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Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 371

Announcement:hey guys, I will have two exams tomorrow, so I may not have time to write new chapters. The update will be temporarily paused tomorrow. Thanks for your understanding, I will be back the day after tomorrow. Actually, I have been reading your comments every day, I really appreciate that you guys love my novel so much. I will work harder and bring you more interesting chapters. I love all of you guys. Have a good day!!!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Manager Tang, there are rumors outside that the new boss of Shao's company still has a close relationship with Shao's family. Do you agree with this statement? There are rumors that you are actually the mysterious new boss, all this is your conspiracy, and your purpose is to acquire Shao's company. Do you want to explain this?"After Tang Ningshan listens to these questions, she feels very annoyed. She doesn't even know how to explain it. All of this is actually a conspiracy of Shao's family. They hollowed out Shao's company and destroyed the reputation of Shao's company. Finally, they threw this rotten apple to Shao Ruihan; their purpose is to ruin Shao Ruihan.However, can she explain it this way? Of course, she cannot do that. Even if she explains it, no one will believe it. After all, even she herself feels that everything is ridiculous.Tang Ningshan suppresses the anger in her heart and tries hard to make herself look calm.Tang Ningshan stands in place, showing a faint smile. She motions Zhang Jia to find a seat to sit down. After that, she takes the microphone and says to those reporters calmly "Everyone pay attention, please. Today, we are here to pay compensation instead of holding a press conference, so reporters, no matter what questions you have, please keep quiet and cooperate with our staff. We need to put the compensation payment work in the first place. In addition, if you really want to get the answers to your questions just now, I can answer you, but please you guys cooperate with our work, please take a seat first."The reporters who asked the question just now hear the words of Tang Ningshan and say nothing more. After all, there are other reporters and injured workers here. They can't overdo it. They can only find a seat to sit down. However, the microphones in their hands and the video recorders on their shoulders have never ever been put down. Their cameras are still facing Tang Ningshan.After everyone sits down, Zhang Yan walks to Tang Ningshan and stands beside her. Sun Yan is sitting next to Zhang Jia and helping Zhang Jia take care of the materials. Tang Ningshan says faintly "Alright, now I will answer you guys' questions one by one. In fact, I came to the company very early this morning. I don't know who and for what reason, announced that our company is facing bankruptcy. Even rumors that our company has been unable to pay employees' salaries. It may be because the newspapers this morning are too popular, so our company employees are even absent directly from work. I don't know where these employees go. For employees who did not come to work today, our company will fire them all. Our company will also pursue legal responsibility for those media that published such a series of rumors about our company this morning."Tang Ningshan finishes these words, and her eyes become sharp. After a while, she goes on to say "You want to know why I appeared in the company so late? Before I came to the company, I went to the hospital to visit the workers who are still in the hospital, so that's why I would come to the company so late. The last question, there are rumors saying that I designed this for the acquisition of Shao's company, so you asked me what I think about this matter? I just want to ask the reporter just now, have you ever thought about it before asking such a question? I mean, don't you think your question is a little bit funny?"After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, the reporter subconsciously wants to stand up to refute her. Tang Ningshan goes on to say "To tell the truth, Shao's company's reputation has been seriously affected since the accident. A company's reputation is difficult to establish. It can be said that it takes three to five years to establish a company's reputation, but it takes only three seconds to destroy a company's reputation. A company with a bad reputation is hard to get public recognition again. Now Shao's company is facing a serious credit crisis, so the company's profitability has plummeted. Yesterday, at the press conference, everyone has seen Shao's company's losses on this project. It's not a small number, right? What's worse, Shao's company has eight similar projects that need to be terminated. Do you think that under such circumstances, Shao's company is profitable in the short term? This is simply impossible. In this case, why should I choose to acquire Shao's company? I want to cause troubles for myself?"After these reporters hear the words of Tang Ningshan, they all show a shocked expression. After all, since Tang Ningshan dares to say these words publicly, then this means that the rumors today are false.Tang Ningshan sees the expressions of the reporters, smiling with satisfaction, and then she says faintly "Since all the reporters have no other questions, then we will start to issue compensation. Now my secretary will call the name of you guys. When you hear your name, you can come up and get your compensation. The amount of these compensations is calculated according to the relevant regulations. After that, we will make the amount of the payment public, and you can check whether the amount of the compensation you have received matches the information I announced. "After Tang Ningshan's words are finished, Sun Yan begins to call the names of those workers one by one. The workers come up in order and get their compensation. The compensation is paid in the form of a check. The check is placed in an envelope. There is the name of the worker and the amount of their corresponding compensation above the envelope. Zhang Jia has done everything very carefully.After getting the envelope, everyone couldn't wait to open it. The amount written on the cash check is exactly the same as the amount on the envelope. However, someone still raises questions."Emm... Can I ask, what's this? How can I use it?" A middle-aged man in worn clothes holds the check and asks carefully.Tang Ningshan walks to the middle-aged man with a smile and patiently explains, "Hello, this is a check. You can take the check to the bank staff, and the bank staff will transfer the amount of money that shown on the check to your own bank account. This check is valid for ten days. Within ten days, you can go to the bank to redeem the corresponding money. However, I suggest you go directly to the bank to deposit the money into your own account after leaving the company building, just in case someone will say that my check a fake. Please testify it for me after you get the money. Thank everyone in advance." After Tang Ningshan finishes her words, she sincerely bows to everyone.The middle-aged man hears Tang Ningshan's words and there is no doubtful expression on his face. He believes in Tang Ningshan. After Tang Ningshan bows, he gratefully says to Tang Ningshan "I believe in you. I remember you; you are the one who pulled me out of from under the slate. If it weren't for you, I might have died. I will go to the bank to redeem the money in a while. Thank you for saving my life."Tang Ningshan listens to the words of this middle-aged man, and the smile on her face is even brighter. She shakes her head and says "No problem. If it were not because the project has a serious problem, you would not be hurt by the slate. This is the responsibility of our company, so it's my duty to try to save everyone. You don't have to thank me. I just hope that you can believe in me. When I have another new project, I hope that you guys will not abandon me."After that, these workers all indicate that they are willing to continue working for Tang Ningshan. After all, Tang Ningshan is a very responsible boss, and the salary that Shao's company offers is relatively high, and it never defaults on their salary.After Tang Ningshan gets a satisfactory answer, she asks the security guards outside to send these people to the bank next to the company building. After all, the amount of money that these people get is not a small number. Tang Ningshan feels that she should be cautious. Otherwise, if there is an accident in the process of withdrawing the money, then Tang Ningshan could not explain it at all.Fortunately, no accidents occur during the whole process. After those people redeem the check, they all leave. There is left only one middle-aged woman who is holding a little boy. The little boy she is holding is the child that the system asked Tang Ningshan to save. After seeing the little boy, Tang Ningshan walks toward them.Zhang Yan immediately follows Tang Ningshan. As soon as Tang Ningshan walks to the middle-aged woman, the woman knees down directly. This scares Tang Ningshan. She quickly asks Zhang Yan standing next to her to help this woman up. She then says "This lady, what are you doing? Even if I saved your child, you don't have to thank me in this way."When the middle-aged woman hears Tang Ningshan's words, she immediately cries. Seeing the tears of this woman, Tang Ningshan feels that her heart hurts. Tang Ningshan could only pat her shoulder and says "Lady, if there is any need, please let me know. As long as I can help, I will do my best."The middle-aged woman shakes her head and opens her mouth, but in the end, she still fails to make any noise. She has been making a variety of gestures. Tang Ningshan suddenly understands that it is very likely that this woman is dumb.Tang Ningshan immediately says "Lady, If you don't mind, please come with me to our company. I think you may feel tired since you are always holding your child. You can go to the company to take a break. There is so noisy on the street that I can't hear you."The middle-aged woman looks at the child in her arms and glances at the sincere Tang Ningshan and then nods. After that, she follows Tang Ningshan and Zhang Yan into the company. Originally, several reporters have already planned to leave. After seeing this scene, they immediately follow up. They feel that they may get a lot of valuable news.After entering the company, Tang Ningshan takes the middle-aged woman to sit down on the sofa in the hall. She then asks Zhang Yan to get the paper and the pen. After Tang Ningshan hands the paper and pencil to the middle-aged woman, she slowly says "Lady, if you have anything to say to me, you can write down what you want to say."After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, the middle-aged woman shows an awkward expression on her face. After that, she puts the child on the sofa, and takes an envelope from the pocket of her clothes and then hands the envelope to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan opens the envelope and sees a piece of paper inside. There are only a few words on the paper.