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Demon Hunter Book 6 Chapter 10.4

Book 6 Chapter 10.4 - World as the Enemy

Murray always felt a bit ill at ease during the past few days, even the cool and refreshing wind that passed through the ingeniously designed pyramid gave him a stinging feeling of chilliness. In addition, for some strange reason, he often saw sunlight during the past few days, to the extent where he could even see the fiery red sun. Whenever sunlight appeared, Murray would always apply a full layer of perfumed oil, going onto the balcony to bathe in the sunlight. When the scorching sunlight shone on his black skin, it would bring bits of stinging pain. While enjoying the pleasure this brought, it would also allow his muscles to fully relax. Meanwhile, the amount of sunlight that had appeared in the past three days exceeded that of an entire month of the past. Murray couldnt relax no matter what, his muscles tightening further, feeling like randomly tangled steel wiring. Meanwhile, when the sunlight landed on his skin, it was no longer as comfortable as before, but instead as uncomfortable as being pricked by needles.

The hour hand already pointed at three in the afternoon, yet the flowing flame sunlight still showed no signs of leaving. An enormous cavity appeared in the clouds of radiation, almost exposing a small half of the sky. The sky was azure, the sun dazzling, everything looking just like the olden era, only, the invisible destructive power within the light rays was already several times stronger.

Murray leaned into the sun chair, on his face a pair of sunglasses that was fashionable and cold at the same time. Four young and charming maids were currently surrounding him, applying the thick oil on the strong and muscular two meter long body. A fine, uniform layer was applied to every inch, and then their fine hands forcefully applied a massage, allowing the oils to fully seep into Murrays body. The vicious sunlight landed on their bodies, making them perspire profusely, the light muslin clothes covering their bodies completely drenched, tightly sticking to their bodies. Even though they were gasping for breath, not a single one of the ladies dared rest, to the extent where they didnt even dare decrease or slow down their hands movements.

The four young ladies were like four flying butterflies next to that enormous black body, delicate and fragile.

Murray felt more and more vexed, eventually suddenly sitting up! A young lady who was massaging his shoulders was caught off guard, sent flying by his movement, her entire body flying out, her forehead slamming heavily into a thick stone carved balcony fence, blood immediately flowing out

Murray acted as if he didnt see anything, walking with large steps towards the lounge. As soon as he began moving, there were five or six maids who rushed over. Unlike those maids before, they clearly had ability strengthening. They surrounded and moved around Murray one after another, wrapping the long skirt around Murray, finally placing the scarlet scarf unique to the viceroy position over his shoulder.

Armguard! Murray coldly shouted. A red gilded gorgeous armguard was immediately placed around his extended right arm and tightly fastened.

Breastplate! Two sheets of armor made from pure gold were placed on Murrays body. However, from the exquisite patterns and shape, these two plates decorative purposes were clearly far greater than practical uses.

Go tell Pantival to bring a few people to the fighting arena and wait for me! A young lady with strengthened speed immediately rushed out.

Murray walked with large steps, his footsteps not that hurried, but the busying young ladies next to him had to almost run to keep up. When he followed the wide and rough staircase down to the underground first floors combat arena, Pantival already brought a dozen or so experts to the side of the arena, moreover completing all warm-up preparations.

Pantival was only 170 centimeters or so, his weight however reached two hundred kilograms. From the surface, those wriggling muscles looked like half grown monsters on his torso, about to drown out even his face. His appearance was extremely laughable, but his strength made it so that no one dared laugh. This man who had both eight levels of power and eight levels of defense was simply a human tank, the only weakness being his slightly inferior speed and dexterity. However, his powerful defensive strength made it so that normal opponents couldnt do anything against him. Meanwhile, there was no lack of seventh level ability users among his underlings.

When he saw Murray walk into the fighting arena, Pantival immediately pointed towards a direction, and then three experts immediately brought over a 50 centimeter uniform steel plate, the back side and edges full of handrails to grab on. Pantival walked behind the steel plate, took a deep breath, and then grabbed two handles. He squatted down, using his almost square-shaped shoulders and back to resist the armor steel plate. Following a loud shout, every muscle fiber on his body began to wriggle about like earthworms, instantly making his body a size bigger.

The four underlings with seven levels of power also walked over, each grabbing a corner of the steel plate. From the veins that were swelling from their temples, one could see that they had already fully activated their abilities.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Murray walked over with large steps, not moving fast or slow. However, with each step, it seemed to make this several thousand square meter underground fighting arena tremble!

Murray had already arrived before the steel armor plate. He then inhaled, held his breath, clenched his fist, cocked his arm, moved his body, and then smashed out!