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Fishing The Myriad Heavens Chapter 515

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Although the bearded man looked simple-minded and boorish, he was actually a very scheming and clever person. Those leaders who lacked a crafty brain had already got themselves and their teams killed by Demonic Beasts or other cultivators before they could get as far as they.

He was a true warrior who’d seen his share of blood. Not only did one need to face Demonic Beasts, they needed to be wary of other humans who went after their own constantly.

This was the first time that the bearded man felt somewhat confused. He couldn’t be sure what type of people these two belonged to. From the looks of it, just the bodyguard guy seemed a bit more troublesome. The other guy’s cultivation was definitely only at the primary level of the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer.

“This subordinate understands.” When Lu Bu heard Bei Feng’s words, he nodded his head, and continued walking quietly. These people had all been marked with death sentence by the family head. If they proved to be useful, they would live for a little longer, but if not, their death’s date would simply be pushed forward.

The mine was completely silent, and only the footsteps of the group could be heard.

Unless there was a need to, nobody would dare to fly rashly in the Hundred Break Mountain Range, because it was impossible to know how many strange beasts with unique abilities existed here.

Flying into the air would open oneself up to an entire new realm of dangers. For example, one could fly directly into an invisible web and get torn to pieces, or one could attract the attack of a group of flying Demonic Beasts.

Thus, the crowd did not fly, and only walked quickly deeper into the mine. Every step they took brought them several hundred meters ahead. Everyone would leave plenty of space in front and around them when they moved in case of the unexpected.


A multicolored spider was currently scurrying quickly, catching up behind the group. Its aura was powerful, indicating its strength had reached the late stage of the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer!

This spider was as big as a horse carriage, and its eight sharp legs carried it rapidly through the tunnels.

The bearded man’s expression changed as the huge multicolored spider suddenly appeared beside him!


Large drops of sticky saliva hung from the spider’s mandibles, corroding small bowl-sized holes in the ground.

The spider was calm and well practiced in its movements as three of its front legs stabbed towards the bearded man. Its speed was fast, and numerous sonic booms followed behind it!

“Elephant Toss Technique!”

The bearded man did not dodge. His body tilted, appearing beside the three sharp legs. His hands were as nimble as an elephant’s trunk, directly wrapping around the legs. Following that, his entire body expanded by two times. His muscles bulged heavily as he directly lifted the spider up, and threw it at Bei Feng!

The spider was somewhat disoriented by the sudden shift in direction, but it still spread its legs and stabbed at the figure in white!

“Evil beast!”

Bei Feng took half a step back as if he had received a fright. Lu Bu, who was beside him, roared angrily and drew his sword out!


A loud sound like two metals clashing together rang out along a flurry of sparks.

A man and a beast clashed together, and the three chi long sword in Lu Bu’s hand danced intricately, quickly blocking the attacks of the eight legs of the spider.

Both sides exchanged tens of blows before Lu Bu managed to chop off all the spider’s legs before loping its head off in one stroke.

“Hu, hu!!”

Lu Bu panted heavily, his energy somewhat overdrawn.

“Keke, this Demonic Core is not bad, these eight legs are also natural weapons, and should be worth a fair amount of money.”

Two cultivators dashed up and rapidly tore the Demonic Beast apart, taking away the most valuable parts.

“What’s the meaning of this?!” Lu Bu was so angry that he was trembling slightly as he turned to look at the bearded man.

“That was a mistake of mine just now, my bad, my bad… As for this Demonic Beast, it’s naturally a fee that you should pay for following us around. We can’t protect you two for free, right?”

The bearded guy smiled lightly, his face twisted in a teasing look.

“Isn’t that right, Young Master?” The bearded man turned and looked at Bei Feng, his tone filled with dominance.

Bei Feng looked like he’d just recovered from a shock as he replied hurriedly, “Yes, you’re absolutely right. Just let them have the Demonic Beast.”

‘Looks like these two really just have this much strength. Only that bodyguard is worth a second look, but he’s still much weaker than me,’the bearded man thought silently to himself.

The group continued walking, and the road before them grew broader and broader.

After some time, a light appeared in the front, causing everyone to look up.

“Heavens! What’s going on?”

“Aren’t we underground? How come there’s a sun here?!”

“Immortal Palace?! What a great creation, ah!”

The entire group grew excited as they cried out loudly.

The path suddenly opened up to a fantasy-like land; three celestial mountains stood not far away, and a flock of white cranes flew across the sky.

The entire group was stunned speechless. Nobody would have thought that there would be another world under this mine…

“This is a separate dimension world! From the looks of it, it should be the remnants of a sect!” the bearded man exclaimed with agitation as his eyes grew red.

“This piece of remnant dimension must have only appeared recently; otherwise, it would have been monopolized by the sect that was mining here long ago!”

The group discussed fervently.

After that, they went in without hesitation. The dimensional space appeared to be right before everyone’s eyes, but as soon as they took a step in, the skies and lands flipped, and everyone appeared inside it.

This dimensional space was filled with an aura of decay. Large patches of vegetation were wilting, and only the three huge mountains in the distance were still filled with greenery.

“This dimensional space’s damage is too heavy, and it’s on the brink of collapse. Let’s find that lucky opportunity as quickly as possible and leave.”

The bearded man calmed down. His first thought upon entering this space was to kill those two outsiders. But after thinking a bit, he discarded the thought. It was unclear if there were any dangers in this place. As it happened, these two were perfect to be used as scouts.

‘No wonder those gangster rabbits are so abnormal, so it turns out that they’ve occupied a sect’s remnant dimensional space. My God, so much good stuff was destroyed by their stomping feet!’When he thought to here, the bearded man’s heart ached terribly.

If those resources had been given to him, he would have probably already taken a step into the Thousand Year King realm, no?

“This is a huge opportunity, ah! Young Master, there will naturally be no lack of good stuff for you later on this trip.” The bearded man smiled as he looked at Bei Feng. After that, without bothering if the latter agreed, he waved his hand and surrounded Bei Feng and Lu Bu with his men, preventing them from escaping.

‘Which mountain is the Celestial Emperor Bamboo on?’Bei Feng furrowed his brows. He didn’t care about whatever was in this land at all. The only thing he was concerned about was the Celestial Emperor Bamboo.

Seeing the small movements of the bearded man, Bei Feng did not mind at all. Before ultimate strength, all tricks were useless. It wasn’t difficult to kill all of them at the same time whenever he wanted to.

The shadows of numerous people flashed past, all rushing towards the three mountains.

When he reached the foot of the mountain, Bei Feng felt a faint pressure as if his entire body’s Blood Qi was being suppressed.

“Something’s wrong, my strength has been suppressed by a tenth.”

“It’s a formation!”

“From the looks of it, this remnant space is not simple, huh.”

Everyone exclaimed with shock.

Over 100 people had gathered at the foot of the mountain at this time. One group radiated a frightening aura, terrifying everyone just by standing there.

This group was exactly Shui Yuntian and the black-robed warriors from earlier. They were all standing silently like dead people, not making a single sound.

“This is a training space of the Ji Dao Sect. This mountain is also a type of trial; if one passed its test, one could pick a weapon and leave with it. There is a total of nine levels; each level would suppress one’s strength by a tenth, and in the final stage, one’s strength would be suppressed completely,” an old man said as he examined a two zhang tall stone plague.

“What kind of sect is the Ji Dao Sect?”

“I’ve never heard of it before, but it should be a large sect?”

“How can such a large sect be completely unheard of in the past? Ji Dao Sect… such a large dimensional space was just a training ground for their disciples. What a grand stroke.”

Everyone discussed fervently, but nobody could provide an answer as to the origins of the Ji Dao Sect. Nobody had even heard of it before.

Bei Feng shook his head. Looks like the Celestial Emperor Bamboo was not on this mountain. Bei Feng instantly lost his interest in it.

The old man looked up, and said, “This formation needs a lot of resources to operate, everyone. If you want to obtain the chance to train, there’s no need to conceal your true stuff anymore.”

A cultivator respectfully addressed the old man as he asked, “Grand Master, how much in resources will be needed?”

This old man was a respectable Grade 2 Formation Master; although they were both at the Fourth Layer of the Hundred Year realm, this old man’s status was much higher than his.

“From my estimate, we’ll need at least one thousand Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer Demonic Cores to supply it with power. But to activate the formation, some other valuable materials are needed. This old man has those materials with him, but will need everyone to compensate this old man with 1,500 Demonic Cores in total.”

After the old man finished listing the materials, everyone fell silent and looked on nonchalantly.

‘A bunch of bumpkins… it’s easy to open this formation, but you’re actually unwilling to fork out a small amount of wealth for such a rare opportunity; that’s simply letting yourself down.’The old man snorted coldly in his heart.

This formation obviously didn’t need thousands of Demonic Cores to start up, it just needed a few special palm sequences to activate. The method itself was also engraved on the stone plague.

But so what if the method was written out for them? Even if he showed the plague to the rest, they wouldn’t be able to understand it.

Formation masters were few and far between. Perhaps only one person in a million would have the talent to learn formations.

Although he was only a Grade 2 Formation master now, as long as he could break through to Grade 3, his position would not be below a Thousand Year King. Even the Martial Alliance would attempt to pull him in and help him break through to the Thousand Year King realm.

Someone stood out, and said smugly, “Since this formation is not activated, that means that there’s no threat. I can go up to the mountain peak directly and claim the reward.”

Without any hesitation, he charged up the mountain.


“AHH! NO…”

A streak of lightning as thick as an adult’s thigh suddenly shot down and struck that cultivator, smiting him down and leaving only a charred human figure on the ground.


The others did not even turn to look at that unlucky fellow. If things were so easy, the Martial Alliance would never spend so much efforts to groom formation masters.

Formation masters did not study about the formations of Tianmu Planet. Instead, they studied the legacies that came from the Heaven Connecting Towers. Only, there was a limited amount of these legacies, which meant that formation masters were difficult to groom.

Everyone furrowed their brows with unwillingness. Looks like they would need to pay dearly this time. However, for the sake of divine weapons, they could only bear with the pain.

The leaders of all the different factions gathered together, and contributed their Demonic Cores.

The value of 1,500 Fourth Layer Demonic Cores exceeded several hundred million. Surprisingly, the group of black-robed men actually contributed 500.

The group of leaders talked for a while and separated. The bearded guy also came back with a very long face. From the looks of it, he’d paid a little too many Demonic Cores.

“Bunch of bullies! They actually demanded that I pay 300 Demonic Cores!” The bearded man gnashed his teeth hatefully. The burden of 1,000 Demonic Core was spread between five teams. He alone was forced to fork out 300. But whose fault was it that his team was so weak?

When he thought about another unlucky team that was made to cough out 500 Demonic Cores, he felt somewhat better in his heart. At the very least, he was not the biggest loser.

The other three teams only needed to pay 200 Demonic Cores added together. That was because their teams were stronger.

Thinking of this, the bearded man scowled darkly as he walked towards Bei Feng and Lu Bu.