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Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Chapter 1463

The Heavenly Moon Emperor’s eyes were stern as he swept his gaze across his surroundings. Once the entire rear garden has been silenced, he continued to speak, “The first round is the elimination stage! You shall draw lots and those who receive the same number shall be placed in the same group. All members of the group shall journey towards Evil Spirit Mountain and if you manage to return after seven days,you will have passed the elimination stage. Of course, not a single person must be left behind. If anyone ends up missing from the group, it will be viewed as a failure.”

The crowd burst into a discussion after the Heavenly Moon Emperor had spoken.

After all, not only would they have to rely on each member’s individual power in the elimination stage, they also need to have good chemistry with their group members! If they were unlucky enough to be placed in a group of weaklings, they would never be able to pass the elimination stage regardless of how powerful they were individually!

Hence, this was the most worrying part for everyone in the crowd!

Despite the explosion of discussion beneath him, the Heavenly Moon Emperor’s face did not show any sign of change at all. His voice was sharp and cold as he continued, “Due to the dangerous nature of this competition, if you run into any ferocious spiritual beasts, you can call for help! The Heavenly Moon Empire cultivators will immediately step out to save you. However, to do so will cause you to forfeit the competition and this applies to everyone in the group. Hence, if you wish to ask for help, you must think it over thoroughly. We will give you half an hour’s time to prepare. Once you’re ready, come with Us and We shall head towards Evil Spirit Mountain!”

Evil Spirit Mountain was considered to be one of the four most fearsome areas in the Heavenly Moon Empire. If one were to meet a ferocious spiritual beast there, they would not be able to escape so easily even if they have broken through to the refined state. Hence, the Heavenly Moon Emperor has sent powerful cultivators to shadow the competitors secretly.

“If there are no objections, you will begin to draw lots now.” The Heavenly Moon Emperor raised the corners of his lips indifferently as he continued, “You are all the pride of the Heavenly Moon Empire so once you’re at Evil Spirit Mountain, don’t venture off to the deep end of the mountain. The deeper you tread, the greater the dangers. Understand?”

“At Your Imperial Majesty’s command!”

The crowd’s hearts shivered as they replied with reverence.

The Heavenly Moon Emperor did not say anything else as he waved his hand and ordered Eunuch Li to bring out the ballot box. The young geniuses who have successfully passed the registration then each stepped forward to draw lots. Soon, the rear garden was filled with sounds of excitement though there were some who were disappointed as well.

“Heavens, I’ll be placed with Leng Shang. Leng Shang has already reached the late stage of the exceptional state and is only one step away from the refined state. If I’m in the same group as him, my safety will at least be assured.”

“Crap! You actually had the good luck of being placed in the same group as the dark horse, Leng Shang! Unlike me, I’ve been placed in the same group as that idiot, Li Qing. This idiot is simply going to drag us down!”

In contrast to the happy man before him, the next person was clearly very disappointed.

Even though their powers were assessed during the registration, this did not apply to all the participants. Those like Gu Ruoyun whose identity and origins were unknown and did not have any powerful forces backing her had topass the assessment for her to be successfully registered.

However, for some in the nobility, they could register clandestinely and be accepted into the competition, such as the young man named Li Qing.

It was also the method Su Lin had previously used to circumvent Gu Ruoyun!

“Li Qing’s father is a general so his family has great power. However, Li Qing is too much of a good-for-nothing. He’s simply just a lame duck! To this day, he’s still floating around at the rank of a high-level Martial Saint. Someone like that could never have been registered without using underhanded means!”