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Elixir Supplier Chapter 130

Tong Wei gazed at the window upon hearing Wang Yao's reply. It was difficult to tell what she was thinking, and she looked a little out of sorts. She had been in this city for two years already, and the city felt both familiar and unfamiliar. It had its excitement and prosperity, yet at the same time, it was also cold and detached. The longer she stayed in the city, the more she wanted to return home.

The two of them sat and chatted at the cafe for quite some time. Without them noticing, the time was already 9 pm.

"Shall we go?" Tong Wei gazed at Wang Yao and asked.

"Sure, where do you live? I'll take you there."

Tong Wei did not drive, and neither did Wang Yao. They hailed a cab to Tong Wei's place. It was in a nice neighborhood.

"You bought an apartment?" Wang Yao stared at the neighborhood. He knew that in a city like Dao City, the apartment would not be cheap. A person buying any apartment in this city would likely be able to afford a commercial, residential building of an equivalent size in Lianshan County.

"No, I rented it. Come in and have a seat," Tong Wei extended an invitation.


Wang Yao followed Tong Wei upstairs. Her apartment was not big. However, it was neat, clean and the decor was cozy.

"Make yourself at home. What do you like to drink?"

"Water is fine."

Tong Wei poured him a glass of water. She then took off her coat. She was wearing a lavender cashmere sweater underneath that accentuated her graceful figure. And so it happened that a single lady and a single man were alone in an apartment. They knew each other, being classmates. They were not intimate lovers, yet there might be an attraction between them.

This spelled a certain ambiguity in the scenario, as though something might happenexcept nothing did.

Wang Yao stayed for only five minutes. He drank the glass of water and left.

"It's late, do have a good rest," Wang Yao said before departing. As the saying goes, a gentleman does not take advantage of an ambiguous situation.

Tong Wei stood by the window and gazed at Wang Yao's departing silhouette in disappointment.

"Can't you stay a little longer?" she asked.

Wang Yao mentally reprimanded himself for not being a true gentleman, as his heart was pounding chaotically. After all, he was a hot-blooded male, while this beautiful woman was like a flower, and the flower was willing.

Hence, he chose to leave, to escape.

"Why are you back?" Seeing Wang Yao, Tian Yuantu was surprised.

"What do you mean? If I don't come back, where will I go?"

"A woman is like a flower. If it blooms and is not plucked when it's fresh, you may only be able to pluck its stem," Tian Yuantu chuckled.

Wang Yao could only smile in response.

"You are a true gentleman!" Tian Yuantu complimented him and gave him a thumbs up. The lady was indeed very beautiful, like a fairy in a painting. He could also tell that the lady was interested in Wang Yao. If it were him, at Wang Yao's age, he would likely not be able to resist.

"I'm not a gentleman and don't wish to be one. It's too tiring." Wang Yao waved his hand and shook his head.

"Hahaha," Tuan Yuantu laughed in response. "To be honest, I think that lady is not bad. You should consider her."

Over the years, with Tian Yuantu's experience in wandering through multiple places and meeting with all sorts of people, he had trained himself to discern people's character. Based on those years of experience, his insight was relatively accurate. That lady's eyes were clear; she had a dignified air and was beautiful but did not fawnshe was a rare and smart woman. As the ancient saying went, a thousand soldiers are easy to find, but a good general is hard to come by. The same could be said of a woman.

"I will consider your suggestion," Wang Yao smiled and replied.

The two stayed in Dao City for the night. On the second day when they were prepared to leave, just before leaving, Wang Yao gave Tong Wei a call. Tong Wei insisted she wanted to play host and treat him and Tian Yuantu to a meal. Unable to decline, Wang Yao had to stay behind with Tian Yuantu.

Tong Wei chose a location that was not big. However, it was refined, and the business was particularly good. On that day, Tong Wei wore light makeup, although it appeared more exquisite than the day before; she looked very pretty. When she first entered, many eyes were on her, almost forgetting their meals. Indeed, it was a feast for the eyes.

"You look very pretty today," Wang Yao complimented.

"Thank you." Her smile was like a flower in bloom, dazzling and beautiful.

"Why not stay in Dao City for two more days? Dao City has a number of places of historical interest and scenic spots and fun places. Since you have the rare opportunity to visit, shall we walk around some more?" after the meal, Tian Yuantu suggested.

"Sure, I can be a guide for you guys," Tong Wei smiled and offered.

Er? Wang Yao hesitated.

He was concerned about his herbal field, and if he did not return, his parents would have to stay on the hill.

"Why, do you have something urgent at home?" Tian Yuantu noted Wang Yao's hesitance and enquired.

"It's not too urgent. We can stay for another day."

Wang Yao gave a call home to inform them that he was staying another night. He then explored Dao City together with Tong Wei, to the various scenic and fun places, and spots with good food.

Tian Yuantu wisely found an excuse and did not follow them, thus avoiding becoming an unwanted third wheel. That day, Wang Yao was very happy. The happiness was unlike the tranquility experienced at Nanshan hillit was another type of joy.

Tong Wei was also delighted. It had been a long time since she was so happy.

The two of them took a number of intimate photos together. Every time they got to a place, they incited the envy of bystanders.

"Damn, so pretty. That guy is so fortunate!"

"Hey, he actually let a beauty spend money on him. Impressive!"

"Why don't I have this fortune?"

"Where are you looking? You just stop moving when you see a beautiful woman!?"

"Sorry, wife!"

At night, the two of them found a refined establishment by the sea and had a cozy and happy dinner.

"You're going back tomorrow?" Tong Wei asked.

"Yes, I have something to take care of at home," Wang Yao responded.

"Why don't you stay for two more days? There are still a few places that we haven't been to yet." Tong Wei pouted her red lips seductively.

"Next time. When I come to Dao City again, I'll have to trouble you again," Wang Yao smiled in reply. Actually, he had harbored thoughts of staying a few more days and enjoying to his heart's content. Most importantly, with the company of a pretty lady, even if he did nothing else, just looking at her was enough to make him happy.

"Alright, next time then. It's a deal."


"Pinky promise." Tong Wei raise her pinkie finger, showing her lively side.

"Pinky promise."

Their hands touched, and Wang Yao felt the softness of her finger. Their fingers were like hooks, tightly clasped.

Time flew and the night lengthened. Wang Yao went with Tong Wei to her place. He stayed there for a while and then left.

"From your forehead, I can detect that love is in the air," upon seeing Wang Yao, Tian Yuantu spouted this poetic statement.

"I've played for the whole day. I'm quite tired. I shall retire first." Wang Yao smiled in response.

"Have you considered my suggestion?"

Wang Yao smiled and went into his room.

"That lady is really not bad."

The next day, Wang Yao wanted to give Tong Wei a call. He did not expect that she would go to their hotel and gift them with presents.

"Thank you," Wang Yao said.

"Have a safe journey."


"She's so considerate. She will be an understanding wife and a loving mother!" Tian Yuantu commented while he was driving.

"Indeed she is very thoughtful." Wang Yao looked at the presents in his hands. Not only were there gifts for himself, but she had also prepared presents for his parents.

"See, such a good lady. You must treasure this opportunity. Don't wait till it's too late and then regret it!" Tian Yuantu's words were genuine and sincere.

"Okay." Wang Yao nodded.

Tian Yuantu drove quite fast. They started off in the early morning and reached Lianshan County around noontime. Wang Yao asked Tian Yuantu to have lunch at his home. They had a few home-cooked dishes, and Tian Yuantu ate them all with relish. He complimented Wang Yao's mother's cooking skills, making her very pleased with herself.

"Who gave you these presents?" after Tian Yuantu left, Zhang Xiuying looked at the presents. They were not cheap.

"A classmate."

"Classmate? Male or female?"


"Female?!" Zhang Xiuying widened her eyes interestedly.

"Is she your university classmate? What's her name?"

"She's my junior high and high school classmate, from Lianshan County, working in Dao City," Wang Yao smiled, having no choice but to divulge.

"Is that the Tong Wei whom your Dad mentioned last time?!"

"Yes, that's her." Wang Yao did not hide it.

"Really, this time you went to Dao City because of her?" Zhang Xiuying was elated when she heard his response.

"No, we met by coincidence."

"She gave you presents when you met by coincidence? What does she look like? Do you have her photo?"


"Let me see."

Wang Yao showed them his phone where he saved the photos taken with Tong Wei when they explored Dao City.

"Wow, this girl is so pretty!" Zhang Xiuying snatched the phone from Wang Yao's hands and dashed into the house excitedly.

"Old man, come out and see your daughter-in-law."

"Daughter-in-law?!" Wang Fenghua who was in the house rushed out. "Where?"

"On the phone, see how pretty this girl is. Her appearance shows good fortune too."

"Hey, isn't this Tong Wei? You went to Dao City this time for her?"


"Why are there so many photos? And at so many different places?"

Wang Yao felt that he was wasting his breath explaining and decided not to speak, allowing his mother to get all excited.

"When are you bringing Tong Wei home to see us?"

"She's still at Dao City."

"Hmm, this can't be. Why don't you go to Dao City and get her to come back?" Zhang Xiuying had unconsciously regarded Tong Wei as her future daughter-in-law.

"I'm going up to Nanshan hill to take a look."

"That place is fine. Your dad just came down from there. Let's talk about this girl first. Hey, Yao"

Wang Yao walked out of his house and made his way up Nanshan hill. When he was at the foot of the hill, San Xian scurried down the hill and happily wagged its tail at his side and yelped a few times. It was as though it was asking Wang Yao where he had been and why he did not go to the hill.

Caw! In the sky, there was a resounding call. The eagle circled and flew low.

"Hello, Da Xia!" He waved to the eagle in the sky. The eagle seemed to have seen him and cawed in reply.

Wang Yao circled Nanshan, looked at his planted herbs and trees, and then headed up to the rock at the peak and practiced a round of Tai Chi and exercised his Qi. His fists and posture were still quite unpracticed. This was understandable since he had only started learning recently. Having moved his body and practiced Tai Chi, he felt comfortable.