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Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 190

Tang Ningshan gets up, putting on slippers and pushing open the door of the bedroom.

Shao Ruihan is sitting on the sofa with a stack of paper in his hand. There are some snacks on the coffee table.

Shao Ruihan looks up at Tang Ningshan and says, "Baby, wake up?"

Tang Ningshan nods and says to Shao Ruihan: "Let me help you, what can I do?"

Shao Ruihan looks at her and says softly: "You should eat something first. After that, look at the information and see if you can find the location marked on the map with the fastest speed."

Tang Ningshan nods and sits next to Shao Ruihan. Shao Ruihan now trusts Tang Ningshan very much, so he gives all the information in his hand to her. Then he takes the computer from the side, turning it on and placing it on the coffee table. After that, he moves the snacks on one side to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan looks at the information in her hand. After remembering all the above positions, she begins to use the computer to search the database of the nearest public security system.

She retrieves the map of M country, with various marks on it. Unfortunately, Tang Ningshan does not know the words above, which make her helpless.

"Eh... Shao Ruihan, do you know the words of M country?" Tang Ningshan hesitates for a long time, and then she still intends to ask him. After all, there are only two of them in this house. All the location information on the map is marked with M county's characters, she simply can't understand.

Shao Ruihan realizes that this is indeed a problem. After thinking for a while, he takes out his laptop to have a video call with Shen Quan. He asks Shen Quan to find a person, who can understand the character of M country, with the fastest speed.

Tang Ningshan can only start looking for the position according to the coordinates on the information. The position coordinates save a lot of trouble for Tang Ningshan. Even if she doesn't know the word, she can determine the approximate location. In addition to no way to get the road monitoring, she can do other things without knowing the words.

After about twenty minutes, she has found the approximate location on the map. Unfortunately, it doesn't make sense to find the approximate location, because there are hillsides or woods near these locations, and there are no buildings around, even street signs. More precisely, these locations are remote, with mountain roads nearby instead of asphalt roads. At this moment, Tang Ningshan simply does not expect Shen Quan to find someone who knows the words of M country. After all, there are no words information around these locations. Tang Ningshan looks at the computer and frowns.

Shao Ruihan stares at the laptop and waits for Shen Quan to find someone. As soon as he turns to look at Tang Ningshan, he sees a depressed Tang Ningshan and asks "What happened?"

Tang Ningshan disappointedly moves the computer to Shao Ruihan and reaches out to take the snack from the coffee table and says "Look, there is no road sign or building within this radius. I have no way to confirm where these positions are, so I can't get the road monitoring. In fact, I feel that such a desolate location may not be monitored. Is M country safe? Many places are not marked on the map, in other words, there is no monitoring in these places. For example, in the hotel where we live now, I only see the monitoring in the lobby at the entrance, but we don't have monitoring on this floor." After that, Tang Ningshan shows a confused expression.

Shao Ruihan listens to her words and takes the computer and looks at the map on the computer. It is exactly what Tang Ningshan said. These locations are all near the border, which increases the difficulty of their search and rescue. Shao Ruihan thinks and frowns.

At this time, Shen Quan pulls a person and comes in. After entering the room, he excitedly shouts at the computer screen "Ruihan, I have found the translator."

After Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan hear the sound of Shen Quan, they both feel very helpless. As Tang Ningshan said, such a location does not necessarily have road monitoring, and there are no road signs and buildings, so even if they have a translator, it does not make any sense.

"Otherwise, Shan, you look for the person on the portrait first." Shao Ruihan thinks that since Tang Ningshan could not find the position of the eight groups of people, then she can find the original spy first. He believes that their disappearance is largely related to this man.

"I only have this choice." Tang Ningshan nods and says. She pulls the computer back to her, and then says to Shao Ruihan's computer, "Shen Quan, you let the translator wait for a while, and then I will find all the information of people who look close to the figure. After that, I need him to help us translate."

"Okay, girl!" Shen Quan listens to Tang Ningshan's words and immediately replies. In fact, this translator is also a soldier of their army. After that, he takes the soldier to sit on the sofa in his office. Before the soldier was called here by Shen Quan, he did not know the reason. After listening to their conversation, he understands the purpose of Shen Quan. His nervous feeling suddenly disappears. In the beginning, when he was called by Shen Quan, he thought he had made a mistake, so he was especially worried.

Shen Quan looks at the relaxed soldier, smiling and patting him on the shoulder and saying "You are great, you even know more than one foreign language, you are a talent."

Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan hear the words of Shen Quan. Tang Ningshan feels that Shen Quan is good at alleviating the atmosphere. Shao Ruihan understands the meaning of Shen Quan's words. Shen Quan wants to cultivate this person. In today's society, talents are the most important. Talents are like money, no one will reject them.

Tang Ningshan enters the portrait in Shao Ruihan's file into the computer. Later, she writes a program to connect it to the police office's household registration file and begins to compare. She finds out all the people who look similar to the person on the image, and then eliminate them one by one. This is the fastest way for Tang Ningshan to find someone.

The computer is constantly running on its own. Tang Ningshan stands up and walks to the window and pushes the window open. The hotel where they live is located in the center of M country. Although the place where they live is very prosperous, there is no loud noise outside, and there are not many pedestrians on the road. They live on the eighth floor. When Tang Ningshan is still enjoying the scenery outside, the computer makes a sound, which means that the verification is completed.

Tang Ningshan immediately runs to the computer without closing the window. She sits on the sofa and says to Shao Ruihan: "You go to close the window and close the curtains."

After that, she begins to operate the computer. In fact, she is very suspicious of the accuracy of this portrait, because there are more than 300 people who are similar to the people on the image. The most serious problem is that there are men and women here. She does not dare to exclude women. After all, she only gets the portrait, but she doesn't know the gender of that person. She can only check their mobile phone number according to their household registration information.

Shao Ruihan is very obedient to close the windows and curtains. After that, he returns to Tang Ningshan's side to sit down. Although he doesn't know why Tang Ningshan is so cautious, since Tang Ningshan said it, he would do it.

Tang Ningshan downloads all the household registration materials and passes the information into Shao Ruihan's computer. She says, "You pass these to Shen Quan. I guess he can't finish the translation in a short time. I don't know if there is any online translation application that can translate M country's language." Tang Ningshan mutters.

There are more than 300 household registration information, anyway, Tang Ningshan believes that even if he is a genius, he will spend at least three or four hours to complete these translations. However, she can only wait now. Also, the reason why she asked Shao Ruihan to close the curtains is that she has just seen suspicious people in several places outside. She doesn't know if she is too sensitive. She always feels that someone is monitoring their house and monitoring her.

After Shao Ruihan passes the information to Shen Quan, he sees that Tang Ningshan's expression is still very anxious. She is frowning as if she is thinking about something.

Shao Ruihan puts the computer aside and reaches out to pull her into his arms, letting her lean on him. After that, he whispers "Baby, are you tired?"

"Shao Ruihan, is anyone monitoring us?" Tang Ningshan feels that she should still tell Shao Ruihan about it, it is better to discuss with him. After all, she doesn't want to think about these annoying problems at all. Since Shao Ruihan is by her side, then she would like to let Shao Ruihan solve this problem.

"What did you find?" Shao Ruihan's voice is very calm, which makes Tang Ningshan very surprised. She subconsciously wants to turn around and see Shao Ruihan's expression.

Just as Tang Ningshan turns around, Shao Ruihan is preparing to lean over to take the snacks on the coffee table. The lips of two people accidentally touch together.

Tang Ningshan immediately turns back, as if nothing had happened. Shao Ruihan also picks up the snack and puts it in front of Tang Ningshan's mouth.

"When I was standing by the window, I always felt that someone was monitoring our room. Even when I opened the window, I had a feeling of being concerned." Tang Ningshan says her feelings. In fact, this cannot be called findings, it's just a feeling. Tang Ningshan even suspects that if she is way too nervous. How could be monitored immediately as soon as she came to a new place? If this is the case, then the world is really terrible.

"Shan, are you really not an undercover? According to your potential, you are really suitable to be an undercover." Shao Ruihan jokes. Tang Ningshan knows that he is joking, so she is not angry. But Shao Ruihan's words make her understand that her feelings are not illusions, and some people are really watching them.

"What should we do now? We are monitored. Why are you still so calm?" Tang Ningshan is anxious. She does not understand why she Shao Ruihan could remain calm even if they are under such a terrible situation.

Shao Ruihan rubs her head softly and explains "Shan, when we checked in, we used our id to register personal information, so it is not surprising that our location was exposed. As for identity like me, no matter what my purpose is, someone will always pay attention to me. I will deal with this matter, so don't worry. You have already completed your task. What you have to do next is to treat this trip as a honeymoon trip."

"..." Tang Ningshan once again worships Shao Ruihan. This is the first time she has heard that someone is so calmly explaining why he is being monitored. However, Tang Ningshan also understands that although Shao Ruihan's id looks the same as ordinary people, the background information is different. His rank is also very obvious. There's no one knows this elite of Special Force abroad? how could that be possible!