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God Of Money Chapter 140

When the incident in China has resolved, Woosung headed to New York. He planned on using 6 billion dollars to make money in the crude oil future market.He said to Alex, "I currently have 2 billion dollars in the long position.""As you request, I am ready."After nodding, Woosung scanned the six screens in front of him quickly. They were filled with relevant charts and graphs. Woosung looked at them with a serious expression."Boss, is something wrong? Are you not sure about it this time?""No, it's just that you said someone is following our trend.""Yes.""So I was just wondering if that person may use it against us.""Oh, was that why you said to do the trading under the Right Capital serial number?"Woosung nodded. "I just want to make sure I'm not missing any irregularities.""Then have a look at this. As you asked, I found the serial number following the KND transactions. I will follow that number's actions right now."Alex handed Woosung the excel table. Woosung scanned it and said to Alex, "I don't care if we lose a bit of money, so take a short position on the crude oil under KND Investment."Alex replied unhappily, "Alright."After a few minutes, Woosung asked him to do it again.They repeated it a few times.They weren't losing money yet, but Woosung was following a completely different pattern of investing. Alex looked confused."Boss, are we scalping right now? We haven't lost any money yet, but I feel like this is too frequent of transactions.""I'm trying out the Jang Gwangchul method this time.""Jang Gwangchul?""Haha, he is a famous Korean trader. You probably don't know about him."*** The next day.Ryan Capital's Williams Liam looked at the data in confusion."They are taking a short position?"He focused on one particular serial number. In the past, he would have followed this trend, but this time, he meant to steal money from this company."If I take the same position, I may make a little bit of money, but not as much as"However, he couldn't just bet against it. He needed to know why this company made the decision of taking a short position. After studying the data, Liam's eyes sparkled."Scalping?"Multiple and closely-spaced transactions were taking place. This was a different pattern than he saw before."Did they get a different trader, or maybe algorithm trading? I just need to know why they are doing this, and when I do"He could destroy it. Liam focused on learning the trend. He stayed late at work to continue analyzing. His competitiveness wouldn't let him leave until he figured it out.The next day, he looked at the fresh set of data. Suddenly, he stood up in excitement."I got it!"He figured out the pattern. He re-checked everything, and when he was certain, he went into CEO Ryan's room. After Liam's enthusiastic explanation, Ryan asked, "So you want me to increase your operating fund?""Yes. I now understand the pattern of this other company, so I can steal the money from them.""But what if they learn your pattern as well?""As you know, we rotate different serial numbers on irregular bases for this reason. There is no way anyone can find out about us.""Hmm."Ryan knew this as well, but this felt wrong."This is a once in a lifetime chance! If you give me a billion dollars"Ryan Capital.He became successful because when a chance like this came, he took it.A billion dollars was not a significant amount of money in this company.If he lost the billion dollars, it would be damaging to the company, but they would recover in time.'But we may lose customers.'If the customers learn that they lost, they would leave the company.'Should I go safe or go risky?'Ryan glanced at Liam who looked determined."If you win, you will get 10% of the profit. If you fail, you will have to leave the company.""Of course.""Do you need an assistant? It is a big job, so if you need one, take anybody you want.""Then give me Steven, Harry, and Mason."They were the best in the company."You need to finish this by the end of this month."Liam smiled confidently."Haha, I won't take that long."*** However, it wasn't just Liam who was studying the data with eagle eyes. Alex asked Woosung, "So you're saying these four numbers are being rotated by the same company?""Based on the last few days' transactions, there are at least four, but there could be more.""Haha, I can't believe you found them. Poor bastards.""Can you think of any company that matches this pattern?""Well, there are so many hedge funds, but"After a few seconds, Alex shouted eagerly."Oh! Now that I think about it, I recently heard Williams Liam got a huge bonus at Ryan Capital. That was about the time I received a huge incentive myself.""Really?""Yup."Woosung murmured, "Ryan Capital. Ryan. Ryan.""It is a mid-sized company. I heard Williams bragged he would take over the company.""Any other information?""The hedge fund companies are very secretive of their techniques so it will be hard to find out.""Well, it doesn't matter. I just have to wait till they take my bait.""Boss, should we keep the same long position under Right Capital?""No, we need to increase it. Buy until it hits just below 80 dollars. When it gets over 80, clear it.""Alright."*** Woosung stopped scalping and took the long position and stopped trading. Just as he expected, Ryan Capital took a long position with a similar amount of funds. When Woosung took another long position, Ryan Capital did the same.Woosung confirmed that they were following his moves.After checking a few more things, Woosung was about to sell his position when he saw it."He took the bait!"Williams Liam put a massive order to sell in an attempt to be a step ahead of Woosung. Liam was getting excited. He already made 5 billion dollars."Liam, this is crazy!""It's going according to my plan.""Liam, you better buy us drinks after this.""Haha, of course. I will have a party after this. You guys will also get a huge bonus."Liam was getting confident. In front of him were eight monitors.Suddenly, Liam saw it. He yelled, "Right now! Buy!"The room filled with the sounds of typing."This time, it's a 50-billion-dollar transaction.""Haha, awesome! We are all going to be rich."Liam looked at the screens and murmured, "Haha, just wait. I will take all your money!"