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Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 204

hey, guys, all the free chapters will be put in auxiliary chapters, which are at the top of contents table (chapter lists), before chapter 1--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tang Ningshan's words make Shao Ruihan unable to refute. Now, he can only believe her unconditionally.Shao Ruihan can only point to the right direction and says "The door is over there, you must pay attention to your safety. If the situation is dangerous, you will come back immediately, don't take risks."Tang Ningshan nods and stands up and rushes out quickly. Her movements are light and she does not make any sound. As she approaches the basement door, she pulls out the electronic bug from her pocket. She stuffs the electronic worm from the door. Tang Ningshan begins to rejoice that she has made a lot of these at the beginning. Otherwise, in the current situation, she can't think of any other monitoring methods besides this method.After she places a lot of them at the door, Tang Ningshan goes back. Just as Tang Ningshan is about to close to Shao Ruihan, the door in the basement suddenly opens. Tang Ningshan immediately falls to the ground. She does not dare to move, she is afraid of being discovered by the other party."How can there be rice here?" When Tang Ningshan lies prone on the ground, she hears the person who opens the door whispering softly. It may be that no one is found outside the door, the speaker returns to the basement. After the speaker closes the door, Tang Ningshan dares to move.Back to Shao Ruihan's side, Tang Ningshan has been sweating. If her movements just now were slower, or if she didn't immediately fall to the ground, it's estimated that she would be discovered by the speaker. Although it is easy to solve a person, if it causes the attention of others in the house, things will become very troublesome."Are you done?" Shao Ruihan asks Tang Ningshan, who is sweating.Tang Ningshan nods. After that, she takes Shao Ruihan's computer and sits on the ground.It takes some time for the electronic insect to parasitize onto the wire. Now Tang Ningshan can only pray that the speaker does not throw away these electronic worms.After a while, there is one picture pops up on the computer. After Tang Ningshan breathes a sigh of relief, she hands the computer to Shao Ruihan.Shao Ruihan does not ask how Tang Ningshan did it. With this surveillance video, the following things are much easier.The basement has three rooms, one hall, and two doors. There are eight men sitting inside the hall, and there is a TV in the middle of the living room. The picture displayed on the TV is the surveillance video of the villa door. Only one person is staring at the TV, and the other people are playing cards.The doors of the other two rooms are closed and there is no sound inside.A man suddenly appears in the doorway of the basement, and he picks up two of the electronic worms.Tang Ningshan thinks that God may be helping her. If this person brings the electronic insect into the basement and throws it on the ground, then the electronic insect can parasitize on the wires of the remaining two rooms, then they can monitor the situation inside these two rooms."What are you holding?" The person sitting there staring at the TV looks at the person who has just entered the door and asks."I don't know what it is. I found it at the door. I think it is very strange." The man says.The man who is watching TV immediately stands up and walks over to him, looking at the two grains of rice in his hand and saying, "Isn't this the ordinary rice? Throw it away. Since you are here, look at the surveillance screen, I will go upstairs to see the situation."After the man finishes speaking, he walks over to the stairs. The man with the electronic bug also throws them on the ground and sits in front of the TV. Tang Ningshan suddenly shows a happy expression and immediately takes the computer in Shao Ruihan's hand. After entering a string of code above, she returns it to Shao Ruihan.Tang Ningshan expectantly sits next to Shao Ruihan, waiting for the picture of the remaining two rooms to appear.The first room is dark, and Shao Ruihan could only hear the sound of gasping inside, and there is no light in the room.When the picture of the second room comes out, Shao Ruihan glances at it and immediately removes the computer away. His body also stiffens in an instant.Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and couldn't understand why Shao Ruihan suddenly refuses to let her watch the surveillance screen. She plans to grab the computer and check it out.Tang Ningshan reaches out. Just as her hand touches the computer, Shao Ruihan immediately turns off the laptop."What's wrong?" Tang Ningshan asks inexplicably.Shao Ruihan shakes his head and says, "Don't watch it.""Is there a secret?" Tang Ningshan asks in confusion.Shao Ruihan nods and puts the computer aside. Tang Ningshan shrugs. Anyway, she will know the situation sooner or later.Shao Ruihan takes out another electronic device and begins to issue orders. After a while, all the people appear in the doorway of the basement."You are here waiting for me, we will go to the rescue." Shao Ruihan finishes, getting up to leave. He also takes the computer away too. Tang Ningshan can only accept Shao Ruihan's arrangement.The basement is not big, there is only one door. If they want to go in, they only break into the door. From the picture, although the people in the basement do not carry weapons with them, however, this cannot rule out the possibility that they have weapons."There is a person at the door; there are eight people in the living room. In addition, there are three people in one room. There are now two options, one is to cut off the power and the other is to use flash and smoke bombs. "Shao Ruihan finishes, looking a few people around him. Everyone's choice is the second. Although they all have night-vision glasses, they do not think that night-vision glasses is better than goggles, so they all choose the most simple way."Okay, then start to act." Shao Ruihan finishes, directly pulling open the door. After he enters, he directly presses the person at the door down and does not allow him to make any sound.After everyone enters the basement, Tang Ningshan hears the sound of flashing bullets and smoke bombs falling to the ground.Soon, Tang Ningshan sees someone coming out of the basement with a man. She hurries forward and asks, "How is it going?"The man nods to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan immediately enters the basement and sees a lot of people lying on the ground."Where is Shao Ruihan?" Tang Ningshan asks the person next to her.The man points to one of the rooms.Tang Ningshan immediately walks over and opens the door. She sees that Shao Ruihan taking off his jacket. Then, she sees a woman nailed to the table. Her clothes are torn, and there are a lot of scars left on her body.Tang Ningshan immediately rushes over and stands in front of the woman. She tries to keep herself calm and wants to see the face of that woman.Tang Ningshan stretches out her trembling hand and approaches the woman's face little by little. She is praying that things are not what she thought. Until she looks at the familiar face, there are a lot of scars on her face, and Tang Ningshan sits on the ground and looks at Shao Ruihan with incredulity."Shao Ruihan, you tell me, this is not true! You tell me, this is not true, right?" Tang Ningshan shouts to Shao Ruihan, her voice is shivering.Shao Ruihan puts his clothes on Miao Yu's body and walks to Tang Ningshan's side. He pulls her into his arms and feels her trembling body. Her tears wet his shirt. Now Shao Ruihan is also very sad, he does not know how to comfort Tang Ningshan."You told me that this is a fake, right? This is a fake!!!" Tang Ningshan grabs Shao Ruihan's clothes and keeps swaying. She constantly struggles to break away from the arms of Shao Ruihan. She wants Shao Ruihan to tell her that what she sees now is a fake and this person is not Miao Yu.However, Shao Ruihan does not speak, just holding her quietly."Do you know that she is only 18 years old? Her family is all gone, you know it?" Tang Ningshan cries, her words are full of blame.Shao Ruihan is silent. At this moment, he could not say anything to refute. The task was arranged by him, and he does not want this to happen. However, things have already happened and he has no ability to change this fact!There is only the cry of Tang Ningshan in the room, and the people outside the room are silent."Shan, we need to take her back." Shao Ruihan does not know what to say to comfort her. His voice is hoarse like never before.After Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, she does not react at all. Shao Ruihan gently pats her back and continues to say."Shan, you calm down, do you want her to stay here? We are now taking her back to our country and taking her home, okay?"Shao Ruihan's words make Tang Ningshan seem to have recovered some reason. She wipes the tears from her face and looks at Shao Ruihan angrily. However, she also understands that this matter has nothing to do with Shao Ruihan at all. When the people who were performing the task disappeared, Shao Ruihan started the rescue work at the first place. Indeed, Shao Ruihan is really a perfect leader. However, looking at Miao Yu's tragic death, Tang Ningshan could not help but blame him, why he must send Miao Yu to perform this task.Tang Ningshan stands up and walks to Miao Yu's side. She takes away the clothes that Shao Ruihan had covered on her body, and reaches out and pulls up the knife inserted in her. The knife falls to the ground and makes a crisp sound, but Tang Ningshan feels that the sound is particularly harsh.Tang Ningshan tries to control her emotions. She turns Miao Yu's body over and puts Shao Ruihan's clothes on her body. Then says "You give me another clothing."Shao Ruihan immediately goes out, and soon, he takes another piece of clothing back.Tang Ningshan ties this dress to the waist of Miao Yu. She carries Miao Yu, and at the moment she walks out of the door, Tang Ningshan stops."Shao Ruihan, Is there the one who you want to catch among these people?"Shao Ruihan understands the meaning of Tang Ningshan. He knows that she wants revenge. Although he does not want her to be involved in this matter, he can only tell the truth."No!"Tang Ningshan nods and goes out directly. Along the way, everyone stands quietly and looks at Tang Ningshan. Some people even want to take over the people in Tang Ningshan's arms, but they are directly forced back by Tang Ningshan's fierce eyes.No one can understand the current mood of Tang Ningshan. She has never had a family. After she arrived at the army, she met Miao Yu. She felt that she had a family. She had thought that after Miao Yu is retired, they could live together, but did not expect...