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Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1483

“It doesn’t count who’s my master. What’s important is that you will die if you don’t cooperate with me…” that arriver said as he soon recovered his composure and cold look, squinting at Zhang Tie with threatening eyesight.

“Really? But I don’t think so…” Zhang Tie responded to him calmly as he didn’t care about the threat at all. As for Zhang Tie, the crisis only happened when he drank the spirit which was mixed with Soul Leave.

Zhang Tie’s error lay in that he had not imagined that the first glass of spirit that he drank with three senior sister apprentices that he had not seen for over 10 years was mixed with Soul Leave. What’s more, Senior Sister Apprentice Ma who had a love affair with him had already known that the spirit was poisoned. The culprit had known everything about Zhang Tie and Ma Aiyun and even let Gu Caidie and Yuan Ziyi the props of this trap. Therefore, it was too sudden. Even the most meticulous and shrewd person would not be vigilant about all of his relatives and friends all day long. Otherwise, he must have been driven mad by himself before others’ attack.

No matter what happened outside, Zhang Tie still carried the simplest and sincerest emotion about his relatives and friends; because this was why he struggled to grow powerful. Perhaps, others made a constant improvement on the road of cultivation only to conquer others by stepping them down or become the unrivaled one. However, Zhang Tie held that money making and cultivation are only for one purpose, namely making his family members live better and enabling him to live in love. On the contrary, if he had fewer people to trust and became more vigilant as he grew more powerful, it indicated that he was just a timid guy who wore a set of irresistible helmet and armor and held a saber or a sword which could be used to kill hundreds of millions of people. Zhang Tie disdained it.

Additionally, Soul Leave took effect as fast and fiercely as an alchemist’s bomb, which didn’t spare any time for Zhang Tie to make any response. Any other poisons that could spare a second for Zhang Tie to make a response would be easily detoxified by Zhang Tie.

However, that person was absolutely wrong if he thought that he could bind Zhang Tie who couldn’t use his battle qi, physical strength and spiritual energy using Dragonbinding Shackle and bloody soul needles.

As for Zhang Tie, he had already taken the initiative when he opened his eyes and recovered his awareness no matter how poor he looked now.

Because he was Zhang Tie, Immortal Qianji!

Zhang Tie knew that he had already become sore in demons’ eyes. As his battle qi had not fully recovered, if he dared have Yan Feiqing leave him and stroll alone in Golden Light City, Fiery-Dragon Bounty Territory, he must have his own confidence and reliance.

What Zhang Tie wanted to do most now was to find that culprit and tear him into pieces so as to avenge for Gu Caidie and Yuan Ziyi.

That 50-year old man didn’t understand that he was already a movable dead man in Zhang Tie’s eyes. Zhang Tie’s tone and eyesight made him very uncomfortable.

That man gave a heavy blow to Zhang Tie’s lower abdomen after releasing his battle qi; however, Zhang Tie didn’t even frown. Although Zhang Tie couldn’t run his spiritual energy and battle qi, after taking so many iron-body fruits and promoting to a shadow knight, Zhang Tie still had a great defensive capability. In this case, strikes from people below LV 15 battle spirit couldn’t pose any threat to him or hurt him at all. However, it would be too naive if this man in his 50’s below LV 15 wanted to do any harm to Zhang Tie by a bare punch; especially that he was just a LV 13 great battle master, whose punch was like tickle for Zhang Tie.

Certainly, like how bloody soul needles entered Zhang Tie’s blood and meridians, some rune weapons could also do harm to Zhang Tie when he was not vigilant. No matter what, shadow knight’s body rigidity couldn’t match alloy.

“Haven’t you eaten food? Where’s your strength?” Zhang Tie looked at that middle-aged man with a cold look as he added, “Small figures like you are not qualified to stand in front of me. Fetch your master here. Let him talk to me…”

After realizing that he couldn’t hurt Zhang Tie, that person gradually recovered his composure as he said, “My master would come when he wants!”

“You’ve spent too many efforts in catching me, but still kept me alive, you must want something from me. What do you want?”

“Smart, what an Immortal Qianji!” that middle-aged man’s facial muscles moved a bit as he said, “We’ve searched over your body. Master said that you’re still hiding one thing. As long as you present that item, you would survive and this thing would come to an end!”

“I would survive?” This thing would come to an end?” Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he said, “What a funny, naive lie…”

“Our master only wants that thing, not your life. As long as he got that thing, all the dare-to-die fighters who join this action would commit suicide in front of you. That’s why our master doesn’t want to see you. After that, you could reunite with your Senior Sister Apprentice Ma and your kid. As you would not find anyone to avenge for, this thing would come to an end by then!”

Surrounding three exits, leaving one. It was a psywar for attacking a city. If a city was surrounded in four directions, the fighters and commoners inside would exert their utmost efforts to break out; however, if one exit was left open, the will of the garrisons would be collapsed. That was how the middle-aged man played in front of Zhang Tie. They thought that Zhang Tie had been under their control; therefore, they left hope to him so that he didn’t struggle at his full efforts at the risk of destroying that rarity.

However, such a gimmick was just a joke for Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie sneered inside as he pretended to consider it. After being hesitant for a second, he said, “Show me Ma Aiyun and our kid first!”

“No way. Master said that you three couldn’t reunite unless you hand in that thing!” the middle-aged man said, shaking his head.

Zhang Tie had already seen through this place using his lotus flower eyes when he talked with that man.

This underground mountain cave was indeed on the seaside. It was on the lowest floor. There were some more floors of underground facilities above this mountain cave. Above ground was a chateau which was on the hillside. Just now, Zhang Tie saw nothing but wilderness hundreds of miles away from the chateau on the open waters or the land.

The moment Zhang Tie saw it, he had known that he was near the coast of Liaozhou Province in the north of Youzhou Province. The chateau was a small base of a power, which was also used to bewilder people.

‘I might have been missing for over 5 days. However, who could find me in such a remote place given such a large size of Taixia Country?

There were over 30 dare-to-die fighters in the chateau and the underground cave, who were all common staff. The middle-aged man should be the head of these dare-do-die fighters.

Ma Aiyun was locked in a cell above Zhang Tie. The linear distance between Zhang Tie and her was fewer than 100 m. However, Ma Aiyun was not hurt; she was just a bit sluggish.

Zhang Tie didn’t see his kid or any teenager here; therefore, that kid should be hidden somewhere by these dare-to-die fighters if Ma Aiyun really delivered the baby.

“Well, tell me what do you want, a piece of space-teleportation equipment, a silver secret item or a cultivation method like Fiery-Dragon Sutra?” Zhang Tie asked calmly.

“None of them!” that middle-aged man answered as he shook his head.

“None of them?” Zhang Tie became amazed as he asked again, “What do you want?”

“Immortal item!”

Zhang Tie was really shocked by this term.

“Immortal item? Did I mishear it? Or are you kidding me? It’s just a legendary item. Who has seen the real immortal item? Is it square or round?” Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he continued to ask, “Do you want my bloody sacrifice furnace?”

“No, it’s an immortal item. Master said that you’ve got an immortal item, which helped you rise step by step from Blackhot City. Master wanted me to tell you that if you hand in the immortal item, this event would come to an end; otherwise, it’s just a beginning…”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean if you don’t hand in the immortal item, you will see the heads of your family members and friends one after another in a few days…”

At this moment, Zhang Tie’s heart had raced as he appeared having not heard these wordsWho knows that I have Castle of Black Iron?