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Codename:phoenix Chapter 132

Xing Yin's grip on the handheld clutch tightened as she increased the motorcycle's acceleration to speed up and overtake every vehicle in front of her, ignoring the cool breeze that hit her legs while she wished to arrive at the hotel before the party started.However, when she remembered that she carried no driver's license with her as well as the fact that she was using a stolen vehicle, she gradually slowed down her phase and restrained herself from moving ahead of other vehicles.After a nerve-wracking seven-minute ride on the motorcycle, Xing Yin had finally arrived at her destination three minutes before the party commencement.Upon arriving at the front entrance of the hotel she hurriedly got off the motorcycle and tossed the keys to the waiting attendant. She then swiftly ran to towards the banquet hall where the party was being held. The tip of Xing Yin's fingers had only barely touched the door of the hall when some hotel staff and security stopped her from getting inside."Excuse, Ma'am. I am sorry but we can't let you pass unless you show us an ID and invitation." A man dressed in a gray suit calmly explained the situation.Basing from the guy's uniform, Xing Yin immediately identified him as the hotel's manager on duty. Unfortunately, she left her things inside the car, her phone and IDs included. Xing Yin scratched her head and was baffled when she realized she still had the helmet on. No wonder so many of them ran after her. Wearing a helmet while she dashed to the hall? She seemed like some crazy troll attempting to gatecrash a party!Xing Yin then hurriedly removed the helmet on her head to reveal her beautiful appearance as she slightly shook her head to fix her styled hair. Everyone's mouth opened wide in amazement as the hotel staff and security stared at Xing Yin in awe of her beauty. Luckily, someone from the crowd of spectators had recognized who she was."Isn't that the Xing Airlines heiress, Xing Yin?" A female in her mid-fifties asked."She looks like Xing Yin indeed. But I think she's much beautiful in person than the magazine photo of her with her father." A businessman answered."I heard Xing Airlines is having its 25th founding year celebration in this hotel tonight."Upon hearing the comments from some of the hotel guests, the manager politely verified if she was indeed Xing Yin of Xing Airlines. Actually, Xing Yin didn't want them to find out who she was for she didn't want people's attention. However, the situation had asked for it and now she had no choice left but to admit who she really was."Yes, I am Xing Yin. The only daughter of CEO Xing, owner of Xing Airlines." Xing Yin slightly blushed as she reluctantly introduced herself to the staff and security of the hotel. Everyone looked convinced except for the manager who still had doubt written all over his face. In his 15 years of working as a manager, he already lost count of how many times he had encountered circumstances like these where a gorgeous female hooker sneaked into gatherings involving famous personalities to seduce rich and lustful businessmen. However, this was the first time he came across a woman who shamelessly pretended to be an heiress of a big company. "Okay then, If you are indeed Miss Xing Yin, can you please show us a proof that you are the daughter of CEO Xing?" The manager said in a demanding voice with subtle mockery in it. "Sure, but you have to let me inside first. I don't have my stuff with me, I left it inside my car." Xing Yi replied as a matter of factly."You left it inside your car? You wear a helmet inside a car?" The manager said as his eyes glazed over the helmet Xing Yin carried in her hands."Now I remember... She rode a luxury brand of motorcycle." One of the staff who saw her arrival spoke.Everyone started to stare at Xing Yin indifferently as if they were starting to doubt her words and condemn her actions. In return, Xing Yin suddenly felt a little bit nervous as she worried about the stolen motorcycle she rode to get to the hotel."I don't think I need to explain the details to you since it will not solve anything at all." Xing Yin replied coldly. "You don't need to explain or you run out of alibis?" The manager seemed really sure that Xing Yin was an impostor who was trying her luck so she can get inside the hall and join the party.Xing Yin remained silent and ignored the manager's taunting. She still stood tall and proud despite the manager's baseless accusations. She then thought of demanding them to call for her father's secretary when she heard the manager spoke."Detain her in office until the police arrive. As long as I am the manager of this hotel, no gatecrashing hookers shall get unpunished.""Eh?" Xing Yin uttered as her eyes opened wide and shock registered on her face.