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Flowers Bloom From Battlefield Chapter 229

Present time

Lan Gao Ya smiled. “Before the massacre happens, my father already knew about it. He didn’t have any way out, so he gives me this necklace with the message of how to meet with his subordinate.”

Lan Ping gritted his teeth. How can she be called as only a little girl? It was more correct to say that she was a demon in human skin. The seven-year old little girl can actually plan so much? How was it possible?

“I meet with them and with their guidance, I become familiar with the way the information agency worked. Do you know the reason I never acted before? I was waiting for a good chance to enact my revenge,” Lan Gao Ya laughed.

“At first, I want to use the Jun family since I know some of their dark past that I could use. Too bad that Jun Min didn’t even touch me at that room,” Lan Gao Ya sighed.

At first, she did pretend to be asleep, but then she did pass out due to the medicine was working better than her thought. The moment she woke up, all she knew was her head was dizzy, but her clothes was still intact. She smelled the smoke and cursed in her mind about Lan Ping plan.

Then, she noticed the concern on Jun Min’s face, and it was at that moment she decided not to use the Jun family anymore.

She never met with anyone who truly cared for her.

It was funny how the first person who ever showed concern to her was someone whom she wanted to use. Even thought it failed in the end, she still didn’t want to have anything with the Jun Family anymore.

Maybe, she has actually fallen in love for real with that little boy.

Although she still has some news about Jun Family, somehow she no longer able to track them after that and the news about them disappeared completely.

She knew then that the Jun family had their own plan and since she didn’t really have any animosity with them, she didn’t want to touch them too. The one she wanted to take revenge at were her cousin and uncle.

Coming to the Pan Kingdom, her information agency became something really important even for the emperor. Because of that, the emperor tied her with his nephew. That way, she became the princess of Pan Kingdom and also someone important in that kingdom.

“Anyway, I got someone better in Pan Kingdom,” Lan Gao Ya smiled. “I won’t kill you, but I will take something important from you.”

Lan Ping got an ominous feeling. He stared at Lan Gao Ya deeply, hoping to kill the girl in front of him this instant.

“Since you really like to enjoy girls with so many concubines in your place, why don’t I take them away first? Besides, I really hate the way you looked at me before.” Lan Gao Ya waved her hand.

The guard by the side moved the moment they heard Lan Gao Ya’s order.

“No, don’t!” no matter how many times Lan Ping screamed, Lan Gao Ya just sat there, watching her guards and Lan Ping calmly.

After some time, the guard finally finished and Lan Ping stayed still on the floor, feeling deep hatred towards the woman.

If only he didn’t let her go that time.

Regret always came too late and Lan Ping knew that he felt deep regret for not killing that girl. Without this girl, he would never fall to this predicament and experienced this horrible thing.

Lan Gao Ya stared calmly at the murderous gaze Lan Ping shot at her. She felt that it was funny. Years ago, it was her who looked towards the other party with the same gaze secretly. Now, it was his turn to stare at her. The only difference was he stared frankly while she did it secretly.

Standing up, she looked towards him once more. “Staring won’t give you any ability. Let me tell you something, I really like the stare you’re giving me right now. Compared with the previous gaze, this is far better.”

The girl moved towards the door. Before she stepped out she pointed towards the room next to her. “You guys do anything you want to him, just remember, he has to stay alive.”

“Yes Princess.”

Princess? Suddenly, Lan Ping felt immense regret for killing Jun Min with that fire before. Lan Gao Ya had surprisingly became the princess of Pan Kingdom. If he hadn’t done that, Lan Gao Ya would have followed Jun family

That was even worse. If the military of Jun family knew every single thing about him and their soldier, they would get beaten up even more easily. After all, the Jun Family already separated themselves from Ming Kingdom, so they were the enemy right now.

Lan Ping face paled when he thought about it. No matter which decisions he chose, Lan Gao Ya would be able to live freely and enact her revenge.

As the guard forced him to stand, he looked towards the room that Lan Gao Ya pointed at. Seeing the things inside the room, in that instant, his face drained all color.


Lan Gao Ya who had walked outside frowned when she heard her cousin voice. She simply waved his hand and one of her attendants moved inside before coming out again. This time, the sound of Lan Ping cannot be heard anymore.

“Have Ye Lei returned?”

“Answering Princess, Your Majesty hadn’t returned yet.”

Lan Gao Ya nodded and walked the way to her carriage. Getting inside the carriage, her mouth curved into smile. Her life this far was not bad, her first revenge was finished and she only needed to wait for the right time to continue with the rest.

“Princess, the family of Lan Ping has been captured.”

Lan Gao Ya stopped her movement for a moment. Inside her eyes, trace of ruthlessness can be seen, “Throw them to the dungeon and tell the guard to do the punishment freely.”

“Yes Princess.”

Although the guard was still looked calm, inside his heart, he was in turmoil. The condition inside the dungeon was below the level of what ordinary people can hope to live. It was not the usual prison they would expect.

As for the servants, the moment they heard the order, they have been shivering all over. Inside their heart, they feel immense fear because they got a pair of cruel masters to serve. Who would have guessed that such a young lady is actually terribly cruel in her mind?

Lan Gao Ya has long hated Lan Ping’s wife and concubines. They were always blaming her for taking their husband attention. In her eyes, it was their incompetence to not be able to satisfy that annoying general since she didn’t have any interest in him.

As she watched the guards doing their job, her eyes were as calm as ever. It was as if something that happened before her was a normal thing that happened every day.