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God Of Money Chapter 129

Shin Semi poured a glass of whiskey and said to Woosung, "I hate to brag, but you must admit that I am beautiful. I haven't had any plastic surgery, which is rare in KYLO."Shin Semi looked confident, which made Woosung flustered, but he replied firmly, "I have a lot to do right now. I have no time for anything other than work.""I understand completely. My father was just like you. That is why it makes sense for rich business people to marry each other."Woosung looked at Shin Semi.Appearance.Ability.Background.She was A+ for all of the categories. Woosung was tempted to nod and take her to the nearest bed right away, but he needed to be dedicated to his work. If he lost his focus now, his whole plan could crumble."I have things I really need to accomplish. That's all I can tell you right now."Rejection again.Shin Semi sighed. "SoI suspected it, but it really is a no?""Not a no, but more like not now."Shin Semi took another sip. This was her third glass. She wasn't used to drinking so much. She felt drunk, which gave her courage."Then what about after you are done with your work?"It felt surreal for Woosung to have such a gorgeous woman begging to go out with her. This has never happened in his previous life. He was always the one who was dumped."MaybeThat's the only answer I can give you right now.""That's such a vague answer. Rich people are actually very old-fashioned. There is no guarantee that I will be available then."Shin Semi was now being too needy. Woosung replied, "If that happens, I would be a bit disappointed."Her expression brightened a little. She took another sip. "I will try to wait for you. Please don't make me wait too long."Then she fell asleep on the sofa. Woosung lifted her up and placed her in her car where her chauffeur was waiting. She was lighter than expected. His heart was pounding fast.*** After returning home and taking a shower, Woosung murmured in front of the mirror, "What a life."His appearance was the same, but he gave off a different atmosphere.Relaxed.Confident.He was full of these wonderful characteristics, and a woman like Shin Semi was after him.He enjoyed this situation.What man wouldn't like to be pursued by a beautiful woman?"After my revenge"With an evil grin, Woosung sat in front of his computer and opened his secret note file.In it was a detailed list of what he remembered of his past life which was now his future.This was his most treasured asset."It's May now, soAfter the provincial election in a month, Naro's launch will failThen the economy will improve and oil price will go upI guess that's it for this year."Oh Hoon will win the election.Next would be Naro.This will fail.Naro.It was Korea's first carrier rocket that will fail during its launch."Space business"Presently, this was not a plausible business for Woosung to get involved."But someday"Woosung turned to the next page.Oil price increase.This was his chance to make money again. Afterwards, Woosung checked his bitcoin status.He had a few thousand coins more than the last time he checked. He was happy with the result.On top of mining, he continued to buy them from individuals online. He created many different IDs to prevent any suspicions. He used a VPN to avoid IP tracking. He was very careful every step of the way.Recently, two pizzas were purchased by a developer for 10,000 bitcoins.Finally, the first price of Bitcoin was set at about 0.15 cent.Woosung started to doze off. He was so tired, but he still couldn't go to bed yet. He shook his head and started summarizing what he heard from those women today. "Yoo Sona and Choi Taemin's relationship confirmed." He already knew this from Yoo Sona herself. It seemed the others also knew. "Choi Taemin's wife Kim Ina knows of his affair. She is considering divorcing him, but currently is holding off at Chairman Choi Gunwon's insistence." Woosung didn't know this before. Kim Ina was the daughter of the CEO of Sunyu Group, well known for its chain of SU convenient stores. "Kim Ina is having an affair with a famous actor Lee Jaejung." Woosung didn't know of this either. The women at KYLO were only happy to share the gossips with him. Woosung wrote down a few more things he remembered before heading to bed.*** "Of the 299 senators, 187 have agreed to adjust the Separation of Bank and Commerce Act. The adjustment is now officially approved."The opposition members stood up and left the Congress angrily, while the current party members remained to celebrate.Representative Kim Manhyun said to the man next to him, "So now an individual or a private company can own up to 15% of the bank.""This was adjusted to make the internet bank happen. The Korean public wants this. Daeyang promised to compensate us handsomely for it.""And what did the Coconut say?""I already got a call from Mayor Oh."Kim Manhyun laughed. "Already?""He had the money ready in advance.""Haha, he has good instincts.""I heard Mayor Oh Hoon has a great business sense. He is also one of the top candidates for future presidency. It will be beneficial for us to keep him close.""Presidency?""Yup and CEO Kang Woosung also is very popular.""HmmWe must see how we can use him for our advantage even after the provincial election.""I will make it happen."Kim Manhyun nodded and asked, "So Kang Woosung is currently working as part of Oh Hoon's election team?""That's right. He is using big data analysis to increase the mayor's popularity. I heard it is going very well.""Find out if we can copy the same technique for ourselves.""Yes, sir.""We need to win Seoul. That's the key."*** The fifth provincial election day.Lee Sunghyun sat in front of the TV nervously. Oh Hoon's win meant his own success too. The only thing he had right now was the title of being the President's son.This was the chance for him to become a somebody on his own. If he led Oh Hoon's election to success, there was no one who would object him from running next year for a position. Eventually, he would become the President himself."Phew"After a deep sigh, he continued to watch the news. It would take another 9 hours before the result was announced. After a few more minutes, Lee Sunghyun headed to the gym.After working out for 2 hours, he went to the sauna.He then returned home for a long nap.He hasn't been sleeping much for the last few weeks. He was tired.When he woke up, it was 5 pm.It was almost time. 6 pm.Woosung turned on the TV. Jang Gwangchul who was sitting nearby murmured, "What if Oh Hoon doesn't get re-elected?""That will never happen.""Well, I know you are most likely right, but it's always risky for a company to support a specific political figure. I hope you won't do it again."Woosung knew this too. If the politician lost, then there was a good chance the winning party would treat the company unfairly."And that's why I made an exit strategy."Jang Gwangchul swallowed. "Youyou always have everything covered." "Breaking news. A preliminary result has been released. Liberal party's Oh Hoon 47.4%. Democratic party's Han Minsook 47.1%. It is likely that Oh Hoon has won the election.""As long as the error is less than 0.3%, Oh Hoon most likely is the re-elected mayor of Seoul." As Woosung expected, Oh Hoon was winning by a very small margin. Jang Gwangchul commented, "I guess you were right again.""But if notIt would be a huge problem for us." Woosung murmured ominously. If the result was different than his previous life, it meant the future was now changing.Fortunately, the result remained the same even after 10 hours.