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Castle Of Black Iron Chapter 1485

Chapter 1485: Shocking Youzhou Province

Zhang Tie had been missing for over 1 week; however, there was still no news about his whereabouts. As a result, the entire Youzhou Province became the focus of the world while forces from all directions converged in Youzhou Province, including surging hidden forces…

In the shrine palace of Huaiyuan Palace, Tiger Embracing City, Youzhou Province, Zhang Taixuan and a middle-aged man with narrow eyes and a long face were sitting face to face at a table. That middle-aged man wore a high Xiezhi-shaped crown and a Class I official uniform of Taixia Country who looked very dignified and full of killing intent. As he faintly squinted his eyes, he appeared to be able to see through one’s soul, causing people’s heart to tremble.

Even Zhang Taixuan had to behave seriously in front of him.

Zhang Taixuan had not slept for consecutively 5 days for the event of Zhang Tie. Within the 5 days, Zhang Taixuan had traveled across Youzhou Province and met people from all walks of life; he had to soothe the members of Huaiyuan Palace. As a result, he appeared haggard.

Anyone who saw Zhang Taixuan would sigh inside, ‘What a clan head! When the pillar of Huaiyuan Palace is missing, this clan head must bear a great stress.’

A clan deacon hurriedly entered the room with three wooden boxes in hand. After coming to Zhang Taixuan’s front, he bowed towards Zhang Taixuan before putting the three wooden boxes on the table. After that, he left by moving backward seriously and silently.

“Mr. Zhao, here are the materials about the three female disciples in Huaiyuan Palace…” Zhang Taixuan said with a faintly bitter look as he pushed the three boxes in front of that stranger, saying, “Hopefully, Mr. Zhao could catch the culprit and avenge for Huaiyuan Palace with these things as soon as possible!”

“Is there anything special with the three female disciples in the last years; especially that missing female disciple called Ma Aiyun…” Mr. Zhao asked as he opened one box and threw a glance at the documents inside. After that, he nodded as he put the documents back into the box and asked Zhang Taixuan.

“I was busy dealing with public affairs and didn’t know too much about the three female disciples!” Zhang Taixuan said solemnly, “The three female disciples were the first batch of clan disciples who evacuated from Waii Subcontinent to Taixia Country. They have been living in Yingzhou Province over these years. They’ve not seen Elder Mushen for over 10 years. This event is really out of my imagination. I’ve asked clan deacons about their performance in Yingzhou Province these years. The answer is that they all performed normally in Yingzhou Province, including their cultivation and exercises…”

“It’s said that the three female disciples got along well with Elder Mushen?”

“Hmm, when Elder Mushen cultivated in Hidden Dragon Island, he had already got acquainted with the three female disciples. They were bosom friends. They’ve even executed clan tasks together. It’s said that Elder Mushen took care of them very much when in Hidden Dragon Island…”

Mr. Zhao slightly squinted at the void as he knocked his fingers on the table in a rhythm like beating a drum, asking, “Who else knows that Elder Mushen has recovered in Huaiyuan Palace besides you?”

“This event is of great significance. Only those clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace know his current situation!”

“Did the three people have a chance to touch the top poison Soul Leave in Huaiyuan Palace?”

“As disciples of Huaiyuan Palace, sometimes, they could indeed buy some rank poisons through internal channels for the sake of tasks; however, even Huaiyuan Palace itself doesn’t have such a rare poison, not to mention the three female disciples!” Zhang Taixuan shook his head with a bitter smile.

“Hmm, in this case, I will not disturb you anymore…” Mr. Zhao said and stood up as he wove his arm over the table, collecting all the three boxes into his portable space-teleportation equipment and saying, “I will assign people to investigate in Yingzhou Province. Hopefully, Huaiyuan Palace could coordinate with us at your full efforts!”

“We will, we will; Huaiyuan Palace appreciate it very much as Mr. Zhao could spend time in visiting Youzhou Province!”

“Elder Mushen is the pillar of Taixia Country. How could I not come for such a big event? Additionally, it’s at the order of His Majesty. After hearing that Elder Mushen encountered such an event, Crown Prince was infuriated. Of course, the supreme court of Taixia Country would make their full efforts to solve this case!”


Zhang Taixuan accompanied Mr. Zhao to the outside of the shrine palace. After that, Mr. Zhao directly flew off and landed on an airboat in the sky. Zhang Taixuan respectfully saw him off with the airboat in the skyline before recovering his calm look…

It was out of Zhang Taixuan’s imagination that Mr. Zhao, one of the top 9 chancellors of Taixia Country, was assigned by the crown prince to investigate the case in Youzhou Province. Therefore, Zhang Taixuan was a bit jealous of Zhang Tie’s weight in the heart of the crown prince.

Mr. Zhao rushed to Youzhou Province with a group of elites of Supreme Court of Taixia Country at the order of the crown prince. They lived up to the expectation of the public with their exceptional ability as they had found the important clues from the dust and mud in Wild Lake Building where even a handful of ashes couldn’t be collectedtwo of the three female disciples had been killed and Zhang Tie was poisoned by Soul Leave. Even Zhang Taixuan was a bit shocked by such efficient means.

However, the investigation might not proceed anymore. Although the materials that Huaiyuan Palace handed to Mr. Zhao were real, of course, Zhang Taixuan would not leave any loophole to them as he had schemed it for over 10 years.

Two disciples had died. The grand elder of Huaiyuan Palace had been missing. Even though they couldn’t find Ma Aiyun, they were not sure whether she was still alive; because this was absolutely a method that Zhang Taixuan applied to puzzle the public. Additionally, Huaiyuan Palace exerted its full efforts to coordinate with the investigators. Who would doubt that it was schemed by Zhang Taixuan?

“I will take a short rest. Don’t have people disturb me…” Zhang Taixuan told the deacons before entering a backroom of the shrine palace. After closing the door, he waved his hand, displaying a lot of items on the table.

Most of those items were remote-sensing finger rings. Additionally, there were two rune pieces of equipment, one bronze secret itemfull-moon dragon soul waistband, two space-teleportation equipment with some silver secret weapons and precious medicaments inside.

Zhang Tie would know that these items were all his if he were there…

These items were very precious; especially the two space-teleportation equipment and those silver secret items inside them. Zhang Taixuan looked at them as he approached his colorful fingerstall to them. After rubbing his fingerstall against those items for a while, he finally shook his head as he let out a sigh helplessly…

It was not Zhang Taixuan’s first time to check them. These days, Zhang Taixuan had checked them in different time and environments for many times; however, each time he was left disappointed.

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