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Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2152

"Senior, why are you here?" A young girl asked with a grin.

However, the masked girl was not in the mood to engage in idle chat.

"Where is the Palace Lord?"

"The Palace Lord is in his chambers. Senior, are you going to.." The two younger girls looked at the highly anxious masked girl, and before they could finish asking their question, the masked girl had already rushed past them.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was sleeping peacefully in his bedchambers when the door suddenly opened with a crash. He opened his eyes immediately and saw the masked girl kneeling right before him.

"My Lord!"

"You.. Why have you come back? And you're in such a hurry. Did something happen?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord asked as he sat up lazily, to look smilingly at his disciple. The days were now so much better for the Spirit Jade Palace and he did not hold all that much ambition, merely seeking to see the days pass peacefully.

"My Lord, Miss Jun is seeking to go up against the Nine Temples!" The masked girl said, straight to the point.

That statement completely shocked any hint of sleepiness still remaining in the Spirit Jade Palace Lord out to dissipate into the clouds. His eyes flared wide open, as he stared in surprise at the masked girl kneeling before him.

"What did you say? Jun Wu Xie is going to go against the Nine Temples? Has she gone mad! ?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord exclaimed in shock. He had seen bold people, but never one with guts like this. Although he knew that Jun Wu Xie always liked to do things that people had never expected, and knew that she possessed abilities that were able to turn the Heavens upside down, but.. The Twelve Palaces had been wiped out only a year ago, why had she suddenly come to face off with the Nine Temples?

"Miss Jun's Master has been captured by the Nine Temples and will be publicly executed at Mount Fu Yao in five days. Miss Jun is enraged and has decided that she will go save her Master even if she dies in the attempt." The masked girl said anxiously.

"What.." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was not able to digest the news completely in that instant.

"My Lord! We cannot let Miss Jun go to Mount Fu Yao on her own!" The masked girl begged, kowtowing as she struck her head heavily on the ground.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's eyes became highly complicated.

"The Nine Temples are not like the Twelve Palaces and although Jun Wu Xie is adept at coming up with outstanding schemes, she only has five days time, which will only be enough for her to rush her way over to Mount Fu Yao on a horse, how would she be able to devise a stratagem to turn the odds? That.. That will be just too difficult." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord face did not look too good. To the Spirit Jade Palace, they owe Jun Wu Xie the debt of having given them a new lease of life. She had not only avenged them but had handed over the entire empire on a platter to the Spirit Jade Palace. The benevolence Jun Wu Xie had shown the Spirit Jade Palace, was higher than the tallest mountain there is.

"My Lord, are we.. just going to watch Miss Jun deliver herself into death like this?" The masked girl asked in a choked voice.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord bit on his lip, his gaze highly conflicted.

He believed, that if Jun Wu Xie was given a year, Jun Wu Xie would definitely have the ability to devise a scheme that would wipe out the Nine Temples completely. But now, there's only five days.. What could be done in five days? It already wasn't enough for the journey there so how was it impossible to plan for everything? For Jun Wu Xie to risk it all like that, it was clear that she had given up on leaving herself a way out from this.

"Why would the Nine Temples want to capture Jun Wu Xie's Master?" The Spirit Jade Palace Lord then asked.

The masked girl then immediately repeated Tian Ze's words.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord flashed with a sliver of shock upon hearing that.

"So I see.. I see.. I had thought that he would be able to escape the calamity this time.. I had not thought.." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord suddenly let out a long sigh.

"My Lord, you know something about the matter?" The masked girl asked, looking at the Spirit Jade Palace Lord in surprise.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord nodded his head in helplessness.

"How could I not know? If not for the fact that the Cloudy Brook Academy's Headmaster reached his hand out to help, I fear our Spirit Jade Palace would not even have the chance to be able to survive till today at all."