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Empire Of The Ring Chapter 134

Although Youngho wanted to say something about the de facto power of terrorist groups, he was hesitant to tell Michael. Being a former military man, he was a patriotic person and Youngho did not wish to confuse him with unconfirmed information.

Michael was a typical middle-class white man who was hot-blooded. It would be asking too much for him to handle his country’s injustice. He would fight Youngho if he had to and abandon his honor to protect his country’s honor. Although if it was not related to his country’s benefits, he did not hesitate to sell information to the information agency. Anyway, Youngho was not sure what kind of disadvantages would fall on him if he shared Eriksson’s opinion with Michael. There was a possibility that the CIA might also be involved in this.

Youngho only wished Edward was near him.Although he was relegated to Panama, he was like a savior who helped Youngho settle down in the CIA. It would not be a lie to say that he could only make this far because of Edward. Youngho picked up a public phone near the trade fair site and dialed Edward’s cell phone number. He did not pick up even though the bell was ringing. When he did not pick up at the second time, Youngho called him for the last time and Edward finally picked up sounding as if he had just woken up.

“I thought you won’t ever pick up. Were you surprised by the strange number?”

“Mr. Lee?”

“I’m sorry to bother you in sleep. How are you?”

“It’s been long. What made you call at this hour? Is there a problem?”

Surprised by his call, Edward’s tone was raised.

“I’m visiting the European chapter and I just wanted to hear from you. I haven’t been keeping in touch and I felt sorry for that.”

“Well, between men, it’s a lot if you talk once in several months.”

“Well, I’m less burdened if you say so. How are things?”

“It’s been great. I’ve been entertaining myself looking at Panama beauties.”

Edward’s voice was clearer now that he was fully awake.

“If there’s no one around you, I’d like to discuss something with you.”

“Aren’t you using a public phone? Will you have enough time to talk?”

Youngho who had just put down the phone felt better now. Edward sympathized with many of Youngho’s guess and advised him for what to watch out for. When he said not to trust anybody in the CIA, Youngho asked about Michael. Because he said Michael was trustworthy, Youngho felt like a weight had been lifted from his chest. Edward was a second-generation Armenian American immigrant who was raised in the States and had studied in the States but he considered Armenia as his own country.

What Youngho asked for Edward’s advice was about Eriksson’s speculation that the mastermind of the recent terrorist attacks might be Jewish capitalists. Edward, who was an elite agent who graduated from the CIA university as agent Philip, gave basic advice but it was enough to calm Youngho’s mind. He said that ‘information starts on the basis of conjecture, and at times, agents should be able to doubt anyone even if it the president of the United States.’ He emphasized not to act upon speculation without any positive evidence and not to look at the works of nations or big organizations with an ethical standard. If Youngho waited quietly, he would soon see who’s involved to what extent. Saying that, pretending to be ignorant was beneficial in the long run for an agent, he added that if Youngho found out unspeakable information, he should rather try to make monetary gain. Therefore, Michael’s involvement in the information business was not so unethical. Knowing where Youngho was from, Edward’s had given the best advice to him.


It was only Eriksson’s opinion that the Federal Reserve Bank was behind current terror attacks. Youngho was just shocked realizing that an unexpected organization could be the driving force that was stirring the world. When did the world move normally?

When the oil prices fell, OPEC tried to cut oil production, and the resistance of the Western world to tame them and the Islamic countries on the verge of national overthrow always paralleled. If it was all a conspiracy that the bad cycle continues, where it all ends up with Islamic hardliners’ terror attacks, the world was a such a funny stage for play.

The current events were not something new since we all live in the world full of conspiracies. No matter what, it is true that we live in a world where money is everything.

The world had been quiet or loud depending on wealthy countries’ ethical standards and how they used their money.

Whether it was a conspiracy or not, the countries that had been attacked by terrorists would have to take revenge on them. They would not save some missiles since they needed to calm the public opinions in order to maintain their government power. The local warfare would inevitably take place, and Youngho would only survive when he sees everything in the eyes of a businessman, not the ones of an agent. There were multiple meanings to Edward’s advice to expand his funding sources.

If one becomes a mega-corporation that was not subject to a certain nation, nobody could touch that person. Since Youngho was neither an elite agent that went to the CIA University nor a US citizen, Edward had suggested to stop dreaming of a high position in the CIA but make money to survive.

When Edward first met Youngho, he said that he was a US CIA’s agent but he was the second generation of an Armenian immigrant. This meant that he knew the limits of his origin, and he was showing his will to help his Armenian people with the power of an agent. He also never looked back as he was being relegated to an unimportant role. It was because he did his best to help his people.

As he was leaving to Panama, Edward had asked Youngho to secretly help Armenians if possible. He had become an agent with a goal to help out his people and Youngho had become an agent for his business purpose.

Then, Youngho’s path was only one.

“Where have you been?”

“I was just a little frustrated, I talked with Edward.”

“What kind of advice can a person in Panama give now? Anyway, how’s Edward?”

“He said he’s enjoying Panama beauties.”

Jongil’s eyes sparkled at Youngho’s mention of ‘beauties’.

“I heard that there were many beautiful women in the Central and Southern America. Man, that must be true. Didn’t he say anything about inviting us?”

“What? Should I just assign you there? Agents in Central and Southern America do a lot of lobbying just to come to Europe.”


Ignoring Jongil’s yelling, Youngho dragged him back to the basement of the trade fair site.


“Mr. Eriksson, it’s Lee Youngho.”

“I’m honored to hear from you so often.”

Eriksson answered the phone in the same relaxed manner as before.

“I felt like I should pay you back for your opinion.”

“Didn’t we come to an agreement by exchanging information with each other?”

“You can take care of that to your liking. I just think I owe you that much.”

“I’ll listen carefully. Please go on.”

“A major terrorist attack is expected in Frankfurt. German police and experts have been mobilized now, but the results are unpredictable.”

“Very well. I just want to let you know that it’s something new for us.”

He spoke in a business tone but it was neat.

There was unprecedented tension in downtown Frankfurt. Every vehicle entering the main facilities were passed only after being searched to the bottom of the car and in the streets, armed special police force was patrolling around in groups of two or three.

Youngho and Jongil, who had looked around the trade fair site, were now at the site of automobile exhibition fair. Although the German police’s bomb disposal unit had already swept the scene, Youngho and Jongil were sent to search around representing the CIA. Since the two were not explosive experts, it was impossible to find bombs. It was rather a perfunctory visit but the German police officers welcomed the two as if they were experts since they were sent by the CIA.

The estimated time of terrorist attacks was in three to five days from now.

The automobile exhibition fair was held every two years. The fair that was supposed to be held last September was being held in this May due to industry’s circumstances. Since the opening day and the next day were the most convincing days for attacks, Youngho also paid attention to the exhibition site. Of course, all of the officers and related people had the same idea and searched the site thoroughly.

Although Youngho’s team and other officers investigated for hours, nobody found any strange object. Jongil who was chewing a bad hamburger which he had bought from a near fast food store, spoke to Youngho.

“Youngho, doesn’t it seem like everybody knows about the potential terrorist attack in here?”


“Don’t you think any stupid terrorist groups could have guessed this situation?”

Jongil had a point. What if it was the terrorists’ scheme to turn everyone’s attention in this way and launched their attack in some other place?

“Are you saying that it’s going to take place in somewhere else other than Frankfurt?”

“Well, it’d be effective if they attacked here. There will be so many people crowding in for the automobile exhibition fair, from automobile company owners and related business people. Including the airport, train stations, and fair site, there are tons of places in here where people could gather.”

“You know police is checking people in big hotels and malls where there’s going to be a lot of people.”

“Do you think it’s going to be possible to check all of the people?”

Jongil had been irritating Youngho with his words.

“Stop saying about the problems. So, what are you suggesting?”

“You know, if the attack will take place anyway, we should spread the word that this place is dangerous.”

“Man, do you think the German government will tell people to not visit here? It’s like advertising that the country is defenseless against terrorist attack, and what good would be these events if there were no visitors?”

The German government was in a dilemma that they have to keep going on with their national events knowing that there would be terrorist attacks.


Without any fruit, the automobile exhibition fair day arrived. All of the facility was concluded to be explosive-free. The most worrisome things left were attacks using a driving car and a suicide bombing attack by individuals. The only way to prevent those was to not to have cars at the fair and checking all the people coming in. If there was even a little suspicion, people were searched. Of course, there were so many complaints by people and the VIPs were disgusted by Germany’s treatment of them. Although lives were at risk, people could not be patient for the immediate inconvenience. Because people’s complaints continued, the officers who were in charge of security check, acted passively and defensively. Looking at their behaviors, intelligence experts nervously began the countdown for the attack.

The incident happened at night. There was a little explosion in a caf in front of Romer city hall, and it was followed by the explosion of a cruise ship at a dock of the Main River. In front of the Romer, traveling families were injured and in the cruise ship, the staffs of the fair who were having an own celebration party were exposed to the attack. It was all done by young terrorists who were disguised as staffs.

Although many people were injured, the government continued with different events as they were scheduled.

And the aftermath of the incident began to deteriorate strangely. Throughout Frankfurt, people in Arab and Islamic costumes now were blamed for the terror attacks. As if they had been waiting for the incident to take place, young German people who claimed to be Nazis and even skinheads joined to exert indiscriminate violence all over the city. Asian visitors, Youngho and Jongil, were not safe from them either since they were attacked by young German men too. Because Youngho showed his pistol, he could avoid them but if he did not have the weapon, he would have fought against the young men in order to get out of the place. It seemed that terrorist attacks were not important anymore but the bigger problem was the violence of German young people.