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Book Of Answers Chapter 8

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1.What are "Contributions"?
When you spend Spirit Stones on a book, you will gain "Contribution points" corresponding to the book. Consumption consists of subscribing to premium chapters, sending gifts to the book, expending Spirit Stones to skip Ads and so on.

2.The Relationship between Spirit Stones and "Contribution"

a. Subscribing to premium chapters: 1 Spirit Stone that you spend equals to 1 "Contribution"

b. Sending gifts to book: 1 Spirit Stone that you spend equals to 1 "Contribution"

c. Expending SS to skip Ads: 1 Spirit Stone that you spend equals to 1 "Contribution"

3.What are "Contributions"?

a. When your "Contribution" to a book exceeds 1 point, you will be included in the ranking.

b. Top fans with superior "Contribution" will be displayed in the detailed page of the book. For complete rankings, please click "More" on the book details to check.


1.What are gifts?

Gifts, as a reward, are to encourage writers by rewarding them with Spirit Stones to create better stories. When you send a gift to a chapter, a gift comment will be displayed.

2.Festival gifts
During diverse festivals, writers or readers can send unique gifts to extend their fervent wishes.

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