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Elixir Supplier Chapter 128

In the first half of the day, Zhou Xiong passed on some basic Taichi knowledge to Wang Yao. During the process, Wang Yao's learning ability surprised him. Wang Yao was amazingly talented. Within the morning, Wang Yao was able to remember the Taichi defensive and attacking postures, and most importantly he demonstrated an understanding of Taichi's profound meaning. Taichi was known to be easy to learn but difficult to master and had a focus on substance over form.

"You have an amazing talent!" Zhou Xiong praised. "If you were to learn martial arts, you could become a master!"

Close to noon, Zhou Xiong and his son departed. Wang Yao insisted that they stay for a meal, but they refused.

In the afternoon, Wang Yao practiced Taichi on the hill.

It may have been that the meaning behind Taichi was similar to the scriptures he had been reciting, his practicing was easier, and his progress was swift. He was elated by this.

During the night, while Wang Yao was having dinner, he received a call from Tian Yuantu asking if he was free the next day. Tian Yuantu wanted him to make a trip to Dao City as he had arranged for a meeting with his friend. Wang Yao thought about it and decided to accept his request since he did not have anything important to do that day. He was okay to walk around and take a look.

After dinner, he told his parents about his trip to Dao City and that he might not be able to return within the day. Therefore, he requested their help to take care of his herbal field. He also told Zhou Xiong in case he made a trip to the hill when Wang Yao was not around.

The next day, when Wang Yao had just completed his breathing exercises and was about to start practicing his newly learned Taichi moves from Zhou Xiong, Tian Yuantu arrived. He was quite early. Wang Yao heard his dog's barks and saw a person heading up the hill. He halted his practice and made his way downhill.

Wang Yao told his family that he was leaving and got in Tian Yuantu's car to make their way to Dao City.

Dao City's distance from Lianshan County was not fararound a three hours' journey by car. By the time they reached, it was close to noon.

This was the province's prosperous city, second to none and was also the country's outstanding first-tier city. Traffic was busy, and skyscrapers were numerous. It was not a place that Lianshan county or Haiqu City could compare to.

"Shall we find a place to eat?" in the car, Tian Yuantu asked.


Tian Yuantu was familiar with this city. Due to business reasons, he would visit this city a few times a month. He was, therefore, familiar with where to have meals. He took Wang Yao to a famous seafood place. It was noontime, and the place was crowded. Finding parking was also very difficult.

The seafood was substantial and tasty, but the price was a bit expensive. It was still acceptable, however. The exceedingly good business was to be expected.

After their meal, Tian Yuantu contacted his friend and then left with Wang Yao after settling the bill.

The arranged venue was at a holiday resort that was located by the sea. The resort's architectural style was outstanding. When they arrived at the venue, there was already someone waiting for them. This person knew Tian Yuantu and came forward to greet him. He showed them the way to the hotel's most luxurious room. In there, Wang Yao saw the friend that Tian Yuantu talked about. It was a middle-aged man; he had a medium build, square-jaw, tanned face and small eyes which showed great vitality. His name was Sun Zhengrong.

"Esteemed guest, you've come a long way. My apologies." Sun Zhengrong's speech was slow, and his voice was deep.

"Hello, Chairman Sun. This is Wang Yao," Tian Yuantu introduced the two of them.

"Hello, welcome."

"Hello, Chairman Sun."

Sun Zhengrong's face had a faint smile. From the way he shook his hand, Wang Yao could sense that this man did not trust him and was putting up an official front.

"Please sit."

Having sat down, the young man who showed them the hotel room poured some tea for them.

"Chairman Sun, Wang Yao may look young. However, his medical skills are exceptional," Tian Yuantu said.

"Oh, I would love to witness it. I'm not sure if the doctor has any insights on my son's illness?" Sun Zhengrong smiled and commented.

"The information is limited. It'd be best if I could examine him in person," Wang Yao calmly replied.

Since he entered the room, Wang Yao had been silently observing. He discovered that Tian Yuantu's mannerism towards Chairman Sun was reserved and appeared to be restrained by the other party's imposing manner. He had seen such a situation with Tian Yuantu once, over a meal with the tycoon at Haiqu city. The reaction was similar.

This indicated that Sun Zhengrong's status was not ordinary. Otherwise Tian Yuantu would not have been so cautious.

Sun Zhengrong did not immediately reply upon hearing Wang Yao. He continued to sit there, quietly looking at Wang Yao and Tian Yuantu.

The room was silent.

Wang Yao sat on the sofa, like still water, like an old monk, like a hill rock.

Tian Yuantu's face continued to show a faint smile.

"Please come with me. Afterwards, do not be shocked by whatever you see. Please keep it a secret," Sun Zhengrong said.

In the room, a young man was seated. To be more precise, he was tied to a chair.

The young man's face was fiery red, and his pupils were also red. His hair was dry to the point of being yellow. He was very skinny, yet he did not display a weak body. In fact, he emitted a strong aura, like that of a wild wolf or an evil spirit. By his side was a middle-aged, expressionless man, as though he were paralyzed in the face. He stood like a tree stump on the side.

"What is this situation?!" Tian Yuantu saw the scene and was alarmed. Is he possessed? This was his first thought.

The restrained young man was gritting his teeth, behaving like he was enduring great agony. Upon closer look, he was wearing dental braces, likely to prevent him from grinding his teeth or biting his tongue.

Wang Yao walked closer slowly. The young man's breathing was erratic and scorching hot, as though his belly bore a great fire. As he was tied up, the pulse was greatly impacted which made it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. Wang Yao tried his best but could only manage to use the "listening" type of diagnosis. He already had an inkling; he only needed to confirm it.

What a strange pulse. What a strange illness!

Wang Yao's attempt gave him a huge shock.

The pulse condition felt like a boiling kettle. The pulse was on the surface of the skin, constantly pulsating and appeared like a boiling kettle with no root. Even though such a condition was recorded in medical journals, if he had not been enlightened with so much knowledge, he could have taken the pulse and still not know what the illness was, let alone discover the cause.

In ancient medical journals, ten strange pulse conditions were mentioned. They appeared when one was close to death. Once this appeared, this represented a deep illness and a loss of vitality. Such a "boiling kettle" pulse was one type of pulse.

It was like boiling water, had no Qi, and had overwhelming Yang energy.

Ancient healers believed that in a human body, there required a balance of Yin and Yang energy. Having Yin alone was insufficient, as was having Yang alone.

If the human body could be compared to a lamp, then life was like the fire and energy was like the oil supporting the burning of the fire. Having sufficient energy and balance of Yin and Yang would ensure the steady burning of the fire of life. However, the young man before his eyes was like a fire drenched in oil, burning excessively and uncontrollably consuming his energy source.

This was a rare illness and very hard to treat! The fact that the young man was able to survive to date was a miracle in itself.

Having diagnosed his illness, Wang Yao got up and slowly shook his head.

"Doctor Wang, is my son's illness treatable?" Sun Zhengrong asked.

"He has a Yin-Yang imbalance with excessive Yang energy. It's extremely difficult to treat!" Wang Yao answered.

In reality, a Yin-Yang imbalance was a common malady. However, any common malady, if left alone and unquestioned, even if it started out insignificantly, could progress to a life-threatening illness. As an analogy, a single spark could start a prairie fire.

"Oh?" Sun Zhengrong looked at Wang Yao with different eyes. Before, he had looked down on him due to his youth. However, his words had struck the nail on the head. He had sought countless experts of Chinese Medicine, and their broad opinions were similar. In addition, this young man had said that it was difficult, but not an apology or something similar.

"Is it treatable?"

Wang Yao did not speak and only shook his head.

"It's not treatable?"

"I am unable to say now. I'll need to think over this," Wang Yao said truthfully. He had no confidence in regards to this illness and had no idea what to do.

"Please do think about it." Sun Zhengrong did not show his disappointment. His expression was normal.

"Can I ask a question?" Wang Yao asked.

"Please do."

"When did your son get this strange illness?" Wang Yao asked.

"Around two years ago," Sun Zhengrong replied without hesitation.

"Two years ago?!" Wang Yao was greatly surprised. To have survived till now for two years with this strange illness was a miracle!

"Sorry." Sun Zhengrong could only utter this word.

"It's alright."

At that moment, the young man suddenly started to howl like a mad dog.

The expressionless man who had been standing by the side rapidly took out an injection needle from a box nearby and injected the young man. Not long after, Sun Zhengrong's son quieted down. To be more precise, he had passed out.

"This can't be the only way," Wang Yao commented.

At a glance he could tell that the injection that the expressionless man had given was a sedative. Otherwise, there would not have been such an outcome. This approach was akin to using a paper to cover the fire. A temporary cover but in the end, the fire would just burn more exuberantly. Furthermore, the sedative when used frequently could also create reliance, similar to a drug addiction.

"There is no other way. This is the best way," Sun Zhengrong responded.