monkey and he also knew the palace terrain very well. He keeps turn left and right on each intersection then jumped over the wall several times after turned.

Without her Void God Eyes, Mu Xuan Yin would already lose his track long time ago. Even with her Void God Eyes guidance, Mu Xuan Yin still has a very hard time just to follow the black-clothed man.

Unfortunately for the black-clothed man, Mu Xuan Yin was not only had her Void God Eyes but also the 'Wind Travelling Shoes' from Nangong Liuchen and she always wore it since the first time she got it.

With a single thought, a sliver of her Qi was flowing to the Wind Travelling Shoes and Mu Xuan Yin's speed soaring in an instant even Mu Xuan Yin herself was very surprised by her speed explosion and almost crashing onto the wall in front of her.

However, Mu Xuan Yin quickly activating her Iron Fist since it's already too late for her to turn or jump then she only needs to destroy all the walls that blocked her until she catches the black-clothed man.


Black-clothed man face turned pale when the ground was shaking like an earthquake and the shockwave that came from behind him got closer and closer made him feel even more alarmed.

"Sh*ttt! What exactly the creature that keeps chasing me?! If I knew it will be like this I will refuse this job even if she tripled the amount of reward!" The black-clothed man cursed while kept running with his full speed like his life was depending on it.

It's not strange that the black-clothed man feels the extreme fear was eroding his heart since Mu Xuan Yin's chasing method made her akin like a tyrannosaurus-rex chasing over its prey. She was practically bulldozing all the things that block her path whatever it was trees, walls, even some buildings.

The distance between Mu Xuan Yin and the black-clothed man was getting closer and closer. No matter what the black-clothed man do like jumping over the wall and building or ran along at the top of some building roof, the distance between them keep shrinking.

"Aaaaaahhhh I don't want to die yet! I have not got a chance to married yet! Mommy, help meee!" The black-clothed man cried in despair when the distances between them shrink to only just a few meters.

"Help Help me!!!" The black-clothed man ran toward the group of patrolling guards while crying for help.


All the patrolling guards turned pale and shuddering in terror when they feel the ground around them began to shaking so hard and there was also the thick brown smoke flying behind the black-clothed man like something horrible was chasing after him from behind.

Also from the black-clothed man's pale face full of tear and snot even his pants was wet with some liquid flowing down without him knowing it, all the patrolling guards could easily tell that the horrifying creature was actually targeting him.

"RUN!" The patrolling guard's leader face distorted in dread when he saw the running horrible creature even toppled down some sturdy buildings easily and he swiftly ordered his men then he began to run away first. All the patrolling guards that confused was following after their leader and ran away too.

"Wait! Don't leave me! Heeeelppp me! You are the guards, aren't you?" The black-clothed man desperately ran to chase the patrolling guards made the situation pretty comical with one black-clothed man chasing over the group of patrolling guards.

"Screw you! You must be a thief, aren't you? If you want to die just die alone! Don't bring us with you!" One of the guards was shouting in the panic to the black-clothed man.

The captain turned his head around and when he saw the black-clothed man was still running following them from behind. He gritted his teeth and removed his heavy iron gauntlet then threw it as hard as he could to the black-clothed man while shouting: "Stop following us, you bast*rd! Just die alone! Don't drag us into this!"


The heavy iron gauntlet hit heavily on the black-clothed man's head so hard knocked him out in an instant.

All the patrolling guards abandoned the unconscious black-clothed man behind and ran away for their lives.

A few seconds later, Mu Xuan Yin caught up and she found the black-clothed man already lying unconscious on the floor.

"Fuhhh At last I catch you! But who is the one that helps me catch him? Whatever I will bring him back for interrogation" Mu Xuan Yin was panting out of breath but she was smiling in satisfaction when she managed to catch this black-clothed man.

However, when Mu Xuan Yin approached the black-clothed man, she smelled the stinking odor from his body and she was frowning when she saw the black-clothed man wet pants.

"Don't tell me! He is Sigh" In the end, Mu Xuan Yin tied up the black-clothed man body and dragged him along the way until she's back to her palace since she did not want to have any more physical contact with him.


Unknowingly the sun already began to rise from the east and the long tiring night came on its end. However, Mu Xuan Yin's problem was actually only just begun.

Qing Tian gawked in shock when he arrived at the Long Autumn Palace where Mu Xuan Yin stayed in the morning. All of the guards bounded by the rope and their face was beaten black and blue.

Actually, this was not because of their fight with Mu Xuan Yin since she only hit their weak point to render them unconsciousness but because of all the maids that still hold some grudges because of their crazy behavior last night beat them up after the maids tied all the unconscious guards with rope.

"What What happen? Why are they tied up like this? Explain!" Qing Tian asked the nearby maids with the menacing tone made all the maids lowered their head in fear.

"Don't worry! I will explain it all." Mu Xuan Yin gracefully came out from her room after took the refreshing morning bath to wash off all the dirt and dust that stuck on her body last night.

Today she dressed in a silk light blue gown, her skin was white as snow and on her peach flower-like face, hung a graceful and magnanimous smile, an especially touching sight. Her extremely beautiful face added with her ample curves and graceful posture caused her to give out a mature charm that made Qing Tian sighed in admiration once again. No matter how much he saw Mu Xuan Yin, he keeps fall in love with her deeper and deeper.

However, before Mu Xuan Yin had the time to explain everything to Qing Tian, several battalions of red armored warriors surrounded the Long Autumn Palace in an instant made Qing Tian frowned even deeper.

"What are you doing? Do you think that this is your prime minister residence?! As this prince expects from the prime minister people, you all are getting even more daring every day!" Qing Tian was shouting in anger and dissatisfaction made the situation even tenser.

"Excuse me, your highness but we get the direct order from the prime minister to arrest a girl called Mu Xuan Yin on charges of poisoned the prime minister daughter! Please do not make this difficult for us!" The sturdy battalion captain cupped his hands and said to Qing Tian respectfully.

"What?! Poisoned?! Impossible!" Qing Tian shouted in shock while looked toward Mu Xuan Yin with a stunned expression.

Mu Xuan Yin also frowned deeper in displeasing, this Shao Qing was really devious. Not only this Shao Qing was trying to poison her yesterday, now she even trying to twist the fact, and accused Mu Xuan Yin for poisoned her.

"I am Mu Xuan Yin and I never poisoned anyone! It was your mistress that put the poison in food and tea yesterday, she was trying to poison me but she ended up backfired and drinks the poisoned tea herself!" Mu Xuan Yin said with the stern tome and serious expression.

"Everything will be investigated even further later until we find the real culprit but we still need to arrest you and interrogate you! So please surrender yourself and do not oppose us or we won't hesitate to use force even against a little girl like you!" The red-armored captain said to Mu Xuan Yin harshly but his expression was betrayed his words since he already grinning and staring at Mu Xuan Yin full of impure desire.

It was clear that if Mu Xuan Yin falls into this red armored captain's hand, her day would not be bright anymore.