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Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 92

"Wang Jinyi worked in White Peony agency shortly after she left Emerald. This agency closed down about three years ago. But in the hospital I saw some staff and nurses have stitched of white peony in their uniform. In Dr. Tang's clinic all the staff have this kind of stitch. But this flower seemed to only resemble white peony, it could be a cabbage rose. There's a man power agency in that name. Although they have been operating for quite some time; their expansion started when White Peony closed down."

Liu Zijian was silent for quite some time. He was staring at the wall covered with in light grey wallpaper with a minimalist design but he's clearly not admiring it. Although his mind was seemingly somewhere else, his hand was continuously stroking Han Meixiu's hair while the other hand was rested behind his neck.

While Liu ZIjian was in deep thought, Han Meixiu who was waiting for him to talk started to feel drowsy.

Feeling the warmth from her husband's embrace coupled with the sound of his heartbeat and subtle breathing, she couldn't control her eyes. The gentle stroke on her head also gave additional force to make her sleepy.

She was mentally tired over thinking how she should ask Liu Zijian the entire day.

When Liu Zijian finally came back to his senses, his wife was already sleeping soundly. He decided to move her to make her more comfortable but the subtle movement woke Han Meixiu up.

"Where are we?" She asked while in a state in between being awake and sleeping.

"In our bedroom." He simply answered feeling amused.

"Oh," She uttered but shortly after she realized that they were in the middle of talking. She abruptly opened her eyes. "Not that! I mean we're talking, right?"

"We'll continue tomorrow. You should sleep now."

She looked at him and blinked several times as she's processing what he just said. Her brain was functioning slower than it normally would. After a while she nodded and lied down properly.

In just few minutes, she was back in her slumber.

Liu Zijian didn't sleep right away. He took the untouched snack prepared by Aunt Jing and went out of the room. After leaving it in the kitchen he went to study and made a short call.

By the time he ended the call it was already past midnight. He took out the report about his wife's mother. He's conflicted if he should show her everything. Some of the details were not 100% guaranteed to be true. He didn't want to lead her on by providing with just speculations.

He removed some of the papers in the file and placed it in a separate folder. If she would like to read them even though that information weren't verified yet, then he would give it to her. But personally, he didn't want her to read them just yet.

When he went back to their bedroom, Han Meixiu was rolling towards the edge of the bed. He immediately walked fast and prepared to catch her but she stopped few inches from the edge.

He knew that there were times she would roll around. That's the reason why in most cases he would hug her while sleeping. Aside from the fact that the gesture gave him a comforting feeling while feeling her warmth, she wouldn't also roll away from him.

When he finally lied down beside her and did what he always do, he closed his eyes and whispered in a soft voice something that if Han Meixiu was wide awake she would have cried out of happiness.


After breakfast the couple went to the study. They would continue their discussion from last night. It would also the time for Han Meixiu to read the report containing the information about her mother.

She was both excited and scared but if she could choose the more dominant feeling that would be excitement.

Liu Zijian gave her the envelope containing the report before he asked her.

"Do you want to be alone or.."

"Please stay." Han Meixiu abruptly answered. She wanted her husband to be with her while she's reading.

If ever a question would pop up, at least Liu Zijian could answer her right away.

The Second Young Master Liu nodded and sat beside her. He already assigned Ye Ming to do the trivial things he's supposed to do. Only if there's an important issue his subordinate would be allowed to call him.

The first page contained the details about her mom that she's already familiar with but still she read it as there might be some information she didn't know.

It stated the typical report about someone like the parents, siblings, educational back ground etc.

The next sheet was about how her parents meet and her life during that time.

Han Meixiu felt she was reading a biography of her mother. Since she didn't know much about the relationship of her parents, she was extra attentive to what she's reading.

Their relationship was a typical one. Her father liked her mother and eventually courted her. They had a smooth sailing relationship and everything seemed to be normal.

During the span of five years of their marriage before she was born, her mother had two miscarriages. But the couple didn't give up and eventually they were able to have a baby and that was her. But since it was a girl, her father had a hard time protecting his family from the old Han. Her grandfather urged her father to have another baby but since her mother's health might be compromised, her father declined.

The old Han even introduced several women to seduce his son that restrained the relationship of her parents. Her father wasn't always around thus their communication wasn't also constant that added to their misunderstanding. When the two were able to clear up their problem, they decided to divorce as it's the only way they would be safe from the constant manipulation.

They decided to get together again after her father inherit being the head of the Han Family or if he already severe his relationship with the old Han. But clearly this plan didn't materialized.

Han Meixiu stopped for a while. It seemed that her urge to get away from Han Family was hereditary.

She continued reading after she sip the tea prepared for them.

Her mother, for some reason, went back to the Han Family's main house.

"So the time she left me, she went there. But why?"