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Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 110

Han Meixiu slowly and silently approached Liu ZIjian sitting on the side of the bed seemingly busying himself about something.

His eyes were half closed and his head slowly moved around as if looking for something or probably someone.

"Do you want some help?" She gently asked. Her eyes were starting to shimmer as she looked at the man who was slowly removing his clothes but was having a hardtime.

He looked at her and smiled innocently as he nodded his body gently swayed to the side.

As she quickly reached him before he fell on the bed, she smelled the faint scent of alcohol coming from him mixed with his own. She thought that there's really a possibility of being drunk without drinking alcohol at all.

But since he seemed to already lost his balance, it was hard for Han Meixiu to make him sit up again. Both of them fell on the bed, her being on top.

"I'll help you remove your tie...Just lie down and sleep" She said carefully as if she's talking to a little kid. In her mind she was shouting 'You need to sleep!'

When the man didn't seem to understand what she said, as he tried to sit again thus she pushed him. Since he was probably already trying to fight his dizziness, a slight push from a fully sober woman was more than enough to make him lie down again.

The man let out a short sound as he reacted to what Han Meixiu did.

His both legs were still dangling on the edge of the bed when Han Meixiu fully removed his tie.

To make the young man comfortable, Han Meixiu had to lift his legs up on the bed and it was definitely not easy for her.

'This is like dj vu!' She said to herself as she remembered she did almost the same thing when she used him in her plan.

When he was all set, the young woman stood on the side enjoying the flushed look of her husband who was now starting to drift off.

His unfocused gaze focused on her one last time before he submitted himself to his pitiful state. There was still a subtle smile playing on his lips before he totally shut his eyes.

The smile that Han Meixiu has been holding finally broke. She smiled ear to ear with her eyes seemingly glittered against the warm-lighted room.

She slowly and carefully climbed on the bed. Her eyes didn't leave Liu ZIjian as he might wake up anytime soon.

She moved closer to him and observed his closed eyes and uniform breathing indicating that he's indeed in deep slumber.

As she stared on his sleeping face, Han Meixiu couldn't help herself to admire him again and again.

"You're really mesmerizing." She said as she lazily traced his side profile using her forefinger.

She started from his forehead, lingered a while on his eyebrows as she enjoyed the sensation of the soft little hairs and moved slowly on his nose bridge until to it's tip that looked like a well sculpted piece of artwork done by a grand master.

When her finger arrived on top of his lips, it moved. Maybe it felt a little itchy as Liu Zijian moved his head to the side.

Amused by his reaction, Han Meixiu softly spoke.

"What? You don't like my touch?"

Of course the other person didn't answer. When Liu ZIjian moved again to sleep on his side, Han Meixiu felt she was being provoked as he seemed to be avoiding her.

"Tsk, tsk. Not a good behaviour" She whispered. She then took the tie she removed from him and rolled it around her hand.

"Zijian, just this once Let me 'abuse' you" She bit her lower lips before she turned him back to his original position and sat on his lower abdomen.

She reached his wrist one at a time and tied them up together above his head. Though it was supposed to be an easy task, she had a hard time doing so. His arms were a bit heavy for her and she was also careful not to wake him up by suddenly grabbing them thus she did it very slowly. She even stopped several times to check on his reaction.

As she finished her 'task' of tying him, she looked at him again and realized she needed to do something more as he seemed to be still fully clothed.

While unbuttoning his shirt one by one, she couldn't contain the sense of domination as she looked at the man sleeping innocently below her. There was a strong feeling of supremacy as if she became a powerful ruler by just being in that position.

When the sight she's been waiting for revealed before her eyes, her smile widened even more. She moved the palm of her hands around his well toned chest pinching his little beans.


Liu Zilong who just came inside his room received a call from Mr. Liu.

"We're finished." He knew that their father would eventually asked about them after they left. Now that he's calling, Madam Liu was probably already sleeping.

"How's your brother?"

"Don't worry about him. He'll be fine." Liu Zilong answered as he let himself enjoyed the softness of the queen sized bed. His brother needed only few minutes of power nap and he'll be back being sober again. Even though he forgot to tell his sister in law that her plan should be concise and efficient to be able to take advantage of the 'drunken' Liu Zijian, it would be a good lesson for her if she failed to do so.

"Han Meixiu?"

"We finished the program for her. Dad, is Mom really okay joining again?"

"Yeah. I hope so. Another thing, there were different groups present last night. Find out what they're up to."

"Alright." He shortly answered.

After ending the call, Liu ZIlong stood up and went to the bathroom but after only few steps he stopped.

"Show yourself." He said in a firm voice as he heightened his senses. He wanted to give that person a round of applause for being able to hide his or her presence.