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Extraordinary Genius Chapter 405

At 8 pm, Feng Yu was waiting for Director Suns call on his sofa.

The phone rang, and Feng Yu immediately picked it up: Hello? Is this director Sun?

Manager Feng, its me. I got the information you wanted. There is indeed a company named Ningbo Bird in Fenghua district. It is a partnership between a small research facility and a local government. But the start-up capital for the company is only 1000,000 RMB.

Huh? Start-up capital was only 100,000 RMB? So little?

Feng Yus interest in these few technicians increased. A company with a start-up capital of 100,000 RMB will become the leader in Chinas telecommunications equipment industry in the future. One must admit that these few people were indeed capable. With so little funds, they were able to develop the pager, and their technologies were the most advanced in China!

Director Sun, can I trouble you to sound them out? I am thinking of buying over this company. Help me ask if they are interested. If buying over the company is not possible, investing in the company is also fine.

Director Sun was surprised. Was Manager Feng joking with him? When Feng Yu told him that he was interested in this company, he thought that this was a big company. But after investigating, it was only a small company in a town.

He thought that this company was small, and Feng Yu would not be interested. But now he wants to buy over this company? Whats the use of acquiring such a small company?

All the distributors had heard about Feng Yu buying over a small design company when he started Songjiang Motorcycles. At that time, everybody thought that Feng Yu had made a failed investment.

But now, that small company with only a handful employees had grown to the number one design company in Shanghai. The annual profits were more than 1 million! Feng Yu had just invested a few hundred thousand initially.

This time, Feng Yu had set his sights on this small company. Could it be that this small company had something that was worth investing? Director Sun could also afford 100,000 RMB, but he would never invest in this company. It was because he could not see how the company could make profits.

But he was the one helping Feng Yu with this matter. Feng Yu should not reject him if he wants to buy a stake in this company. He could invest 30,000 to 50,000 RMB for some shares. Even if this company failed, he could also accept the loss. But if this company was like that design company, he could get back his capital within 2 years.

Manager Feng, leave this to me. I will depart for Fenghua tonight, and tomorrow I will speak to the company. I will get back to you latest by tomorrow evening.

Sure. Director Sun, if I am able to buy over this company successfully, I will not forget you.

Hahaha. Thank you.

Feng Yu start to play computer games again after he hangs up the phone. He remembered that Nintendo games on computers. He must make a trip back to Zhongguancun to look for it. This computer can only be used as a game console now.

After hanging up the phone, Director Sun immediately drove to Fenghua in his Volkswagen Santana. This was the best opportunity to get close to Manager Feng, and he does not want to miss it. If he could foster good relationships with Tai Hua Trading like Fatty Huang, then his companys future prospects will not be worse off than Fatty Huang.

Fatty Huang was successful because he was located in the coastal region. Our Zhejiang region will not lose to Guangdong. Our City was also one of the pilot testing city for opening up!

2 and a half hours later, Director Sun arrived at his parents place in Fenghua.

Why are you back at this time? Did something happen? Director Suns mother asked worriedly.

Nothing happened. Mum, go back to sleep. Tomorrow I need to go to Da Qiao there for business.

Did you quarrel with daughter-in-law?

No. Mum, go back and rest. It is really for business. I am afraid that I will be late if I depart tomorrow. Leave these things at the corner. You and dad must remember to eat before this stuff turns bad.

Although Director Sun had made a lot of money in the past two years, he had also spent a lot. He had bought a new house in Hangzhou and a car. But his home was too small, and he also has kids. He could not fetch his parents over to stay with him. If this time, he could earn some money by following Feng Yu to invest in this company, then next year he would shift to a bigger house or buy over the house next door for his parents.

The next morning, Director Sun went out immediately after breakfast. He wants to settle this as soon as possible. He needs to leave a good impression with Feng Yu. He knew that Feng Yu prefers efficient and capable people!

Hi, is this Fenghua Ningbo Bird company? Director Sun had finally found Ningbo Birds office after asking around.

Thats right. Who are you looking for?

I am looking for your manager.

Our manager is busy in the research facility. I am the only one in the company now. How can I help?

Director Sun looked at the small company. How can this place be called an office? It was apparently a living quarter. It was a one-story apartment, and it was also very dim. There was not even proper furniture in here.

Was this company really worth acquiring by Manager Feng?

I have a friend that is interested in this company, and he wishes to buy over it. Can you call your manager over? Director Sun did not enter the messy office. He would rather wait in his car.

What? Buy over our company? Xu Xiguang looked at Director Sun and saw the Volkswagen Santana parked outside. He knew that this person must be a big boss.

Please wait a while. I will go and call them.

Xu Xiguang locked the offices door and push a bicycle out from the back of the building!

Director Sun was going crazy. What company was this? It does not even have phone lines. One still needs to ride a bicycle to call others? How long will it take for you to come back?

Never mind. Get into the car. You will give me the directions, and we will look for your manager together.

Xu Xiguang did not reject the offer and boarded the car. He looked at the vehicle enviously. He wanted to touch everything in the car but was afraid of damaging it.

After driving for about 20 minutes, they reached a place with a sign Ningbo Bird Research Center. Director Sun was glad that he had driven over to this place. If he had waited for this person to ride his bicycle, it would take at least 2 hours.

What company was this? The office was an old and rundown one-story house, and the research center was so far away.

Director Sun did not know that the one-story house was given to them by the local government. There were no places near the research center for them to use as an office. They also could not afford the rents.

After entering the research facility, Director Sun felt better. At least he got see high-tech equipment lying around. This was at least worth buying over.

A bespectacled man, with messy hair and dirty overalls, walked over and offered a handshake to Director Sun: Hi, I am Ningbo Birds Manager, Xu Lihua.

Director Sun looked at Xu Lihuas dirty hand, but he still shook his hand. When he started doing business, he was also not better than this Xu Lihua.

Manager Xu, how do you do? I am Sun Lijie. I am the owner of Hangzhous Li Jie Trading Company.

Xu Lihua looked at Sun Lijie with a blank look. Li Jie Trading Company? Never heard of this company before!

It is fine if you have not heard of my company. I am the sole distributor of Songjiang Motorcycles in our province. I have a friend who wants to buy over your Ningbo Bird Company!

When Xu Lihua heard Songjiang Motorcycles, he was in shock. This was indeed a big boss.

What? His friend wants to buy over our company?!