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Dragon King Is Son In Law Chapter 404

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Hao Ren changed into his long robe from his modern clothes.

The last time he went to the Nine Dragon Palace, Hao Ren was wearing a Daoist robe that had embroideries on the sides; that was his first time wearing traditional clothing.

This ‘examination outfit’ was plainer than the one he wore last time. Other than the two little silver dragon embroideries on his shoulders, there were no other decorations on his robe. The material used was also not rare at all, just something you could find anywhere, and the robe was just long enough to cover his ankles.

The rooms in the area were only half a square meter big. From the table, which was placed against the wall, to the other walls, it was just enough to fit one person.

Hao Ren sat on the chair and placed both hands on the table; there was barely room to move around.

The dragon cultivators didn’t come to the Dragon God Shrine for a vacation; they were all here to take the exam. With the tens of thousands of participants, using such small rooms to fit everyone was reasonable.

Hao Ren sat in the ‘Ren Yin 246’ room quietly, and he soon got bored.

The people in the rooms beside him were also cultivators.

All the cultivators were anxiously waiting for the written examination to start.

Outside were some cultivators pacing around because they were too anxious to sit down.

Hao Ren was a bit bored and didn’t feel that well in the room, so he put his temporary identity token on and went outside.

There were many young cultivators outside; some were pacing back and forth while others were talking in small groups.

When the others saw Hao Ren walking over, they were all surprised.

When he walked over, some stopped talking while others moved out of his way; this showed that Hao Ren had a far higher status.

Hao Ren was looking down and wasn’t paying attention, so he didn’t notice this.

The only difference between him and others was the two little silver dragons on the shoulder areas of his robe.

“He’s an assisting inspector”

“He should be amazing”

“Careful; let’s not let him hear us.”

There were whispers all over the place.

Hao Ren finally realized that the light brown robe with two little silver dragons on it wasn’t just for anyone; it was only for assisting inspectors!

No matter which dragon clan one came from, what role they had previously held at home, and how strong they were, they were the same in the Dragon God Shrine.

However, there was one exception; the assisting inspectors!

At the Dragon God Shrine, the assisting inspectors were far more superior than any other dragon cultivator.

Although they all took the same exam, assisting inspectors were the most likely to become official inspectors!

During the exam period, if ordinary dragon cultivators started fighting with each other outside the arena, it was perfectly fine. However, if anyone dared to clash against an assisting inspector, then he or she would be automatically disqualified.

That was the exclusive right of the assisting inspectors!

That was why these cultivators were more cautious when Hao Ren walked over; they were scared of subconsciously bothering Hao Ren.

“I can’t believe I’d bump into you here,” a voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Hao Ren turned, and a familiar cultivator walked over from another path. It was Wang Xi.

Wang Xi was from the earth-element dragon clan and had fought Hao Ren once before in Elder Sun’s Martial Arts Dojo.

Hao Ren looked at him, and he felt like Wang Xi looked taller than before. He saw an identity token by Wang Xi’s waist, and it read Ren Mao 297.

“Who is that person?”

“Who is he? Isn’t he afraid that talking to an assisting inspector this way might disqualify him?”

“I know him. He’s Wang Xi, an earth-elemental dragon from the Wuyi Mountain. I heard that he already reached Xun-level. The clan at the Wuyi Mountain has focused all their attention on bringing up only him.”

“Xun-level He must be mighty. In these few years, there haven’t been any strong cultivators that have reached Qian-level or Kun-level.”

“Oh, it’s him! I heard that he’s one of the favored participants in this year’s exams; it is very likely that he will become an official inspector.”

The cultivators around Hao Ren and Wang Xi started talking amongst themselves.

Hao Ren watched as Wang Xi came closer. Hao Ren thought for a moment and said, “I didn’t think I’d see you here either.”

“Assisting inspector,” Wang Yi looked at Hao Ren and said in a disdainful tone.

The atmosphere started to become tense on the narrow path.

The ones who were more cowardly stepped back because they were afraid that they would get involved and get disqualified.

“So what, you have a problem with that?” Hao Ren looked at Wang Xi with hostility.

“I will beat you during the combat exams tomorrow,” Wang Xi stared at Hao Ren and said proudly.

The others were all afraid of Hao Ren, but he wasn’t!

He had fought against Hao Ren before and knew that Hao Ren wasn’t that strong!

“If it weren’t for the East Ocean Dragon Palace, there is no way that he would be able to be an assisting inspector!” Wang Xi thought. Since he just recently reached Xun-level, he was extremely confident in his ability and power!

Although Xun-level was below Kun-level, the person who had reached Xun-level could be considered as a master. If he were able to get a mystic crystal, then reaching Kun-level was possible!

“A little assisting inspector is no match for me!” Wang Xi thought. What he wanted was to reach for the sky, defeating all including the assisting inspectors.

Even with Hao Ren’s good manners, he was infuriated by Wang Xi’s aloof attitude.

Dang, dang, dang The bell in the center of the black Dragon God Shrine rang loudly.

The platform that supported the Dragon God Shrine gave out a deep red light.

The array formation of the Dragon God Shrine was up and functioning again, locking everything within it.

It was nine in the evening.

The energy sphere was reinstalled, and any cultivators who weren’t in it by now were unable to enter. Also, the ones who were in the Dragon God Shrine couldn’t fly out anymore!

It meant that those dragon cultivators who were late were automatically disqualified.

“Hua, hua, hua” Those who were wondering on the streets quickly returned to their rooms.

In two hours, the written exam would begin. From 11 in the evening, the official inspectors who were going to proctor the exam would gather.

That was why during this time, the participants had to sit tight in their rooms.

“Humph!” Wang Xi looked down at Hao Ren one last time and headed back to his room.

“So, he’s at Xun-level” Hao Ren thought as he watched Wang Xi slowly disappear into the horizon. He clenched his fist tightly and then slowly relaxed it before walking back to his ‘Ren Yin 246’ room.

This should be the right time to see how far he has progressed from all his training back at school.