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Dominating Sword Immortal Chapter 598

"One strand of dragon power would be equivalent to fifty thousand pound qi power. Added with the dragon power I already have, it would make it two hundred and fifty thousand pounds in total."

Inside the secret chamber of the estate, Ye Chen sat on a stone platform, cultivating the dragon blood plant.

Earlier on when he was training on the Treasure River Island and when he obtained his first strand of dragon power, it had devoured all of his own qi power, which made the dragon power equal to more than two hundred thousand pounds, since his own qi power was already at about one hundred and fifty thousand pounds already. Now that he had managed to cultivate the second strand but his qi power was not devoured by this dragon power, it could only improve by about fifty thousand pounds. So, in total, he had developed two hundred and fifty thousand pounds worth of power.

"NoIf one strand of dragon power could increase fifty thousand pounds of power, then with enough dragon blood plants, would I potentially increase my qi power to one million pounds? Something is not adding up! There should be a limit of some sort for human bodies. It would be impossible to go on like this forever."

With that thought in mind, Ye Chen started to take it seriously.

"The dragon power cultivated out by the plant was only pure qi power, and did not come with any other additive power. The jade skeleton would be able to cultivate dragon power, and could also form a dragon bone defensive layer on the surface of my skin. Ah well, I will leave the dragon blood plants for now. Let me focus on the bones first."

The dragon bone marrow was not something for people to consume, but to extract its power. Ye Chen put both his hands on top of his dantian, then held onto the jade bone marrow, slowly activating his Zhen yuan and extracting the power from within it. The power it contained was a few times more than the plants, like scrambling ocean waves as it followed the meridians of Ye Chen's arms and poured into his body. Vaguely, the sound of running water could be heard around him.

"Such a rich power!"

Ye Chen took a deep breath and continued his cultivation process.

After a while, a rich blue light shone from his body. It was like a halo, crystal clear and pure.

"Not good! Once it reached three hundred thousand pounds, my qi power does not increase anymore. Perhaps that is the limit of my body? But, all of the energy of the dragon bones is inside me, and I have only cultivated twenty to thirty percent of it! The remaining would be going to waste."

The dragon marrow was too valuable to be wasted. If other people found out about it, Ye Chen would get blamed for it for sure.

He controlled his distracted thoughts and continued to extract the power, trying to make a breakthrough.

One hour!

Two hours!

After three whole hours, Ye Chen's qi power had still been stuck at three hundred thousand pounds, and he was not able to make a breakthrough. The energy inside his body was like boiling water, continuing to scramble tempestuously. If he did not manage to train all of the dragon power within the safe amount of time, he would be very likely to die from explosion of his body, or just disappear completely from this world.

Another two hours had passed, and it was already late at night.

"Come on!"

Pap! Pop!

A tiny exploding sound was heard while a circle of an invisible, horrifying qi flow spread from Ye Chen's body, bringing up circles of patterns in the air.Meanwhile, his skin started to shine with a bluish-red crystal light. Even his hair, facial features, and clothes had been dyed blue and red, making him look like a jade statue.

"Rank 3 spirit body! I have done it!"

The ranking of the spirit body reflected a person's physical strength, which did not have much to do with qi power. Therefore, when his spirit body reached the third level, his physical condition would ameliorate to a whole new level, which meant he could develop more qi power. It was like how a normal great sword could handle a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior's Zhen qi, but if an Astral Reaching Realm warrior still continued to use the same sword, then the sword would be easily broken. Right now, Ye Chen's spirit body had grown to rank 3, so he could gain more dragon power, and did not have to worry if he could handle it or not.

With this breaking point, the rest of the dragon bone marrow started to slowly be cultivated and infused into Ye Chen's cellsdeep inside his body, turning into his own power. But, even a rank 3 spirit body would have a limitation, and he could only develop about four hundred thousand pounds of qi power.

Once he reached the limitation, there was still fifty percent of the dragon power left within his body. In other words, it would have to be wasted unless he could continue to improve his spirit body, which would be rather impossible to achieve,

"I seeMy body potential is not that different from normal martial geniuses. Without the spirit body, my body limitation would be at one hundred thousand qi power, two hundred thousand for rank 1, three hundred thousand for rank 2, and four hundred thousand for rank 3. This would be the standard for most warriors. If it were Chu Zhongtian, then it would be rather horrifying, since he was already at rank 2 spirit body level when he was at Astral Reaching Realm, perhaps even at its peak."

Obviously, Ye Chen was not naturally talented in this domain, and the potential he carried was actually just average. Nothing about his physical body was special.

"Let me try the defensive layer!"

To be honest, Ye Chen did not know what the dragon bone defensive layer was. He just subconsciously tightened his body and activated his dragon power.

Crack! Crack! There seemed to be a bit of bone element within this dragon power, since when it reached Ye Chen's skin, it started to condense, forming into a thin layer of white bone layer which shone with a light bluish-red halo as well.


Ye Chen pointed out his finger onto his own arms, and a crispy clinging sound was heard.

"It is even more powerful than the protective Zhen yuan layer! But, it burns up the dragon power."

Standing up, he let out a long breath. A light wave of pressure was spread out like the dragon power of the ice flood dragon.

"There are still seven dragon blood plants left, but I cannot use them yet. But well, I do not train qi power anyway. As long as I am not weaker than the others in this area then it should be fine. I think Yan Fengfeng and Hai Wuya can only train a little bit of the dragon blood plants as well, and will have to store the unused ones. They could be my wealthWhen I have some urgent need, I can use them to exchange for things."

In the next period of time, Ye Chen focused on his Amaranthine Nature and Sky Thunder Cut.

One month later, the former finally reached completion. He stabbed out a sword attack which was like a young plant in the spring. It might be easy to miss, but it was growing at a fast speed. His sword power increased dramatically, ninety percent of it acting to enhance the attack while the remaining ten percent could be used to connect with the other powers, allowing the sword speed to increase dramatically.

Meanwhile, the Sky Thunder Cut had also reached the level of one hundred and ten percent completion.

It was a sword movement that Ye Chen had invented himself. In the beginning, it was indeed hard to train; but once he reached the Sea of Souls Realm, his learning speed seemed to improve drastically like a skyscraper. Learning other people's profound martial arts would be a way to learn how they built the foundation of their martial art. But, the advantage of building one's own martial arts would start to show now that he had made it through the hardest moments.

Most importantly, things invented by oneself would be the most suitable for them.

On this particular day, Ye Chen had just come back from the Extremely Void.


Suddenly, a jade tag inside his storage ring broke.

Taking it out, Ye Chen smiled, "Murong finally reached the Sea of Souls Realm and came to the Sky Martial Region."

This jade was the mother tag of the connecting tags while Murong Qinghcen held the other one. Once she cracked her, the mother tag would sense it and crack on its own.

"Murong said that she would wait for me in the West Ling City in the Sky Martial Region when she made a breakthrough. She should be there now." After checking out of the estate, Ye Chen jumped on his flying puppet and started to fly in that direction.

West Ling City, a city in the Heaven Martial Region that was close to the south region

There was a restaurant inside the city which was one of the top two representatives of the city. A lot of famous warriors would come and leave this place constantly.

Inside the lobby on the fifth floor of the restaurant, a woman in a purple dress and with a light cloth covering her face sat by the windows, drinking her afternoon tea. At the same time, a lot of the people kept looking at her.

"What a unique aura! I wonder what she looks like under that light cloth."

"Definitely a beauty! I wonder who could be the lucky one to see it though."

Everyone was chatting quietly when two people walked out of the room right next to it. The one on the left was a good-looking young man with green hair and green armor while the person on the right had grayish-white hair and carried a battle blade on his back. It was indeed Duan Lengya and Lin Ku.

"Eh? I did not expect to see these kinds of top-notch goods here!" Duan Lengya chuckled while walking over to the woman.

"Lady, I am Duan LengyaI wonder what your name is?" Duan Lengya looked at the woman in purple with a smile. His soul power secretly crawled through her face cloth, wanting to see what she looked like.

"Sir, this is a bit too rude!"

The woman pushed her soul power against his, blocking out his detection.

Lin Ku said, "Brother Duan just wanted to make friends with you. Thinking that it might your first time here, you might not make it to the Sky Martial Pavilion yet. We can bring you there."

"No needMy friend will bring me there."

"Your friend? I would like to meet this friend of yours. I do not think he would not recognize me. You do not mind me sitting here, right?" Duan Lengya saw that this lady in front of him was only at mid Sea of Souls Realm, so his friend would not be that powerful either. As he spoke, he sat down in front of her.

She frowned, stood up and said, "ApologiesI have something else that I need to tend to. Excuse me."

"Leaving already?" Duan Lengya was slightly unhappy, so Lin Ku blocked in front of Murong Qingchen.


The woman exchanged a palm attack with Lin Ku, and ended up even.


Duan Lengya did not care for it at all. Lin Ku was powerful with his blade art, and the two were only testing. But of course, the woman's power was indeed not bad.

"Want to leave? Alright. Let me see your face first!"

Out of the blue, Duan Lengya moved his body, reaching out his palms and trying to lift up the veil on her face. He wanted to see what she looked like since he could only see the vague outline from the outside.

Everyone around shook their heads slowly, feeling sorry for the lady. This Duan Lengya was very interested in women, and not many people could escape from him. Obviously, this lady in purple had intrigued him, and he would not give up without reaching his goal.


The lady was moving at an extreme speed, falling back a bit like a ghost. She went through the wind and went out of the restaurant.

Duan Lengya sneered, "The women I wantI will have for sure!"


The temperature of the lobby decreased drastically as he turned into a beam of cold wind and chased after her.

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