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Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 192

"You stand up and walk around to see if the shoes are comfortable." Shao Ruihan cares about the comfort of the shoes. Since she likes to wear sneakers, she must buy a pair of comfortable ones. If she is not feeling well, there is no meaning of any purchase at all. The love between them does not need to be displayed through a pair of shoes, and this is the most intuitive idea in Shao Ruihan's heart.

After Tang Ningshan hears the words of Shao Ruihan, she comes back to her sense. She stands up in confusion from the chair. In fact, she still couldn't understand how Shao Ruihan could suddenly be so considerate to her. She even looks around to see if anyone is monitoring them because she thinks that Shao Ruihan may be acting now, but she does not find any abnormal situation. Regardless of the purpose of Shao Ruihan for doing this, she does not want to consider so much now, then she would temporarily accept his kindness to her.

Walking around on the ground, Tang Ningshan feels that these shoes are really worth buying. As the salesperson said, it is very comfortable to wear. Tang Ningshan jumps a few times in the same place and feels that the shoes are really soft.

Tang Ningshan nods with satisfaction, and then Shao Ruihan takes a credit card directly from the wallet and hands it to the salesperson. The salesperson shows a happy smile. She takes the card from Shao Ruihan's hand with respect and runs to the checkout counter quickly. She seems to fear that they would regret it.

After paying the money, the sales clerk returns and returns the card to Shao Ruihan. Put together with the card is a receipt, plus a bag, which contains the shoes that Tang Ningshan originally wore.

Shao Ruihan takes the card and the bag and prepares to throw the receipt away, but it is snatched by Tang Ningshan. Looking at the string of zeros written above, Tang Ningshan feels that she was wrong. Is it serious? A pair of sneakers worth tens of thousands of dollars? Can she retreat now? This is really too expensive! Even if it is really comfortable, she does not think that her feet should wear such expensive shoes.

Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan to leave directly, leaving the salesman standing by the door in excitement.

"Shao Ruihan! You let me go. Do you know how expensive these shoes are? If I go online to buy, the money is enough for me to buy hundreds of pairs!" Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan does not listen to her, trying hard to break free from his hand. She really wants to give him a lesson, telling him to be economical, even if he has money, he can't waste it.

Shao Ruihan thinks that Tang Ningshan is like a child with a bad temper. It's just a pair of shoes. Does she think that he can't afford the money for a pair of shoes?

"Baby, don't be angry, I have enough money."

After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, Tang Ningshan feels that their views of money are very different. This is not a question of money, but a question of consumption. Tang Ningshan shakes her head and doesn't know how to discuss this with him.

Shao Ruihan sees that Tang Ningshan no longer struggle, pulling her hand and going to another store. After the shoes are bought, it is time to buy clothes.

Sportswear is the goal of Shao Ruihan, especially couples-sportswear. Although he rarely wears such clothes, when he looks at the clothes hanging on the wall, he feels that such clothes are suitable for him and Tang Ningshan.

After entering the store, he walks over to the two sets of clothes that are most prominent on the wall. The clothes are black, and each of the two pieces of clothing has half red hearts pattern on it. When the two pieces of clothes are combined, then it is a complete heart pattern.

"Shan, you are here waiting for me, I am going to the bathroom. You don't leave here." Shao Ruihan turns and leaves. Tang Ningshan does not think too much, she does not feel Shao Ruihan's anomaly.

After leaving the store, Shao Ruihan returns to the shoe store. The salesman sees that he is back, and she thought he is coming back for returning. The sales clerk has prepared a set of rhetoric and intends to let him dispel the idea of returning his shoes. But when he speaks, the salesperson is even more excited.

"Is there a pair of men's shoes that she just bought? I want the same color." Shao Ruihan looks at the salesperson without any expression, making the salesperson feel a lot of pressure. However, under the contrast of pressure and wages, the pressure can obviously be ignored.

The sales clerk nods desperately as if she is worried that Shao Ruihan would run away in the next second.

"Sir. What's your size? I will go and get it for you now."


After Shao Ruihan just finishes, the salesman leaves like a gust of wind. It is like a tiger is chasing behind her. The speed is extremely fast.

When the salesman takes the shoes, Shao Ruihan has already been impatient. He is worried that Tang Ningshan would have an accident, but he really wants to buy these shoes. Just when he is hesitating to leave, the sales clerk returns.

"Sir, are you trying on it now?"

Shao Ruihan opens the box directly and glances at the shoes inside the box. After confirming that this is his size, he hands the card directly to the salesperson.

The sales clerk looks at his impatient expression and does not dare to continue talking. Soon, she puts the shoes in the bag and hands it to Shao Ruihan.

When Shao Ruihan leaves, the salesman looks at Shao Ruihan's back with a look of joy and says "Have a good day."

When Shao Ruihan comes back, Tang Ningshan just changes clothes. The clothes she tries are exactly the two sets of clothes he saw. He feels that it looks quite good on her.

If they are both standing together with these clothes, he feels that the effect will be better than hanging on the wall.

There is an imaginary picture in his mind, and Shao Ruihan reveals a smile.

Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan and immediately comes over and plans to ask his opinion. "Are you coming back? What do you think of this?"

Shao Ruihan nods.

"I feel very good. I have tried the other two. I am going to buy all back. What about you? Is there any clothes you like?" Tang Ningshan thinks that both of them need to buy clothes, preferably buying them in the same store. After all, shopping is a very tiring thing.

Shao Ruihan nods; Tang Ningshan does not ask him which one he likes? Anyway, he has clothes he likes, which means they don't have to continue to walk around.

Tang Ningshan takes three sets of clothes and changes back to the first set that she wore. She is ready to pay. At this time, Shao Ruihan stops her. "Shan, I am thirsty. Go and get me a drink."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan inexplicably. Although she doesn't know why Shao Ruihan would do this, she nods. Tang Ningshan feels strange. The coffee shop is downstairs. When they go downstairs, they could get a drink together. Why did he want her to go first?

After Tang Ningshan leaves, Shao Ruihan asks the salesperson to pack the three sets of clothes selected by Tang Ningshan and another three couple-closing that match with the three sets.

Carrying the things they bought, Shao Ruihan feels that actually accompanying women shopping is not that painful as his friends said, he even feels a little happy.

On the first floor, he sees Tang Ningshan, who is still waiting in line, and Shao Ruihan immediately goes over.

"You really have a foresight. Thanks to the fact that you told me to line up in advance. Otherwise, I really don't know when I can get it." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan with worship. He feels that she sees a God, otherwise, how could he know that they need to line up before buying the drinks.

Shao Ruihan happily accepts the worship of Tang Ningshan, although he let her buy drinks is not a foresight, he just wanted to transfer her away.

When it comes to her turn, Tang Ningshan thinks she has no patience. In order to buy this drink, she actually has stood here for ten minutes. Tang Ningshan even thinks that if they had just returned to the hotel when Shao Ruihan came down, have they already got the water?

"What would you like to drink?" Tang Ningshan turns her head and asks Shao Ruihan.

"Same with you." Shao Ruihan looks at the menu of drinking. He doesn't find what he usually likes to drink, so he plans to order the one the same as Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan nods and points to the chocolate milk-tea on the picture and orders two cups. Shao Ruihan then places the card on the checkout counter and intends to pay the bill.

Tang Ningshan does not intend to spend her own money. Anyway, Shao Ruihan said he has enough money. Since he wants to waste, she doesn't want to stop him. Besides, a cup of milk-tea can't cost too much.

They probably wait for about two minutes and two cups of milk tea are ready. Tang Ningshan hands a cup to Shao Ruihan. Seeing that she has no spare hand for the milk-tea, she takes her hand back.

Tang Ningshan puts milk-tea in one hand and the other hand reaches in front of Shao Ruihan and says, "Give me some bags, otherwise how are you going to drink?"

Shao Ruihan does not mean to give her the bags. Tang Ningshan has no choice but to insert the straws into two cups. Holding a cup in each hand. When she is about to go forward, she sees that Shao Ruihan has bowed his head and he is staring at the cup in her hand. Obviously, he wants to drink.

Tang Ningshan could only reach out and lift the cup to his mouth. She thinks to herself that since he has helped her carry the bags, it is no big deal for her to hand him the drinks.

Shao Ruihan takes a sip with satisfaction. Although chocolate milk-tea is not what he likes, it does not hinder the happiness that arises in his heart.

The people around are whispering, saying that they are a very good match, and even some people come over and ask if they are stars.

Tang Ningshan glares at Shao Ruihan with a red face. She quickly retracts her hand and immediately runs towards the door. Tang Ningshan feels that if there is a seam for her hide, she would not hesitate to go in to hide.

"Shan, slow down, don't fall." Shao Ruihan walks slowly behind Tang Ningshan, looking at the back of Tang Ningshan and saying loudly.

"..." Tang Ningshan does not know what to say to describe her feelings at the moment. Should she blame Shao Ruihan for deliberately making fun of her, or blame the onlookers for being too gossipy?

"Come on, hurry up!" Tang Ningshan turns back and orders Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan immediately walks to Tang Ningshan's side, and two people walk out of the mall side by side.

Back in the car, as soon as Shao Ruihan puts the bags down, Tang Ningshan puts the milk-tea into his hand. After that, she turns her head and looks out the window, not wanting to talk to him at all.