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Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 248

Tang Ningshan's expression changes slightly, but she still says "I don't have any extra one, so even if you tell others, it makes no sense.""..." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a gloomy look. Does the girl misinterpret his meaning? He never thought about telling other people. In fact, she can trust him completely."Shan, you are my wife!" Shao Ruihan's words are quite affirmative, which lets Tang Ningshan stuns. Tang Ningshan looks at him with a very confused look. She is like does this matter has anything to do with whether I am your wife? Besides, even if I am your wife, I can't guarantee that you will not betray me for the rest of your life.Shao Ruihan, who understands the meaning of Tang Ningshan, really doesn't know what to say at this moment. He can only think that the trust between them is still too weak. Otherwise, why Tang Ningshan still could not understand it even if he has made it so clearly?"Shao Ruihan! I really don't want you to tell this to others. However, I feel that even if you don't tell others, someone will find your current physical condition and will come to ask you, so I hope that you'd better have preparation in advance. "Tang Ningshan says seriously. She looks very nervous. Her expression is very funny so that Shao Ruihan laughs out directly.Tang Ningshan gives Shao Ruihan, who is laughing happily next to her, a supercilious look, and then she directly turns her head to the side. Shao Ruihan immediately raises his hand and pushes her. When she turns around, Shao Ruihan says "Reassured, in fact, you can try to trust me. Let's take a break here. I feel that my body function is much better than before. Thank you, Shan!"Tang Ningshan also knows that Shao Ruihan will not let her go there alone to check the situation. Moreover, she does not want to leave Shao Ruihan alone here. If someone suddenly appears here, then Shao Ruihan will be in trouble.Tang Ningshan sits next to Shao Ruihan; Shao Ruihan is lying in bed. At this moment, neither of them speaks. The room is empty, but it is filled with a bloody smell. At this moment, the inner activities of the two people are very complicated.After Shao Ruihan finished the modification process, his physical quality is much better than before. Moreover, it is also after he has experienced this process that he understands what kind of pain Tang Ningshan has experienced that day in the army. At that time, the person who gave her the courage to drink such a potion should be him. Thinking of this, Shao Ruihan does not know how to describe his feelings. He is somewhat grateful, and there are some distressed, anyway, all kinds of moods are intertwined.And Tang Ningshan's mood is not as easy as Shao Ruihan. In her heart, she keeps thinking about her future plans. If Shao Ruihan tells others about this and other things, what should she do? What can she do to ensure her safety? If Shao Ruihan tells others or even reports to the country, how should she protect herself? Going abroad? Or looking for a place to live secretly? Although she is not afraid of loneliness, people are social animals. She is willing to go abroad and does not want to find a place to live secretly.The night passes in the two people's cranky thoughts and dreams.Early the next morning, Tang Ningshan opens her eyes and sees that Shao Ruihan next to her has disappeared. This makes Tang Ningshan anxious. She is so anxious that she falls from the bed, making a loud noise.Tang Ningshan gets up from the ground and intends to go out to look for Shao Ruihan. Just when running to the door, she hears the sound of water that is coming out of the bathroom. Tang Ningshan directly pushes the door open without thinking. After opening the door, Tang Ningshan regrets it. Inside, Shao Ruihan sees her pushing open the door, and he is so calm as if there is nothing happened. He continues to wash the blood on his body with cold water.Tang Ningshan's face immediately turns red, and she quickly closes the door and says "I didn't mean it, I didn't see anything, and I hope that you won't mind..."When she finishes, she runs downstairs. If Tang Ningshan's movements are slower, she can hear the happy laughter of Shao Ruihan that is spreading from the bathroom.Tang Ningshan, who has run downstairs, sits on the sofa in the living room and says to herself, "This is my entire fault. Why am I so anxious? I actually saw the picture of Shao Ruihan taking a shower. Damn, I must be careful next time." She says as she gently pats her head with her hand.When Shao Ruihan comes down, the clothing on his body is obviously wet, and it is attached to his body. Moreover, there is a playful smile on his face, which let Tang Ningshan feel a little nervous as if something is going to happen.Shao Ruihan sits next to Tang Ningshan and reaches out to pull Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan is directly pulled to sit on his lap. He puts his head on her shoulder and his lips are attached to her ear. His voice is magnetic and he asks "Shan, what did you give me to drink? Although I know this is a magic potion, I can guarantee that I will never tell others, can you tell me the effect of this potion?"Tang Ningshan looks at him and does not say anything. However, her hand keeps tapping on her lap as if she is thinking about something.Shao Ruihan continues "Even if you can't tell me what it does, then you should let me know if it has any side effects, at least."Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, and her anger could not help but burst out. She says loudly "What side effects? Do you think there are side effects? Can't you feel the improvement of your own physical condition? You actually say that such a good thing has side effects? You are stupid!"Shao Ruihan immediately pats her back with a smile, and kisses her on her forehead, and explains "Shan, I am not saying that this is not good. I just want to ask you about the effect of this. After all, you said that you have no extra one. After you gave me your last bottle of potion, would it affect you?" In fact, this is also the most concerned issue of Shao Ruihan. Tang Ningshan always gives him a rather mysterious feeling. When she said that she could see the soul body, Shao Ruihan is more and more afraid that there will be accidents happen in her. Now she has used her last bottle of potion to save him. What he is most worried about is that this thing is what is needed to maintain Tang Ningshan's life in this body. If she has consumed this kind of thing because of him, what should she do later?When Tang Ningshan hears this, she turns her head and looks at Shao Ruihan's eyes. She sees that the black eyes of Shao Ruihan are full of sincerity and worry, which makes her the anger disappear in an instant. She turns her head back embarrassingly and is not looking at him. She keeps silent for a long time before saying "This thing is of no use to my body. Even if I drink, it makes no sense for me. Thus, I decided to give it to you to drink. It can make your body's bones, blood, and even nerves have a great improvement. But you can't ignore your own body because of this. Everything needs to be gradual, especially in the early stages of modification. Without the follow-up replenishment and reinforcement, I don't recommend that you do too intense training."When Shao Ruihan hears this, his eyes flash a bright light for a moment. The meaning of this is that she should have other potions that can support her to survive? However, thinking of that these things have a vital role for her, Shao Ruihan does not continue to ask her, but more tightly holds Tang Ningshan in his arms."When it is noon, let's go to have a look at the place where you saw the lights." Shao Ruihan suddenly says.Tang Ningshan raises her eyebrows and does not understand why he still wants to go to the place with her after she said that he should not do intense training.Shao Ruihan just smiles and does not speak. There is a gentle expression in his eyes. Tang Ningshan also remains silent and does not look at Shao Ruihan, quietly staying in the arms of Shao Ruihan. Two people sit on the sofa in the living room, and there is no food to eat and no water to drink. It seems that as long as they are together, they will not feel hungry. Of course, this is just the feeling of Shao Ruihan.After a long time, Tang Ningshan suddenly says "What if that place is really the territory of Shao Xingsheng? If we want to go back, we may have to go there to have a look. Although I can get a boat out, only the boat is of no use at all." Tang Ningshan is annoyed while talking. Why didn't she put some useful things in the locker in the virtual space? She has tried to put things of the real world into the virtual space before, but she failed. However, that day, with the permission of the system, the things in the lab were all put in the virtual space successfully, which makes her quite surprised."Master, stop your whimsical thoughts. You can't just put other things in the virtual space. Those are experimental supplies, and they carry the energy left by your mother, so they can be put in." The system suddenly makes a sound, which scares Tang Ningshan."..., can you not suddenly speak to scare me when I am thinking about something?" Tang Ningshan says to the system in her heart in a very dissatisfied manner.However, the system has appeared for just a few seconds. After Tang Ningshan's words are finished, the system disappears."What's wrong?" Shao Ruihan feels the change of Tang Ningshan's mood and asks.Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says, "Nothing, you haven't answered my question. What should we do?"Shao Ruihan smiles and says, "As you said, if we want to leave, we must go there and see if there are people who are working for Shao Xingsheng there, so it is useless to worry about it now. What we have to do now is to restore our energy.However, Shan, there is one thing I need to ask you. "Tang Ningshan turns back and faces Shao Ruihan and asks "What?""Can your transform pen be turned into a gun?" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with expectation. After Tang Ningshan nods speechlessly, she says, "I have told you that it can be turned into anything. However, it can only be set into six modes, each transformation can only last two hours."After Shao Ruihan nods, he says, "What about the bed last night?""Eh... What I gave you is the old version; I am using an upgraded version, so the duration is longer." Tang Ningshan does not know how to explain it, so she can only tell Shao Ruihan like this. In fact, she does not know why the pen would last for so long time? Even now, the bed has not changed back into the pen.