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Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 280

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He was rather brisk about it. Since his disguise had been seen through, so he crisply admitted it.

At the same time, in the east, south, and north, there stood three cultivators of Buxu in each of these three directions. All of their eyes were chilling and they directed their immense killing vibes towards Shen Lian.

Shen Lian said, “My three Daoist friends here would be the Chiyan Order Master, the Dark Wind Cave Master, and the Master of the Five Venoms Order.” Even though he was facing west, facing Guangfa directly, but he was still very accurately certain of his environment, even the auras of the three newly arrived cultivators of Buxu appeared in his heart and soul, becoming complete images.

This was not detected by using his spiritual consciousness but he was still able to solely determine it with his aura, explore the spiritual vigor of the surrounding profoundly and hold onto his own force.

Even though he was in a tight encirclement, in the eyes of others, it was like he had become the center of the cosmos and the surrounding objects were the sun, moon, and stars that were dragged in by Shen Lian’s Qi dynamic, forming into a subtle balance.

In the east direction was a man in white, his outfit was similar to the autumn attire of Mu Qiufeng of the Five Venoms Order. However, he looked to be a little over thirty years old.

In the south direction was a middle-aged Daoist nun, her spirits and appearance were cold and her fair complexion looked fiendish.

In the north direction was a brawny man in red robes, his arms were bare and his entire body was like a stove, emitting a scorching hot aura.

The three people were figures of the Buxu group and were considered as powerhouses in the entire Yuan Continent. However, the scariest one of all was Guangfa in front of him, he was the most powerful opponent Shen Lian faced tonight.

Guangfa began, “Three of them are friends of mine. They came today to boost morale in case I could not make Zhenren Shen stay.

Shen Lian nodded, “With the Three Talents Inversion Formation that the three of them laid out, it definitely would have stopped me for a while. I have long heard that amongst the Twelve True Celestials of Guangqing, they certainly did not lie that Daoist Guangfa, you, are the highest in resourcefulness.”

Guangfa smiled and said, “I am embarrassed by this undeserved praise. I have taken great lengths for today’s progress but I was also had only ten percent confidence that you would come.”

Shen Lian sighed slightly, “Why don’t you invite more senior and junior apprentice-brothers over. If that was so, it would be hard for me to take off tonight.”

“If there were more brothers here, I would still not be able to wait for your arrival,” Guangfa glance was calm as he slowly replied.

Shen Lian leisurely followed, “That is true. ‘The cicada feels the autumn approaching before the golden wind blows, no one knows when their end will come.’ If it’s too dangerous, my spiritual sense would have been aware of it already. Not only could you scheme against others, you still could seize the abstruse of the laws of heaven’s continuous vitality. This is truly uncommon encounter in my entire life. Just with this, you excel over thousands of mediocre and ordinary person. What a shame.”

Guangfa asked, “What is so shameful, Zhenren Shen?”

“You, my friend, are too conceited. You really thought you can rely on your cult of amateurs and yourself to make me stay?” Shen Lian laughed as he replied.

The Five Venoms Order Master sneered, “You death is imminent and yet you are still not aware of it. Did you think you can be safe and sound by removing the virulent toxin of the Soul Baffling Froth by relying on the Millennium Heart Decaying Grass?”

The Soul Baffling Froth was refined from ten different types of poisonous snakes and insects and even the saliva of the poisonous flood dragon that has the bloodline of the ancient real dragon. Before Shen Lian entered, he already caught the sweet fishy scent, which was the Soul Baffling Froth. Even those with profound mana could not fight against this poison with their own flesh and blood. After a while, the flesh of the body would be changed into a puddle of black water.

However, those with formidable martial exercises could refine the Soul Baffling Froth for themselves without bearing any damages.

Shen Lian’s Taixu Strategy was one of the top exercises amongst the other martial exercises in this universe, so it was definitely easy to refine the Soul Baffling Froth.

But after it has been refined into a poisonous gas, if one quickly entered a place where the divine ivies grow, one could stimulate the poisonous gas inside the body because of the divine ivy’s special forces. The ivies growing in this compound were exactly the divine ivies. This plant was no different than the ordinary ivy but it is the most valuable treasure to those who cultivate the Art of Poison. It could yield twice the result with half the effort for the cultivators because it could stimulate the virulence of the poison.

Especially when the poison was refined using the mana, this poison would relapse in the mana under the stimulation from the divine ivy’s special forces. In that instance, it would circulate throughout the whole body. Compared to smelling the Soul Baffling Froth, the virulence was more severe by ten folds.

Of course, this poison could be detoxified. Not only could the Millennium Heart Decaying Grass postpone senility, but it could have detoxifying magical effects for those people with profound mana.

This was because the medical efficacy of this grass could stagnate the entire body’s Qi of vigor, which could later give the poisoned cultivator time to bring the virulence inside his body under control and force it out.

That was why Shen Lian accepted the tea that Guangfa passed over without thinking twice and drank the tea with the Millennium Heart Decaying Grass in it.

This was also established on Shen Lian’s unmatched knowledge that he was able to understand the grass’s other usage.

However, it seemed that his opponent had other defenses.

Shen Lian was being insouciant when he turned towards the Five Venoms Order Master and glanced at him. His gaze was raw and sharp and it brutally planted into the Five Venoms Order Master’s heart. He was above the two-person when it came to the art of attack but the state of his mana was still not on par with these true Xuanmen’s Buxu cultivators.

Shen Lian’s gaze was the Supreme Sword of Heart that brutally cleaved his heart, and caused a severe blow to his mind and spirit. The Five Venoms Order Master was caught off guard and he groaned.

During this moment, the teacup in Shen Lian’s hand abruptly transformed into a shiny silver pole. It was quick. Simultaneously, there was a silver hoop that was decorated on top of it that precisely locked Shen Lian’s right hand. It embedded itself into Shen Lian’s flesh and blood and it was hard to extricate, which caused Shen Lian to be limited in his movements.

It turned out that Guangfa had already accounted that Shen Lian would know about the Millennium Heart Decaying Grass’s other usage so the object that was messed about was the cup of tea. It was transformed from a high-quality instrument that possessed the ability to trap people.

As long as Shen Lian was within a stone’s throw, it would carry out its function. It was dormant in the beginning for Shen Lian to exercise his mana to detox, which made him separate some of his energy. By doing so, it provides more assurance to the success of their attacks.

Nonetheless, he did not expect the Five Venoms Order Master’s ridicule to also work, causing Shen Lian to divide some of his spiritual consciousness to attack him. This directly gave Guangfa to spot this opportunity and immediately activate the instrument to tightly lock one of Shen Lian’s hand.

Shen Lian calmly said, “What a treasure, it is truly rare.”

Guangfa replied quietly, “This instrument was refined while I was reproducing the ancient magical weapon, the Shifting Dragon Pole. To search for the materials, I have fully spent forty years’ of time and used thirty years to forge it. Even so, its valance was still nowhere near the original Shifting Dragon Pole, so I gave it the name ‘Shifting Flood Dragon Pole’. Even though it could not trap a real dragon, it could still trap a flood dragon for a while.”

Shen Lian was still calm and tranquil despite the honor or shame, unhurriedly he said, “Not only are you extraordinarily resourceful, to have such deep understanding of me, it seemed you had connoisseurs to give you advice and suggestions.”

Guangfa felt that victory was at hand at this moment. He stood up and replied, “I’m afraid you have offended many on a daily basis, Zhenren Shen. I indeed had help from other connoisseurs, it could even be those close to you. Of course, if you asked me who he is, I wouldn’t know. Even if I did, I would not tell you.”

He conveniently made this move. Even though he was assured that he would capture Shen Lian, but the hidden agenda was just in case Shen Lian did escape, he would then suspect that there was a rat inside Qing Xuan and he would be suspicious of those close to him, which would still benefit him.

Shen Lian was formidable so it was no surprise he understood this principle. He also lamented on the fact that Guangfa really covered all aspects of the matter and he was truly a genius.

His thoughts were like flashes of lighting that brushed past. He drawled, “I already know who it is, and also, why do you send yourself to me to be killed?”

A killing vibe appeared. The pattering small rain suddenly became surged, like the huge waves of the river water, a storm began to collect together.